"I got a loaded gun, a hard dick, and a pocket full of cash. That's the American dream."
―Comanche to Shades[src]

Darius Jones, better known as Comanche, was a member of the Rivals, who became a fellow prisoner of Carl Lucas during his time serving at Seagate Prison, helping Albert Rackham to organize illegal prison fights. Once he had been released from Seagate Prison, Comanche was then recruited by Shades, to work for Black Mariah. However, Comanche was also working as an secret informant for Tom Ridenhour, as they desperately attempted to keep all of his secrets from Shades. However, as Shades uncovered all his secrets, Comanche killed Ridenhour before Comanche was then also shot and killed by Shades.


Early Life

Meeting Hernan Alvarez

"You were six when you guys met."
"Fresh Air Fund. Then the corner. You couldn't speak a lick of English. Kids kicking your ass up and down the block, calling out "puta," "maricón," but Darius wouldn't let no one tease you. He always had your back."
Janis Jones and Hernan Alvarez[src]

As a young man growing up in New York City, Jones met and became friends with Hernan Alvarez, as Jones had protected Alvarez from bullies, who teased him for his inability to speak English, making Alvarez loyal onto Jones as the result.[4] Once Jones and Alverez stole their hotdogs in Coney Island, leading to Jones' mother beating him, as his punishment for stealing, despite the truth that it had been Alverez's idea.[5] While they were in Times Square, Alverez stole a pair of sunglasses while Jones tackled had the security guards in order to help them to escape.[4] Comanche and Shades later joined the Rivals, with their friend Romeo, although Romeo eventually lost his life.[7]

Time in Seagate

Threatening Carl Lucas

"They say three things get a cop locked up. Pride, power, or pussy."
"Yeah, well, I take pride in my power over pussy, and I ain't never seen a day in lock-up."
―Comanche and Albert Rackham[src]

Comanche with Shades and Albert Rackham

Eventually, Comanche and Shades had been arrested and then sent to Seagate Penitentiary, where they had managed to ally themselves with one of the corrupt guards, Albert Rackham, who was organizing illegal prison fights for a profit, as these were being live streamed to the outside world. Rackham recruited Comanche and Shades to find potential fighters for him by testing their abilities to fight while under pressure, When Carl Lucas arrived at Seagate, Rackham viewed him as a potential candidate for their fighting matches, as he then called Comanche and Shades to observe Lucas while he worked out.

Comanche discusses the arrest of Carl Lucas

Comanche had then noted how Lucas had been a cop before he was arrested, and commented on how rare it was that any cop would get sent to prison, noting that only it must have been his pride, desire for power, or a woman that caused him to get arrested, which Rackham agreed with. Shades had questioned what Lucas could have done to have earned his prison time, while Rackham only speculated he had annoyed someone badly, and been sent to rot inside Seagate Prison. Comanche questioned what Rackham wanted to happen, as he told them to see if Lucas would break, as they put him under pressure.

Comanche attempts to beat down Carl Lucas

Rackham had sent Comanche and Shades to test Lucas' strength by attacking him in the middle of the night with knives. While Comanche covered Lucas' face with a bag, Shades had hit him repeatedly in the chest until Lucas was able to recover his senses as he threw Shades against a wall, at which point Comanche drew his knife and slashed into Lucas' arm. While Lucas bashed Shades repeatedly with his cell door, he was able to disarm Comanche and threw both his attackers out from his room, before allowing himself to get arrested by some of the prison guards and put into solitary confinement for some time.

Comanche speaks to fellow Seagate inmates

Despite Comanche and Shades being clearly seen to have attacked their fellow prisoner, they had faced no consequences for the attack, as Rackham, who had been watching the whole time, declared that he found himself a gladiator in Lucas. Rackham attempted to recruit Lucas while he was in solitary, only for Lucas to refuse. When Lucas was finally freed from solitary, Comanche was outside in their prison yard speaking to other inmates, unaware that Lucas had attempted to assault him with his dumbbell, before Squabbles stepped in as he had then stopped Lucas from making such a dangerous mistake.

Comanche brutally stabbing his fellow inmate

Since Lucas had declined their offers to become the fighter for them, Rackham gave him an alternative. He told Comanche to stab another one of the prisoners and had the blame put on Squabbles, which had immediately resulted in all their guards pinning Squabbles down and brutally beating him down while Lucas was forced to watch in horror. Rackham then threatened to tear everything apart, if he did not fight for him, hitting Lucas into the gut. Lucas finally agreed and Rackham called their guards to go easy on Squabbles; Lucas, then, demanded that Squabbles be able to stay by his side as a personal trainer.[1]

Watching the Fight Club

Comanche explaining the rules for Carl Lucas

"You know how this goes? If you win, you get whatever you want up in this joint, booze, bitches, extra rations, shit like that."
"I don't want none of that."
"What kinda n***a are you?"
"The kind that doesn't like being called a n***a."
―Comanche and Carl Lucas[src]

Having finally agreed to take part in their illegal fights, Carl Lucas was given time to train before his first time. Once they had enough time to train for the fights, Comanche was ordered to bring Lucas and Squabbles into entered the arena, detailing all the rewards that Seagate Penitentiary would be willing to supply Lucas with in exchange for him winning their fights, which could include extra rations of the food, alcohol or even women, or anything else that Lucas might desire.

