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"You know what's boring? Sitting there playing that mind numbing game."
The subject of this article belongs to a video game related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe brand, therefore, its content should be considered apocryphal to the established continuity of the movies and television shows.

"You're looking at the blazing heart of Muspelheim. Beyond that shield is what you seek - the Forge! ...And the portal home to Asgard."
"I will find a way through the shield."
"You will if you look UP. The drill..."
Loki and Thor[src]

The Core Drill was used by the Fire Demons of Muspelheim to forge Scabrite.


Thor was alerted to the drill by Loki while searching for a way to enter the Infernal Forge on Muspelheim. Thor used Mjølnir to shatter the anchors that were holding the drill up. He then made his way onto the drill and fought his way in, eventually coming across an Infernir Champion. Upon defeating the Champion, he used the drill to break open the barrier to the Infernal Forge, then destroyed the drill from within.[1]


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