Corcoran was an agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve stationed at the New York Bell Company Office.


Russian Assassin

Corcoran accompanied Agents Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa to the building across the street from the New York Bell Company Office, in order to investigate Peggy Carter's claims that Doctor Ivchenko had a contact inside the building. Corcoran informed that there was nothing suspicious at the stairwell, so Thompson ordered him to cover the exits and call both Thompson and Sousa in case he saw anything suspicious.

Dottie Underwood was caught inside Seth Honicky's Dentistry Office and managed to avoid both Sousa and Thompson by quickly descending the stairs by jumping through the handrails.

Corcoran was surprised to see Underwood falling from the upper floors, and hesitated to shoot her so Underwood seized the opportunity to kill him, leaving Corcoran's body behind only to be found by Thompson.[1]





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