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"Confederated Global Investments is my employer."
"That's not what I was asking."
"It's the only name relevant to this discussion, Mr. Murdock."
James Wesley and Matt Murdock[src]

Confederated Global Investments, often shortened to Confed Global or CGI, is a front company used by Wilson Fisk as a facade for his illicit activities.


John Healy's Case

Following the exposure and liquidation of Union Allied Construction, Wilson Fisk used Confed Global as a shell company to cover his criminal activity. Fisk's assistant, James Wesley, enlisted the services of Nelson and Murdock to represent John Healy who killed Prohaszka under Fisk's orders. Wesley presented himself as an employee of Confed Global and offered them a large check.[1]

Armand Tully's Estate

"According to FCC filings, Confed Global's where Fisk gets most of his reported income."
"All right, let's play this out. If Fisk is connected to Confed Global, that means he's involved in Westmeyer-Holt Contracting."
Ben Urich and Matt Murdock[src]

Through the Confed Global, Fisk made a deal with Armand Tully of Westmeyer-Holt Contracting to discuss situation with his real estate holding in Hell's Kitchen. Tully sent Stewart Schmidt and Joseph Pike to destroy the apartments and force renters out of tenements. Then, Conded Global managed to purchase all of Tully's holdings without problems.[2]

FBI Investigation

"Do you remember depositing this retainer check for a company called CGI?"
"Yes, I do. Look, Matt and Foggy took on one case for them. That's all."
"According to my source, CGI was a front for Fisk."
"Well, we didn't know that at the time."
Ray Nadeem and Karen Page[src]

When Wilson Fisk gave Matt Murdock's name as his criminal associate, the FBI opened an investigation to track him down. They managed to find a retainer check for Confed Global on Nelson and Murdock which became evidence against Murdock.[3]


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