"This guy was good. We were never getting in here without the codes. The back-up systems and security are gnarly. I'd like to meet him."
"He's dead. Same as you'll be if you ever discuss this with anyone."
―Computer Tech and Billy Russo[src]

Computer Tech is a hacker hired by Billy Russo to gain access to computers in Micro's Hideout.


"Jesus, that's messed up."
"What do you want?"
"I'm done. It's all gone."
―Computer Tech and Billy Russo[src]

Finding a computer framework at Micro's Hideout, Billy Russo hired a hacker to bypass security systems of computers. She was trying to gain access while Frank Castle mockingly asked about her progress. Under William Rawlins' tortures, Castle told that they need code and his eye for retinal scanner. Hacker was briefly removed before Castle de-coded computers' security systems.

Looking through files, she noted that security systems were really good and she would like to meet the author. Russo then informed her that he is dead and she will be dead too if she discuss this with anyone. He then ordered her to erase all data at computers what she started to do. When erasing was completed she went to inform Russo before she saw Castle and Rawlins. Russo then ordered Anvil agents to get her out of hideout and pay her which they did.[1]






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