Comanche brings Carl Lucas into their arena

However, when Lucas had then made clear that he did not want any of the prizes in exchange for being involved in the fights; Comanche questioned what kind of "n***a" he was, to which Lucas said he did not like being called that word. As they continued to the ring, where a fight was still happening, and it was being watched closely by Albert Rackham, Lucas had then noticed the cameras directed at their ring. Observing the scene, Lucas asked if the fights were being sent out to the outside, to which Comanche had sarcastically welcomed him into the internet, before walking away to watch Lucas begin his fight.

Comanche watches their fights with his allies

Comanche then stood by Rackham and Shades and watched Lucas stepping into the ring, where he fought an opponent who first gained the advantage in their fight due to their speed, only for Lucas to listen to Squabbles' advice, and eventually managed to overpower his first opponent as he won the fight. Comanche continued watching Lucas as he fought, proving himself to be one of the strongest fighters they had, winning every match he had. Lucas' constant victories resulted in Comanche earning a lot of money, with Rackham and Shades, as they were determined to ensure that he kept fighting for them.[1]

Betraying Carl Lucas

Comanche and Shades cornering Carl Lucas

"Last time was a test. Rackham says you don't change your mind, we give you time in the infirmary to think about it."
"See, I'm of the mind that we stomp your ass. And find a new dude to fight for Rackham. Especially since you trying to expose some shit that's going on at Seagate."
―Comanche and Shades[src]

When they had discovered that Carl Lucas was attempting to expose the illegal prison fights, Comanche and Shades had been ordered to attack Squabbles, in order to learn more about Lucas' plans to bring down the fight ring, resulting in Squabbles' death under the orders of Albert Rackham. While Lucas went into his cell, he was approached by Shades, who complimented Lucas on his fighting in their ring, however, Lucas found his appearance suspicious. Comanche had then approached, questioning why Lucas wanted out of the arena.

Comanche and Shades beat down Carl Lucas

Admitting that they got the information through Squabbles by force, Comanche and Shades told Lucas that they were not happy about Lucas now planning on exposing all Seagate Prison's illegal actions, as Rackham wanted them to deal with their situation. Before Lucas could defend himself, Comanche and Shades then beat him up with steel weapons until he was severely injured, which resulted in Lucas getting aided by Noah Burstein to save his life, by experimenting on Lucas' fatally wounded body, resulting with a massive explosion that had killed Rackham, while Lucas had also seemingly vanished.[1]

Continued Incarceration

"I read a lot about stocks when I was inside, about valuations and risks, the benefits of a fixed price offer versus tender, where prices are negotiable. You know, shit like that."
"You did time with Bernie Madoff?"
"I'm just saying Ms. Dillard, even if you put it in a three-piece suit, street is still street."
―Comanche and Mariah Dillard[src]

With Albert Rackham dead and Carl Lucas having seemingly vanished, Comanche and Shades then continued their imprisonment inside of Seagate Penitentiary. During this time, Comanche and Shades developed a sexual relationship, claiming that it was due to feelings of isolation and lack of trust towards those around them, while Comanche knew that they had fallen in love.[8] Eventually Shades was freed from Seagate while Comanche had continued his imprisonment, as Shades worked with Cottonmouth on the outside,[9] and eventually learning that Lucas was actually still alive, as he gained superpowers from the explosion, renaming himself, Luke Cage.[10]

Throughout his ongoing imprisonment inside of Seagate Prison, Comanche had attempted to reeducate himself by reading about Niccolò Machiavelli,[7] as well as reading up about the Stock Market, as he learned about how investments could work on the outside.[6] However, as Comanche's release date got closer, he was approached by Captain Tom Ridenhour, who offered Comanche the chance to clear his record and gain a new start on life, if he agreed to work as an informant, and provide Ridenhour with evidence against Mariah Dillard and their Stokes Crime Family. Comanche agreed to Ridenhour's offer, although he intended to get Shades the same deal.[11]

Return to Crime

Release from Prison

Comanche being finally reunited with Shades

"We ain't got none."
Shades and Comanche[src]

During his eventual release from Seagate Penitentiary, Comanche got recruited by Tom Ridenhour, who had offered to completely clear his records under the condition that he would then become Ridenhour's informant for Mariah Dillard's operation, which Comanche agreed to, wanting to get a fresh start on life. Once he was finally released from Seagate, Comanche then got back in contact with Shades to pick him up, as he went to personally meet up with his friend outside of Graham Court where the pair embraced, happy to be reunited after so many years apart.

Comanche accepts employment from Shades

Once Shades had then reminded Comanche of their Rivals greeting, Comanche noted that they did not have any other rivals. Comanche was then given the keys to the car which was parked directly outside of Graham Court, as he provided him with employment at Harlem's Paradise, where he would begin working as security for Dillard. With his friend set up with work with the club upon gaining freedom from Seagate Prison, Comanche and Shades then visited Dillard, as they had continued letting Shades and Dillard to focus on the relationship while making money away from working in the crime business.[7]

Working for Black Mariah

Comanche with Shades and Mariah Dillard

"See your man Shades came up real quickly while we were gone."
"Yeah, he's ridin' high."
"Listen, this game might be chess, but it ain't no rocket science. I'm gonna tell you like a n***a told me, never underestimate how quickly old pussy can raise a man's stature to new heights."
Cockroach Hamilton and Comanche[src]

Working as Mariah Dillard's bodyguard with Shades, Comanche went to Ginny's Supper Club where they had their meeting with Raymond "Piranha" Jones, who suggested that they invest their money into plastics. As they discussed Mark Higgins and his company, Atreus Plastics, Comanche sat close by while Jones noted that their best move was to use Dillard and Shades' criminal techniques to persuade Higgins to give up his company to them. Comanche then watched on awkwardly during Shades and Dillard's sexual flirting, as they continued speaking to Jones about his ideas.

