"We need another ship. That would tear mine to pieces."
"She's right. We need one that can withstand the geodetic strain from the singularity."
"And has an offline power steering system that could also function without the on-board computer."
"And we need one with cup holders, because we're gonna die. So, drinks!"
Valkyrie, Thor, and Bruce Banner[src]

The Commodore was one of the leisure spaceships owned by the Grandmaster, which Thor, Valkyrie and Bruce Banner used to escape from Sakaar.


Early Use

"Where are the guns on this ship?"
"There aren't any. It's a leisure vessel."
"Grandmaster uses it for his good times, orgies and stuff."
"Did she just say the Grandmaster uses it for orgies?"
"Yeah. Don't touch anything."
Thor, Valkyrie, and Bruce Banner[src]

The Commodore was used as the Grandmaster's personal spaceship, who mainly used it for orgies and celebrations, even recording a hologram of himself announcing his birthday which could be broadcasted from the ship.[1]

Escape from Sakaar

"I don't know how to fly one of these!"
"You're a scientist, use one of your PhDs."
"None of them are for flying alien spaceships!"
―Bruce Banner and Thor[src]
The Commodore (TR 2017)

The Commodore is displayed on the craft

While trying to escape from Sakaar, the Revengers decided to steal the Commodore. After Loki tried to betray Thor one more time, Thor got into the Commodore and left the garage, only to be chased by the Sakaaran Guards. Bruce Banner later joined Thor on board after being ejected from the Warsong. When the Warsong got destroyed, Valkyrie managed to grab the Commodore and jumped to fight the Sakaarans. Thor accompanied her and left Banner in control of the Commodore, which was chased by Topaz until Banner, despite the lack of weapons on the Commodore, crashed her ship by releasing the Grandmaster's partying fireworks.


The Commodore crosses the Devil's Anus

By taking control of the remaining Sakaaran spacecraft, Thor and Valkyrie managed to get in the Commodore. Together, they crossed the Devil's Anus and finally made it to Asgard, leaving Thor at the Asgardian Palace.[1]

Battle of the Rainbow Bridge

Commodore - Asgard Palace Drop-Off

The Commodore is parked on Asgard

"Now the ship has a gun."

After landing on Asgard, the Revengers prepared to battle Hela and rigged a gun on the Commodore so that it could be able to retaliate. Bruce Banner and Valkyrie then flew the Commodore to the Rainbow Bridge, where the Asgardians trying to flee were attacked by Fenris. Valkyrie tried to shoot Fenris, but the beast was far too resistant, prompting Banner to jump from the ship and fight Fenris himself.

Thor Ragnarok 59

Valkyrie leaves the Commodore to join the battle

The ship was then assaulted by multiple Berserkers who forced it to violently land on the Rainbow Bridge. Valkyrie survived the crash, however, and spectacularly joined the Asgardians in their battle against the Berserkers, drawing their attention by releasing the Commodore’s fireworks.[1]


"This is madness."

Figuring out that the Revengers could not defeat Hela, Loki piloted the ship from the Rainbow Bridge to Odin's Vault, in order to resurrect Surtur and cause Ragnarök. When Surtur was resurrected, Loki escaped the dying Asgard in the Commodore, eventually finding and docking with the Statesman.[1]

Attack on the Statesman

Still docked with the Statesman, the Commodore came under attack from the Sanctuary II, eventually being destroyed when Thanos used the Power Stone to destroy the larger vessel.[2]



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