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"Van Lunt?"
"Yeah, he's the guy who owns this mausoleum."
Vanessa Marianna and Leland Owlsley[src]

Cornelius van Lunt was an ally to Randolph Cherryh whose corrupt ties helped Cherryh get elected as a Senator.


Assisting Senator Cherryh

Van Lunt was contacted by Randolph Cherryh for advice when Cherryh ran for Senator. Van Lunt went on to assist Cherryh and his influence helped him get elected despite not many people having voted for him.[1]

Wilson Fisk's Benefit

Wilson Fisk requested that van Lunt allow him to host a benefit to raise money for his organization at the Van Lunt Building. While attending the benefit, Leland Owlsley and Vanessa Marianna discussed how van Lunt's influence had allowed Randolph Cherryh to get elected. As the benefit continued several of the guests were poisoned, including Marianna.[1]




  • In the comics, Cornelius van Lunt is a member of Zodiac, using the identity of Taurus.

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