Cordo Gaines is a notorious cyber-criminal affiliated with the Ten Rings.


Cordo Gaines became a cyber-criminal responsible for many identity and account thefts through the internet. During one of these crimes, Gaines managed to locate various shipments of Stark Industries-produced weapons scheduled to be decommissioned, and diverted from a destination where they would have been destroyed.

While Tony Stark trusted Pepper Potts and Jesse to trace the IP address of the responsible for hacking the shipping routes, Jesse was deceived by an e-mail she thought came from his aunt, and let a malicious software sent by Gaines to invade Stark Industries mainframe.

Gaines obtained access to all information about Stark and his company, technically stealing his identity as Tony Stark, and began to redirect Stark's money to front organizations with untraceable sources, until Stark was forced to freeze all his assets in order to calm his stockholders.

Using an advanced traceroute routine to track down the source system of the code, Stark located Gaines at Genoa, Italy, so he traveled there as Iron Man, where he came across a carnival funded using his money masquerading as a charity event, but in reality a front to steal account information. Iron Man located Gaines and his henchmen, with a shipment of Stark Industries weapon stolen with one of Gaines's previous hacks. Iron Man recognized them as Ten Rings insurgents and hacked the chips installed by Stark Industries in their weapons to render them useless, easily defeating them and making them being arrested by the police.[1]





  • In the non-canonical Iron Man: Will Online Evils Prevail? Volume 2, Gaines was broken out of prison, and contacted the Ten Rings in order to wait for an opportunity, as Tony Stark would become too confident, and in that moment steal all his money.


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