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"Hold my hand. We'll show these assholes a Divine Pairing."
Dagger to Cloak

Colony Collapse is the tenth and final episode of the first season of the television series Cloak & Dagger.


In the dramatic season finale of Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, everything comes to a head for Tyrone and Tandy as the city of New Orleans is thrown into chaos. The two realize that it is time they face their destiny and test their powers as “The Divine Pairing” to save the city.


Tandy Bowen confronts Ashlie who threatens to kill Melissa, trying to distract her by talking about Peter Scarborough's plans to bury any evidence about the Roxxon Gulf Platform. Bowen and her mother attack Ashlie, forcing her to run away after Bowen hurt her with the Lightforce dagger. After telling Melissa to hide from Scarborough, Bowen tries to call Mina Hess but as she did not reply, Bowen rushes to her.

On the run from the New Orleans Police Department, Tyrone Johnson tries to find his cloak before meeting his father. Otis believes that his son was innocent but still tells him to stay away from the family while running from the police, giving Johnson his cloak. Their farewell is interrupted by the police, so Johnson uses his powers to get away unnoticed.

Arriving at the Hess Residence, Bowen it being attacked by the Terrors who were trying to kill Hess. After rescuing her from Dan Hartlett, Bowen tells her about the gulf explosion and the Terrors originating from the exposure to Lightforce and Darkforce. Hess informs Bowen that she designed a valve network across the city, meaning the entire New Orleans population could turn into the Terrors if all nine valves explode. In an attempt to stop it, Bowen and Hess go to the Roxxon Gulf Building to shut down the main operational system and prevent the explosions.

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Johnson moves throught the Mardi Grass festival, trying to get away from the police pursuit but ends up being chased by the officers. Brigid O'Reilly tries to help him get away but Johnson eventually turns himself in, unable to use his powers in public to escape. Both Johnson and O'Reilly are brought to the New Orleans Police Department Station and locked by the police officers, allied with James Connors. Johnson fails to use his powers without his cloak, so he and O'Reilly speak with Officer Lafayette, convincing him to help them, however, before he opens the cell, another officer replaces him.


After destroying the evidence about Roxxon Corporation's dealings, Scarborough tries to leave, only to be confronted by Bowen and Hess. Scarborough tells them that the equipment at the core is not responding, which means Roxxon cannot shut down the valve network remotely. Hess blames Scarborough for insisting on expanding the network's radius, while Bowen concludes that they need to arrive at the Roxxon Gulf Operations Facility and shut it down manually. After Scarborough tells them the location of the facility, Bowen then subjects him to the Lightforce, which results in Scarborough falling into coma.

Johnson and O'Reilly are confronted by Connors who is planning on how to have both of them killed and how to cover it up. However, before he gets them out to proceed, the Terrors attacks the station, infecting police offcers and turning them against each other. Meanwhile, Bowen and Hess are attacked by Ashlie outside of the Roxxon HQ, before the horde of Terrors swarms them. They try to barricade from them, however, Hess ends up being infected and attacks Bowen. In the chaos at the station, Johnson and O'Reilly free themselves and O'Reilly tells Johnson to take his chance and run, however, Johnson decides to stay and protect his city.


Johnson helps the NOPD against the Terrors before accidentally teleporting out of the station and saving Bowen from infected Hess. Hiding at the St. Theresa's Church, Johnson and Bowen conclude that they failed and the city cannot be saved but Evita Fusilier finds them and tells them otherwise. She tells them the legend of The Divine Pairing, two individuals bonded by fate who are destined to save New Orleans from danger, however, one of them needs to be sacrificed. Johnson doubts his ability to use his powers without his cloak, so Bowen gives him his old hoodie she stole when they were kids.

On their way to the Roxxon facility, Johnson and Bowen are attacked by the horde of Terrors but they manage to defeat them with the help of O'Reilly. O'Reilly, however, ends up being shot by Connors who then dumps her into the river. Connors then confronts Johnson and Bowen outside of the Roxxon facility and prepares to kill them, starting with Bowen. Bowen manages to disarm Connors, before Johnson uses the Darkforce to absorb him when Connors tries to shoot him again.


Johnson then realizes that he is the one destined to sacrifice himself to save the city and despite Bowen's protests, he teleports inside the facility, which is on the brink of a meltdown. Johnson tries to prevent the explosion by shutting down the valves, but to no avail. Refusing to leave Johnson, Bowen breaks into the facility to help him save the city. Together, they combine the Darkforce and the Lightforce, absorbing the energy and preventing the explosion.

Eventually, the Terror outbreak in New Orleans withers away; Bowen returns to her family house, as Roxxon is being held accountable for the chaos in the city. Johnson is still on the run from the police and hides at the church, and Bowen helps him settle at her old hideout. At the end, an individual, closely resembling O'Reilly emerges from the water and makes her way to the city.


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Come Sail Away
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  • A Choctaw girl drowns herself in the river to undo the famine to her tribe.
  • Mayhem claws her way out of the swamp.
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Mark Isham
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