Comanche talking with Cockroach Hamilton

During that evening, Comanche and Cockroach Hamilton watched a performance by Joi, before Dillard would asked for the deal for their weapons trading. While another song plays, Comanche had listened to Hamilton about what he was reading while imprisoned at Seagate Penitentiary. Having knowledge to reading Machiavelli, both Hamilton and Comanche shared a laugh before taking drinks. Comanche was then informed of why Hamilton quickly came to Harlem to be a part of the crime world there, as Hamilton then noted that it was obvious that the streets may be complicated, but it was not rocket science.

Comanche confronting Luke Cage at the club

Hamilton had told Comanche to never underestimate a man's stature quickly while they were in a relationship with somebody older. While Hamilton was having another drink, Shades called Hamilton up for a meeting with Dillard. Comanche had then watched while their group had followed Shades and began to operate as their bodyguard while Dillard involves herself into their meeting with Arturo Rey III and Nigel Garrison. When the meeting of the criminals had been interrupted by the arrival of Luke Cage, Comanche tried to stop his tracks, but was knocked out with a slap on the forehead before Cage walked past.

Comanche learns that Luke Cage is still alive

While back at Harlem's Paradise, Comanche had waited for Rey III to make the deal, only to witnessed Cage burst inside of Dillard's office, wearing a recently burned hoodie. While Comanche drew his gun at Cage, he just calmly walked over to Dillard and presented her with a fired Judas Bullet, noting that it had bounced right off him when Rey III shot at him. Noting that no bullet could kill him, Cage had warned Dillard, that if she mentioned Claire Temple's name again, he would kill her and happily go to jail. Comanche watched Cage's warning to Dillard before walking out, which left Dillard completely enraged.[7]

Discussing Luke Cage

Comanche and Shades discuss Luke Cage

"Now is not the time for alternative facts, I thought the Judas was one thing that could kill his ass."
"Maybe he's got some new armor or some shit?"
"Who are you again?.. Go."
Mariah Dillard and Comanche[src]

In the wake of Luke Cage's threat, Comanche had listened to Mariah Dillard complaining about how the Judas Bullet had just failed to kill Cage, noting that it was supposed to be the one and only thing that could actually penetrate his unbreakable skin. Comanche then noted that Cage might have gained a new form of body armor which had helped him survive Arturo Rey III shooting him with their Judas Bullets, only for Dillard to completely dismiss his comment and question who he was, before she ordered Comanche to leave her office.

Comanche standing guard for Mariah Dillard

Annoyed by this, Comanche looked to Shades for support, only for Shades to instead recommend that he leave their office, so that he could speak with Dillard alone. Comanche then stood guard outside of Dillard's office, keeping his close watch while Dillard and Shades had discussed their situations with Rey III, and how they would get him out of the 29th Precinct Police Station before he could tell Misty Knight anything about the operations. While Comanche watched on from the balcony, Shades calmed Dillard down, as he promised that he and Comanche would be able to gain Rey III's money on time.[2]

Assassination of Arturo Rey III

Comanche complaining about Mariah Dillard

"Damn my n***a, that pussy must be ridiculous. What the hell were you thinking? How y'all gonna get the money now?"
"Let's go... Now... Grab the surveillance tapes."
―Comanche and Shades[src]

Comanche had then accompanied Shades to collect all of the money from Arturo Rey III at Rey's store, as per a previous deal. As he and Shades walked together, Comanche complained about how Mariah Dillard ordered him to leave her office like a dog, commenting on how Shades had not said a word in protest to that. When Shades said nothing, Comanche compared his relationship to Dillard to being a gigolo, which caused Shades to square up to him, as Comanche apologized for saying this.

Comanche watches Shades with Arturo Rey III

As they arrived into Merlin Discount Furniture, Comanche continued to complain about how he wished that Albert Rackham had chosen them to become bulletproof, while they had been inside of Seagate Penitentiary, until Shades told him to stop speaking. Stepping inside, Comanche and Shades had been confronted by Rey III, with Shades noting how Benjamin Donovan had successfully gotten him freed of prison, claiming that he should show them more respect, which Rey III simply laughed at. However, Rey III complained that it was due to their defective Judas Bullet that he was arrested in the first place.

Comanche shooting at Arturo Rey III's guards

Comanche continued to keep a watch over Rey III's henchmen, while Shades spoke to him, claiming that Dillard would not have set him up as he was a customer, only for Rey III to insist that he would not work with the Stokes Crime Family any more, promising that he would only pay them once their judge got him cleared from all charges. However, Comanche overheard Rey III threatening to go to Knight with what he knew about their operations and insulted Dillard. This then resulted in Shades shooting Rey III directly in the head, and killing him instantly, as Comanche then reacted quickly and killed the two henchmen.

Comanche questioning Shades' violent action

Once the shooting had stopped, Comanche expressed his shock at Shades' actions, noting that Dillard must be ridiculous to be worth such dangerous action, questioning what he was thinking with killing the man who was supposed to pay them their twenty million dollars. Comanche then questioned how Shades intended to get the money for Dillard now, only for Shades to continue staring at Rey III's body, seemingly shocked by his own violence, before ordering Comanche to leave the store with him immediately, and to grab their surveillance tapes to ensure that there was no record of them being in there.[2]

Updating Black Mariah

Comanche giving Mariah Dillard their updates

"You have nothing? Seriously? You still got two other buyers, plus the boss-ass painting hanging in the club. Shit ain't hard to figure out."
"Leave... Again..."
―Comanche and Mariah Dillard[src]

Comanche and Shades had returned to Mariah Dillard's Brownstone, where Shades then informed her that they had a new problem. While Comanche stood in their hallway, he watched Shades inform Dillard that they had to end their negotiations with Arturo Rey III, with Dillard eventually realizing that they meant that Rey III had been murdered by them, much to Dillard's shock and horror, while Comanche had then explained that he was talking about betraying them and so had to be gotten rid of.

