"What about this asshole?"
"Take care of him like we were told. No witnesses."
NYPD Officer and Corbin[src]

Officer Corbin is a former corrupt NYPD officer based at the 15th Precinct Police Station. Corbin accepted bribes from Wilson Fisk to ensure that Fisk's criminal empire continued running smoothly. When the FBI learned of Fisk's criminal activities, Corbin was arrested alongside everyone else associated with Fisk's empire.


Working for Wilson Fisk

Hunting Vladimir Ranskahov

"Don't you move, don't you fricking move until I can see you hands behind your head and get on your knees! On your knees! Do it! Do it now! Don't you move! I'll put a bullet in you!"
―Corbin to Daredevil[src]

Corbin threatens to execute Daredevil

Corbin led a team of corrupt NYPD officers to the Russian Hideout to find Vladimir Ranskahov whom Wilson Fisk wanted dead. Fisk successfully arranged for the Russian Mafia's warehouses to be blown up, killing all mobsters inside; however, Ranskahov escaped alongside Sergei. When Corbin arrived, he found Ranskahov and Sergei had already been subdued by the Man in the Mask, whom Fisk also wanted dead.[1]


Corbin shoots Sergei through the head

As Corbin attempted to arrest the masked man and execute the two Russians under the order of Fisk, the masked man broke free of his handcuffs and fought back; in the chaos, Corbin managed to wound Ranskahov before he was knocked to the floor and temporarily dazed along with the rest of his team. As Corbin came too he was able to find his gun and killed Sergei as he lay defenseless on the ground. Realizing that the man had vanished with Ranskahov, Corbin went on the radio and called for backup.[2]

Hunting Carl Hoffman

Corbin on phone

Corbid learns of Carl Hoffman's location

"Hey, Carl, been wondering where you got to."
―Corbin to Carl Hoffman[src]

Wilson Fisk was once again betrayed, this time by Carl Hoffman who was being protected by Leland Owlsley, meaning Fisk's criminal empire was put at risk. Corbin led the hunt for his former colleague. Corbin received a call detailing the possible location of Hoffman and went to find him, passing Brett Mahoney along the way as he was speaking to Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson.


Corbin finds and threatens Carl Hoffman

When Carl Hoffman was found, Corbin and his men stormed into the abandoned theater where he was hiding, killing his team of bodyguards within seconds while Hoffman sat defenselessly. Corbin calmly walked over to Hoffman, who was covered in his guard's blood and too terrified to move. Corbin mocked Hoffman and raised his gun to execute him; however, before he could pull the trigger, he and his men were subdued by the Man in the Mask, who rescued Hoffman and convinced him to go to the police.[3]

Arrested by the FBI

Corbin gets arrested

The FBI arrests Corbin despite his protests

Hoffman did indeed go to Sergeant Brett Mahoney and soon was able to confess to his many crimes and tell his story to the FBI, giving them the names of everyone he knew who was involved in the conspiracy. As a result, everyone connected to Wilson Fisk's criminal empire was arrested, including police-officers, senators and Fisk himself. As Corbin was taken away to jail, he fought back, screaming and swearing at the FBI agents who pushed him into the car while Mahoney could only smile to himself.[3]


  • Expert Marksman: Corbin was a highly accurate gunman, as he shot Sergei in the head with his sidearm.




Corbin drawing his pistol on the Masked Man





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