The Com-Link is a watch-like device that the Inhuman Royal Family use for communication.


Inhuman scientists living in the city of Attilan developed Com-Links for the purpose of communication between the Inhuman Royal Family and the Attilan Royal Guard.[1]

Maximus provided Evan Declan with a personal Com-Link he could use to contact his benefactor, although Declan was unaware that the device actually came from the Moon.[2]

Both Karnak and Medusa tried to use their Com-Links to warn their family about Maximus' revolution. Karnak was also contacted by Gorgon, who was on Earth at the time and was told about the revolution.[1]

Crystal reclaimed Auran's Com-Link when she dropped it in Crystal's room so that the Princess would call Medusa. When Auran was sent on Earth by Maximus to chase the Inhuman Royal Family, she used her Com-Link to track down Medusa's device. However, Medusa knew that Auran would have traced the call and destroyed her Com-Link, leaving it in a bus to lure Auran into a trap.[3] After recovering, Auran used her Com-Link to call Maximus and ask for backup.[4]

Karnak's device was also destroyed when he fell from a hill and Black Bolt's was confiscated when he was arrested and imprisoned in the Oahu County Correctional Facility.[3]

Gorgon was the only member of the Royal Family who kept his Com-Link during his time on Earth. He left the communications open to challenge Maximus, who sent Auran and her team after him. Gorgon then abandoned his Com-Link in a cabin to ambush Auran.[4]

Maximus tried to contact Locus on her Com-Link after failing to reach Auran. However, Locus had been captured by Black Bolt and Medusa and her Com-Link was seized by them, who told Maximus that they were coming for him. Afterwards, Black Bolt destroyed Locus' Com-Link[5], but it was reclaimed and repaired by Louise Fisher. Auran later contacted them on this Com-Link to inform them that she had captured Declan and Sammy, challenging Black Bolt to come and rescue them.[6]

Design and Capabilities

Opened Inhuman Com-Link

The Com-Link when used as a small tablet

The Com-Link looks like a metal bracelet that wraps around the user's wrist. When in tablet mode, the device is flattened and opened similar to a flip-phone.

The Com-Links are highly advanced communication devices. The devices seemingly have limitless range, allowing communication between Earth and Attilan without difficulty or delay in response. By means of voice command, the user can speak to specific people who also own Com-Links. Com-Links can also be used to track down the location of others, as Auran was able to track down the bus where Medusa left hers at.


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