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"Colon's Gym is ready to make a sizable donation to my pocket and your real estate project. Sometimes you need a face-to-face."
"Colon's Gym? Is that what that two-bit drug dealer is puttin' on his tax returns?"
Cornell Stokes and Mariah Dillard[src]

Colon's Gym is the base of operations for Colon Crime Family.


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Luke Cage is shot by Domingo Colon's men

Colon's Gym is Domingo Colon's base of operations. Luke Cage confronted Domingo in the Gym while searching for the Hammer Industries weapons Domingo bought off Cottonmouth. It was later the site of meeting between Domingo, Black Mariah, and several other gang bosses. The meeting was interrupted by Diamondback, who killed the other gang bosses.[1]


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