Comanche gives Mariah Dillard other choices

When Shades had made it clear that he had killed Rey III before they had collected the money for the deal, Dillard questioned what he was thinking about, as Comanche then watched Shades arguing that Rey III had threatened to go to Misty Knight, noting that Comanche was right that Rey III had to die. When Dillard claimed to need the money, Comanche stepped up, claiming that they could sell it to either Nigel Garrison or Cockroach Hamilton instead of Rey III, plus Dillard could simply sell their Jean-Michel Basquiat painting. However, Dillard just ignored this and instead ordered Comanche to leave her home.[2]

Arrival of Tilda Johnson

Comanche guarding Mariah Dillard's balcony

"Hey... I'm sorry baby girl, but you in the wrong section."
"I'm here to talk to my mother."
―Comanche and Tilda Johnson[src]

Comanche had stood guard by Mariah Dillard's balcony at Harlem's Paradise, while she watched Gary Clark Jr.'s performance. While he was stood guard, Comanche welcomed Shades into the private area, with them giving each other the Rivals salute as they saw each other. Comanche watched on while Shades had then informed Dillard that he had convinced the Yardies to take over the deal to buy their guns, promising that they would get the money.

Comanche stops Tilda Johnson from entering

While Shades was talking with Dillard about the deal with the Yardies, Comanche had then noticed Tilda Johnson coming to the balcony, as he then blocked her path and informed her that she had come to the wrong area, only for Johnson to insist that she had come to speak to her mother. Comanche then watched as Dillard greeted Johnson and welcomed her into her balcony, as she had questioned what she was doing in Harlem's Paradise, as Johnson claimed that she was willing to give her mother her final chance at rebuilding a relationship, which Dillard had accepted, claiming this was all that she would need.

Comanche witnesses Tilda Johnson's arrival

While he had watched them sharing an awkward hug and agreeing to work on their relationship, Comanche then confirmed with Dillard that Johnson was indeed with her, while she then introduced her daughter to Shades, who she had called by his actual name of Hernan, before she had then attempted to introduce Comanche to Johnson as well, only to realize that she did not actually know his real name, as he had introduced himself as Darius. While Shades claimed it was a pleasure to meet her and shook Johnson's hand, Dillard requested that he and Comanche give her some time alone to catch up with her daughter.

Comanche makes joking remarks with Shades

Despite clearly being uncomfortable, Shades then accepted Dillard's request for her privacy, as he and Comanche went down to their bar, letting Dillard and Johnson to be alone. While they were downstairs by their bar and listening to Clark Jr.'s performance, Comanche had noticed that Shades had continued to watch Johnson and Dillard up on their balcony. Witnessing this, Comanche had then jokingly noted to Shades that Johnson had managed to take up his slot as Dillard's closest ally, although Shades simply did not respond to his comment, as he instead had continued to watch Dillard talking to Johnson.[2]

War for Harlem

Luke Cage's Beatdown

Comanche sees Bushmaster beat Luke Cage

"How's it feel man?"
"To have your nuts inside Mariah's purse, or does she roll them like dice?"
―Comanche and Shades[src]

As Mariah Dillard and Shades had been celebrating their successful mergers of Atreus Plastics with Glenn Industries, Comanche came in to interrupt them, to Dillard's great annoyance. However, Comanche ignored Dillard's complaints and had instead turned on the television, insisting that they needed to see what was on. The four of them watched the video of Bushmaster attacking Luke Cage in the middle of the street, resulting in Cage being knocked unconscious, as Comanche and Dillard delighted at watching Cage being humiliated.

Comanche getting insulted by Mariah Dillard

Once Piranha Jones left, Comanche and Shades returned to Dillard's office to speak to her about the video of Bushmaster attacking Cage, although Dillard insisted that she would not talk while Comanche was in the room. Despite Shades insisting that Comanche always had his back, like he always had hers, Dillard was unconvinced, as she then stepped over to Comanche and warned that if he ever burst into her offices uninvited again, she would slice off his testicles and roll them like dice. Despite that warning, Comanche continued to mock Dillard, asking her to blow on them first, before Shades told him to leave.

Comanche once again making fun of Shades

Once Shades had finished his private meetings with Dillard, he came downstairs and approached Comanche, asking him to take charge of guarding Harlem's Paradise while was gone, telling him that once he was back, they would complete their business with Bushmaster. As Shades asked Comanche to watch Dillard's back while he was gone, Comanche had questioned what it was like to have his nuts inside of Dillard's purse, jokingly asking if she rolled them like dice, like Dillard told him. Without saying a word, Shades smirked as he left their club, while Comanche had noticed that Dillard had been watching him.[6]

Advising Mariah Dillard

Comanche bringing in coffee for Mariah Dillard

"I'm just saying, if you can't explain the scam to a seven year old, you're probably the one getting scammed."
"Bye Comanche, right now."
"You don't scare me, lady."
"I should."
―Comanche and Mariah Dillard[src]

Comanche was later told by Alex Wesley to bring up a cup of coffee for Mariah Dillard, as she told him to just leave it on her desk. Since Comanche did not leave immediately, Dillard questioned if he spat in the coffee before she questioned if he just wanted to say something, only for Comanche to then explain that Shades had told him all about their deals with Piranha Jones to buy out Atreus Plastics, as he suggested that he could help there, explaining that he had read up a lot about their stock markets while he was inside of Seagate Penitentiary, which Dillard had just mocked.

