"Excuse me! Do you speak English?"
"Of course. How may I be of service?"
Skye and the Conductor[src]

The Conductor is an Italian train conductor in a train traveling from Verona to Zagreb.


"Prima classe?"
"Da qui, prego. Vuole che le faccio vedere la sua camera? Sarebbe un piacere per me."
"Grazie, ma la troveremo noi."
"E un po pignola questa, no?"
"Rende la vita interessante.[1]"
Grant Ward and the Conductor[src]

As a train conductor, he is tasked with coordinating the daily activities of train crews, such as checking tickets, making announcements, looking after passengers with special needs and dealing with unruly passengers.

When Agent Phil Coulson's team went undercover in a mission to locate Ian Quinn, he helped Agents Grant Ward and Melinda May to find their First Class compartment, and was also asked for help in choosing a restaurant in Zagreb by Skye and Leo Fitz as a ruse to steal the keys for the luggage wagon.[2]



  1. Translates from Italian to:
    "First class?"
    "This way, please. Would you like me to show you your room? It would be my pleasure."
    "Thank you, but we'll find it ourselves."
    "This one is a lot of work, isn't she?"
    "Keeps life interesting.
  2. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 1.13: T.R.A.C.K.S.
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