Connecticut is the southernmost state in the northeastern region of the United States of America.


Steve Rogers' Enlistment Attempts

Steve Rogers, a young man from New York City, tried to enlist for military duty in World War II, as his strong moral convictions made him perceive he had no right to stay behind when men were risking their lives fighting in the war. Despite his motivation, Rogers was rejected due to various health and physical issues.

Rogers was not discouraged by this rejection, and he tried to enlist again for a grand total of five attempts. In order to have more chances, and despite being illegal, Rogers lied about his origin on the enlistment form, stating in one of his attempts that he was born in New Haven, Connecticut.

Although not approved in any of these attempts, he impressed Doctor Abraham Erskine, who allowed him to serve in the Strategic Scientific Reserve.[1]

Doctor Rosenberg

Doctor Rosenberg, a doctor trusted by Wilson Fisk, was contacted by James Wesley at Hartford in order to treat Vanessa Marianna in New York City, who had been poisoned at a fundraiser. As soon as he had notice of this, Rosenberg abandonded the city, took a private jet and flew to New York City.[2]


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