Comanche talking to Mariah Dillard on prices

Comanche explained that he also studied the concepts of risks and valuations, as well as their benefits of a fixed price rather than tender where these prices were negotiable, with Dillard questioning if he did time with Bernie Madoff. Ignoring that comment, Comanche instead noted that regardless of all the amount of money they had now, and despite putting it into a three piece suit, people from the street would still be street, as he told Dillard to reconsider trusting Jones before he questioned if she knew what he did, before Dillard insisted that Jones was making the Stokes Crime Family incredible amounts of money.

Comanche tells Mariah Dillard he is not afraid

Comanche told her that he was merely saying that there was a good chance that she was being scammed by Jones, making the allegory that if she could not explain the scam to any seven year old, then she was likely the one who was actually getting scammed. Unconvinced by these warnings, Dillard had ordered Comanche to leave her office immediately, only for him to lean in closer as he warned that he was not afraid of Dillard. However, Dillard had simply looked straight into Comanche's eyes and told him that he should be afraid of her, which clearly unnerved him, since he then walked out of Dillard's office.[6]

Meeting with Tom Ridenhour

Comanche walking into Tom Ridenhour's car

"There's only so much I can do. If I push too hard, Shades will know somethin' is up."
"It's not my problem, brother. That is a "your problem" kind of thing. The quicker you give me the information I need, the quicker I cut you loose. What's new in the zoo?"
―Comanche and Tom Ridenhour[src]

However, while Comanche had been meant to be guarding Harlem's Paradise, he was contacted by Tom Ridenhour, who told him to meet him to discuss what he knew of Mariah Dillard's criminal activities. Comanche had then put Ray Ray in charge of Harlem's Paradise, telling him that it had been his mother who had called him, claiming that she had needed his help. Comanche had then traveled to an empty car park, where he found Ridenhour's car and stepped inside.

Comanche tells Tom Ridenhour of his conflict

Sitting in Ridenhour's car, Comanche noted that he had risked his life by talking to him, only for Ridenhour to note that he did not have any choice in the matter. Comanche had claimed that there was only so much that he could do, noting that Dillard still did not trust him at all and Shades was too close to Dillard, so he still did not fully have his trust. Ridenhour noted that he had Comanche released from Seagate Penitentiary in order for him to infiltrate the Stokes Crime Family, and not to give him these excuses, although Comanche insisted that if he pushed too hard, Shades would realize that something was wrong.

Comanche gives Tom Ridenhour information

However, despite all of Comanche's warnings about how likely it was that he would get caught and assassinated for becoming a snitch for the New York City Police Department, Ridenhour made it clear that it was not his problem and was only Comanche's problem to deal with. Ridenhour then insisted that the sooner Comanche was able to give him the information that he needed to bring down Dillard, the sooner he would be able to give Comanche a chance to start a new life away from Harlem's criminal underworlds, as Ridenhour then demanded to know some new information about Dillard and Shades' operation.[6]

Search for Bushmaster

Comanche admits that Bushmaster is gone

"No Bushmaster, checked everywhere, 'cept Kingston."
"You think this is a joke?"
"No, but if you're worried about an ambush, why sell them all our guns?"
"Why, isn't what you guys do. You guys do “yes” and “it's done.”"
―Comanche and Shades[src]

Comanche attended a meeting in Harlem's Paradise, the next day, to discuss the Bushmaster situation, as they informed Shades that they were unable to find anything about where Bushmaster, or any of the Stylers were. As Comanche had joked that they had not checked Kingston, the rest of the crew laughed, only for Shades to question if he thought this was funny. However, Comanche had then questioned why Shades sold Bushmaster the guns if he was so worried.

Comanche being ordered to find Bushmaster

In response, Shades told the crew that they should not be asking him questions like that, and should instead only ever say "yes" and "it's done" to him, noting that he did not pay them for their own opinions, much to the annoyance of Comanche. As Shades told them to focus on tracking Bushmaster, he then questioned where Ray Ray was, to which Comanche explained that he had failed to turn up, noting that he had spoken to Coco who had not seen him either. However, their group were then interrupted by Mariah Dillard's arrival, as she simply dismissed Comanche and the rest of the crew by waving a hand.[11]

Ray Ray's Disappearance

Comanche is asked about Ray Ray's location

"Everything alright up there with you and your lady? Thought you guys would be banging on a bed of hundred dollar bills or some shit... I'm joking, B."
"You think Ray Ray's talking to the cops?"
"Nah bro, Ray Rays a rock, he's built for this, forever."
―Comanche and Shades[src]

With the rest of their crew still searching for Bushmaster, Comanche had remained in Harlem's Paradise, where he was joined by Shades who questioned if they had heard anything from Ray Ray yet, to which Comanche explained that he still had not answered his phones. Seeing his friend looking concerned, Comanche then asked if things were alright between Shades and Mariah Dillard, noting that he expected them to be having sex on their bed of hundred dollar bills.

