"The clock starts... now."
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The Control Device is a small device that, when attached to a person's skin, inflicts pain and paralysis as a way to stop him from doing an action.


Controlling Raina

Raina was ambushed inside her car by two HYDRA operatives, and Daniel Whitehall entered the car and introduced himself, in order to demand the Obelisk she seized from two of his subordinates. Before she could persuade Whitehall in any way, one of the agents placed a Control Device on Raina's hand, inducing pain when activated and making her almost unable to move.

Aos204 2186

Whitehall activates Raina's Control Device

Whitehall made her understand that, unlike other people she may have met, he was not going to be confused by her; he gave Raina 48 hours to bring him the Obelisk, threatening her, as he explained how he operated on another woman for a week. Promising he would find her wherever she was, she released her from the Control Device and given 48 hours to retrieve and bring to him the artifact.[1]

Controlling Calvin Zabo


Whitehall controls Calvin Zabo

Daniel Whitehall implanted a Control Device on Calvin Zabo's neck to paralyze him once Whitehall revealed that he knew about Zabo's intentions of killing him to avenge his wife. Zabo, coping with the pain on the ground, had to hear how Whitehall planned to do to his daughter the same he did to his wife, but this time, Whitehall would force him to watch before he killed him.

Once left alone, Grant Ward realized that Zabo was trying to remove the Device, and distracted their guard until Zabo was able to remove the device and kill him.[2]




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