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"Oh, God, I am so sorry, Mr. Wilson. I didn't recognize you without the goggles."
―Police Officer to Sam Wilson[src]

The Combat Goggles[1] are used by Sam Wilson to enhance his vision while operating the EXO-7 Falcon.


"It's okay, he can't see me."
"I can see you."
"He can see me."
Ant-Man and Falcon[src]

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Original Goggles

The original combat goggles designed for the Air National Guard and its EXO-7 Falcon had a very basic functionality of protecting the pilot's eyes, while also incorporating a zoom option for the vision.[1]

Avengers Upgrades

Besides the original eye-protection function, the upgraded goggles include a visual interface to communicate with Redwing and use its camera, and also a multispectral vision, heat signature detection and pattern recognition searching algorithms.[1]



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