Comanche speculates on Ray Ray's location

With Shades not reacting to him, Comanche had insisted that he was merely making a joke, to which Shades questioned if he thought that Ray Ray was talking with the New York City Police Department about them, which Comanche denied, insisting that Ray Ray was their rock and was built for this line of work. However, Shades still continued to speculate about what Ray Ray was doing, noting that he never failed to turn up and recalling when Kiki got shot and Ray Ray still made his pickups. In response, Comanche suggested that Ray Ray could be in love, while he noted how Shades was often distracted by Dillard.

Comanche shares another joke with Shades

Shades then ordered Comanche to locate Ray Ray for him, which he agreed to do, questioning if he would have to do the job on his own as Shades was walking out of the club. However, Shades explained that he had to go to Piranha Jones' party, which Comanche laughed at, as he mocked Shades' new life as being part of the one percent, before asking him to greet Jay Z and Puff Daddy for him. Comanche and Shades then gave each other their Rivals salute, before Shades departed. Once he was alone, Comanche then got his text message from Tom Ridenhour, demanding that they meet for their update.[11]

Updating Tom Ridenhour

Comanche tells Tom Ridenhour it is too late

"You're too late, Mariah's gone legit."
"You're just protecting your homeboy, Shades."
"Look, I got nothing! Why don't you just lean on the other guy you pinched. He'll talk eventually."
―Comanche and Tom Ridenhour[src]

Comanche then went to meet with Tom Ridenhour in a quiet park at night, as he stepped into the car where Ridenhour had immediately reminded him of how he had been given an entire week to get them the evidence he needed, claiming that their clock was currently ticking down. However, Comanche insisted that Ridenhour was too late as Mariah Dillard had gone into legitimate business and sold up all of her guns, although Ridenhour remained skeptical and questioned if he was protecting Shades from being arrested with Dillard.

Comanche asking Ridenhour about Ray Ray

Becoming frustrated by their situation, Comanche then insisted that he had no evidence that he could give to Ridenhour, before he then recommended that Ridenhour instead speak to Ray Ray, as he had assumed that their New York City Police Department had just taken him into custody, promising that he would speak to them eventually, and give them the evidence that they needed on their Stokes Crime Family to bring down Dillard's organisation. However, Ridenhour had become confused by these comments, questioning who that was, as Comanche became concerned about where Ray Ray really was.[11]

Secrets Exposed

Preparing for an Ambush

Comanche getting updated again by Shades

"You want us all to spill blood with the Jamaican cats, who, against your advice, she sold her gun business to?"
"Your point?"
"Ray Ray was good people. Now, the rest? The Jamaicans kill them to put Mariah onto front street. Which makes me ask again, what's it got to do with you?"
―Comanche and Shades[src]

Once he had returned to Harlem's Paradise, Comanche had noticed an increase in security, as he then commented to Shades that the situation with their increase with security was comparable to their Battle of the Alamo. However, Shades immediately questioned where Comanche had been, explaining that those Stylers had decapitated Ray Ray, as well as Cockroach Hamilton and Mark Higgins, before displaying their heads at the Shirley Chisholm Complex, with Shades questioning where Comanche had been.

Comanche and Shades discuss the Stylers

When Shades noted that they were in a war, Comanche commented that he wanted them to bleed in their fight against the Stylers, noting that Mariah Dillard had gone against his advice and sold their guns to them, as Shades demanded to know what his point was. Comanche then noted that Ray Ray was a good man, but Bushmaster had killed him and the others to put Dillard on a watch, before questioning what this entire situation had to do with Shades. However, Shades noted that once Dillard was back from the 29th Precinct Police Station, they would decide what to do, as Comanche mocked this comment.

Comanche questions Shades on what to do

As Comanche noted that waiting for Dillard to return before deciding what to do was not a good enough plan, he insisted that while Dillard was being questioned by their New York City Police Department and Bushmaster's people were cutting off heads, it was time for them to turn their backs on Dillard. However, Shades simply refused to betray Dillard, much to Comanche's frustration, while he then asked Shades what advice he would give to himself with this situation, commenting on him becoming too emotional over the situation, which Shades had agreed with and walked away while Comanche had followed him.

Comanche arming both himself and Shades

Going down into the basement, Shades told Comanche how he had believed the Stylers had targeted Piranha Jones, as he had access to Dillard's money, before noting that the best was to retaliate was not a full assault but one quieter ambush with just the pair of them. Shades revealed that he had his stockpile of the Hammer Industries weapons which they had seemingly sold, including the Josh, as Shades noted that the first rule of business was not to sell all the good stuff. Having rearmed themselves, Comanche and Shades then departed from the club together in order to track down and kill Bushmaster's men.[8]

Confessions with Shades

Comanche arriving at Pop's Barber Shop

"Come on, man! Cats out here getting their heads cut off. Maybe we survive, maybe we don't, I'm just saying how I feel."
"I would die for you, Che. That'll never change. But it is what it is."
"We need to find Lucas, we're wasting out time here."
"No time is ever really wasted. Time reveals all."
―Comanche and Shades[src]

Knowing Luke Cage escaped with Piranha Jones, Comanche knew that the Stylers would be continuing to search throughout New York City in order to recapture Piranha and force him to hand over all their money. Together with Shades, Comanche then broke into Pop's Barber Shop, where he assumed the Stylers would be going to in order to locate Piranha. Once it was clear to them that the Barber Shop was empty, Comanche and Shades turned off the lights in order not to attract any unwanted attention, knowing that the Stylers would be likely be coming in from the outside.

Comanche and Shades waiting for the Stylers

Waiting for the perfect moment to strike, Comanche and Shades had then got the pair of chairs and sat facing opposite ends of the Barber Shop, waiting for Bushmaster's arrival. While they were waiting there, Comanche jokingly complained to Shades about how they had finally gotten out from Seagate Penitentiary only to then almost immediately put his own life into danger for Mariah Dillard's messes, while Shades noted had that Dillard did not have their level of experience to predict how things could get any worse, to which Comanche had questioned why Shades was not the one running everything instead of Dillard.

Comanche and Shades discuss Mariah Dillard

Explaining why he followed Dillard, Shades told Comanche how Luke Cage's arrival soon caused Cottonmouth to mentally unravel, noting how he had seen Cottonmouth beating Shameek Smith to death with his bare hands, explaining how Dillard had finally fixed the problem of Cottonmouth by beating him into death, promising that when it came time to deal with the Stylers, Dillard would not hesitate. Shades then confirmed that nobody else but them knew that Dillard had murdered Cottonmouth, to which Comanche told him that he was a born leader who should finally take leadership for their Stokes Crime Family from the unworthy Dillard, although Shades simply did not respond.

Comanche and Shades discussing their love

Shades told Comanche that while they could enjoy all their expensive suits, women and drinks for a while, as long as they were getting that money through murder, that would eventually catch up with them all, suggesting that there was the better life that they could aim for. While Shades claimed they could be more than gangsters, Comanche had told him that they still were more than that, reminding Shades of how they became lovers, while inside Seagate. Shades initially attempted to dismiss this, noting that what happened inside their cell should not affect their lives in the real world once they had gotten their freedom.

Comanche admitting that he still loves Shades

Although Comanche insisted it meant more to both of them, this was dismissed as something they needed to do to keep from going crazy, noting how they both wanted it. Shades had claimed that things were different on their outside, and they were both now different, although Comanche still insisted he was that same person. Comanche ended the talk by noting that while Bushmaster was decapitating the people and they were at risk, he wanted to say how he really felt, as Shades just responded by promising he would always die for him. Comanche said they should find Luke Cage, claiming they had wasted time.[8]

Hunt for Piranha Jones

Comanche listens to Mariah Dillard's rantings

"Somebody has been running their goddamn mouth, I hate nothing more than a dirty-ass snitch. I'm with Ridenhour, I should be talking about heads on pikes, crying my eyes out, being the victim. He talking to me about Tone getting thrown off the roof and some shit that he's not even supposed to know about."
Mariah Dillard to Comanche[src]

With all the information he got from Shades, Comanche secretly went up to Tom Ridenhour and told him about the murders of Tone, as well as Cottonmouth, hoping that this would be enough to grant him his freedom. Having then returned into Harlem's Paradise, Comanche had gathered with the rest of Mariah Dillard's men inside of her office, as she had furiously demanded to know where Piranha Jones currently was, as she then questioned if anybody really knew if he was currently with Luke Cage or found by Bushmaster, while Shades promised that they were looking everywhere.

Comanche watches Mariah Dillard's brutality

However, Dillard then noted that she had spoken with Ridenhour and had become aware that she had a snitch, when Ridenhour asked her about Tone's death. Comanche became nervous as Dillard picked up the blade from her table, commenting on how she demanded loyalty from the Stokes Crime Family, noting how Mama Mabel thrived from loyalty. Comanche then witnessed Dillard stabbing one of her men in the hand, claiming that pressure would reveal everything. Dillard had demanded that they remain loyal for her, before furiously demanding that they find Piranha, as Comanche swiftly left with the others.[5]

Lunch with Shades

Comanche and Shades have lunch together

"The gun connect was yours to begin with, plus all that work you put in with Cottonmouth and Diamondback. You the king, and she treating you like a jump-off."
"She doesn't see me like that."
"She's only loyal to family. And you ain't family."
―Comanche and Shades[src]

While having lunch with Shades within Harlem, Comanche had again commented on how Shades should have more power, due to his role not only with recent successful the gun deal, but with his work with Cottonmouth and Diamondback, noting that he should be their king while Mariah Dillard was still disrespecting him. However, Shades insisted that it was not the case, and that he and Dillard still had the good partnership going between them, while Comanche noted that Dillard was only loyal to the Stokes Crime Family, and that Shades was still actually not a part of her true family.

Comanche and Shades discussing the snitch

Shades, however, noted that Piranha Jones was not their main focus at this time, but that they still needed to find the snitch who betrayed them. Fearing that he was already under suspicion from Dillard, and intending to keep the blame away from him, Comanche had instead called Sugar their snitch, noting that Sugar had left their work before he came back, while he had become a father which Comanche noted could easily change any person's worldview. Shades questioned how long Comanche had suspected Sugar, to which he noted that he had never trusted him, and that Sugar was actually one sensitive soul.

Comanche learns that Piranha Jones is dead

Comanche had also jokingly commented that Sugar had likely cried while watching This is Us, to which Shades commented that he had also cried while watching that show, before they shared a laugh and Comanche promised that he would handle Sugar. Shades, however, then got a text message, informing him that Piranha had indeed just been murdered by Bushmaster and Dillard was losing her mind as a result. Comanche was ordered to follow Sugar to confirm if he was a snitch, before Tom Ridenhour text him to demand another update, as Comanche claimed that it was Janis Jones asking to see him.[5]

Murdered by a Brother

Comanche meets Tom Ridenhour at the dock

"I was gonna get us both out, like he said."
"I didn't want out, it was gonna be different this time."
"I know."
"You remember that time, Coney Island, we stole them hotdogs?"
"Almost got away with it too."
―Comanche and Shades[src]

Comanche then went to meet up with Tom Ridenhour, to give him his latest updates, as he went into an empty dock until Ridenhour turned up, with Comanche immediately explaining his belief that Shades knew he was the snitch. With Ridenhour telling him to calm himself down, Comanche had desperately questioned if they would be able to give Mariah Dillard a life imprisonment for killing Cottonmouth, although Ridenhour had then promised that they could still protect him and told Comanche to stay undercover for a little longer, which he refuse, insisting this was be too dangerous.

Comanche refuses to become a snitch again

However, they were then interrupted as they had heard footsteps, as they turned around to find that Shades had followed them both there. Panicking, Comanche then immediately drew a gun and had aimed it at Ridenhour, who demanded that they calm down, while Comanche told Shades that Sugar's wife told him who he had been snitching to, although Shades remained unconvinced. However, Ridenhour simply insisted that he did not have to do this, promising that he could cut a deal for both of them, with Ridenhour promising that if Shades would testify against Dillard, he would get the same deal as Comanche.

Comanche is forced to shoot Tom Ridenhour

However, Comanche had then responded by shooting Ridenhour into his chest, killing him instantly. With Ridenhour now dead, Shades had commented on how he called Comanche by his first name, to which Comanche suggested the New York City Police Department had their crime boards about all of them, as well as their crime records, while he again blaming all this on Sugar. Shades then commented on how they shot a cop, questioning how they would play the situation as he commented on how there were no cameras nor anybody else nearby, suggesting that they could still get away with shooting Ridenhour.

Comanche agrees to Shades' plan to cover up

Comanche began to hope that he might still be able to get away with snitching, while Shades had suggested that Ridenhour was their dirty cop who had gotten to Sugar, and had attempted to force Comanche to turn on their Stokes Crime Family by threatening to send him back to Seagate Penitentiary, with Comanche insisting that he would never betray them. Shades suggested that Ridenhour had pulled his gun as Comanche shot him out of self defense, which they then agreed with, before Shades suggested that Ridenhour had raised his gun, with his dying breath, before Shades then shot Comanche into the chest.

Comanche is shot by Shades and bleeds out

Mortally wounded from the gunshot into his gut, Comanche fell back against Ridenhour's car and dropped onto the floor, as Shades came over and said that Comanche would soon bleed out. Comanche then told Shades that he was planning on getting them both out from their crime world, although Shades insisted that he did not want to be out. With Comanche dying, Shades then recalled how they had stolen hot dogs from Coney Island when they were children, resulting with Janis Jones beating Comanche, as the punishment for stealing, as Shades questioned why he did not just tell her that this was Shades' idea.

Comanche is shot the second time by Shades

Comanche then simply told Shades that he did not tell his mother the truth, because Shades would always be his brother. Shades then told Comanche that he did indeed love him, commenting that his love for him had simply blinded him, resulting with Shades failing to see that Comanche was actually their snitch he had been searching for. While Comanche wept, Shades got back onto his feet and then questioned what that said about him, before shooting him directly into the chest, killing Comanche. With Comanche dead, Shades placed the gun into Ridenhour's hand, making it seem that they had killed each other.[5]


Shades' Regret

"You have been off kilter ever since dirty-ass snitch died, what's his name? Yeah, all those looks he gave me, all that heat. So, ya'll were just gay for the stay? Or was it a true Brokeback romance? No surprises, a woman knows who her man played around with. I just wish I pulled the trigger on Comanche's snitching black ass, I would've popped him twice in the gut, so he could bleed out slow and you could watch."
Black Mariah to Shades[src]

Shades was haunted by Comanche's death, and rapidly began losing faith in Mariah Dillard. He was horrified by her decision to massacre the patrons of Gwen's,[12] and was unable to pull the trigger on Ingrid Mackintosh due to the memory of killing Comanche.[13]

When Dillard insulted his relationship with Comanche, he attacked her and broke off their relationship for good. He then gave himself up for arrest and offered his testimony to the New York City Police Department.[14]


"I ain't different. Inside, outside. I am who I am, B."
―Comanche to Shades[src]
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Comanche was a soldier, loyal first and foremost to his best friend Shades. He had a tendency to joke around in serious situations and was unafraid of Mariah Dillard despite her repeated threats to his life.


"He was a soldier, like his daddy."
Janis Jones to Shades[src]
  • Combatant: Despite not having training in martial arts or fighting techniques, his many years as a criminal and inmate made him a formidable fighter, enough to fight Luke Cage in Seagate Prison, but was ultimately overpowered by him.
  • Marksman: Comanche has display some skill in firing weapons with accuracy and precision. After Shades killed Arturo Rey III, Comanche was able to quickly kill his henchmen before they could pull their sidearms.
"What was you reading when you was at Seagate?"
Cockroach Hamilton and Comanche[src]



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  • Handgun: Comanche drew his gun as he spotted Luke Cage approaching Mariah Dillard's office in Harlem's Paradise. Cage, recognizing him from the Seagate Penitentiary, quickly knocked Comanche out, and crushed the gun into a metal ball.
  • Handgun: Comanche quickly took his gun out as Shades executed Arturo Rey III, and shot at Rey's men before they had the chance to retaliate.
  • Smith & Wesson SW1911: Comanche took this to his final meeting with Tom Ridenhour. When he realized that he had been followed by Shades, he nervously took the gun and killed Ridenhour with him, in attempt to prevent Shades from discovering he was a snitch.
  • Josh: Comanche carried this weapon when he went hunting for Bushmaster with Shades.


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