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"Think of everybody who died here, that blood... that blood, that's on your hands. How about that? You know what that's about, David? Huh? Do you? See, I know what your secret is, David. I know all about it. Now, here's what you need to know. I swear to you, if something happens to that kid, I'm gonna kill you."
Frank Castle to David Schultz

Collision Course is the twelfth episode of the second season of the television series The Punisher.


Buckle up -- Mahoney and Frank are about to take a ride to remember. Amy makes an entrance, Russo cashes out, and Madani comes clean to Krista.


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With Frank Castle under custody, Brett Mahoney takes the ambulance and drives Castle to the 15th Precinct Police Station. Dinah Madani tries to convince Mahoney to let Castle go, but he ignores her warnings, determined to arrest Castle, and Madani as well. However, John Pilgrim attacks the ambulance in an attempt to kill Castle, resulting in the ambulance falling off the bridge. Pilgrim prepares to go for them but Madani stops him, while Castle rescues Mahoney from the burning vehicle. Mahoney threatens to shoot Castle as he walks away, but decides not to do it and lets Castle go.


Billy Russo and Krista Dumont hear the news that Castle had escaped from the custody, and although Dumont says that it does not change anything, Russo is not as optimistic. Dumont worries that Russo might try to go after Castle again, but he promises Dumont to leave the city with her. He thanks Dumont for changing his life and helping him leave the past behind him and goes to collect the necessary paperwork, but Dumont is still worried.


After the altercation on the bridge, Mahoney speaks with Madani, telling how Castle saved him and walked away, wondering why he did not leave Mahoney to die. Madani tells him that despite everything, Castle is a man of honor and would not let him die for the same reason why Mahoney did not shoot him in the back. Madani is later called by Dumont who tries to find out what information the Homeland Security has on Castle and Russo. Madani is suspicious about Dumont's curiosity and tells her that she cannot disclose the investigation details but promises to keep her posted.


Castle tracks down David Schultz and confronts him at his apartment, telling him about all the murders committed by Pilgrim to protect his reputation. Schultz is unaware about the killings and tells Castle that he is a United States Senator and has no relation to any crimes whatsoever. Castle ignores Schultz and abducts him, so he could use him to find Pilgrim and take him down.


Stealing Madani's car, Pilgrim manages to find the Campervan Hideout and arrives at the place, where he finds Curtis Hoyle. Holding Hoyle on the gunpoint, Pilgrim wonders about his connection to Madani and although Hoyle tries to lie, Pilgrim realizes that he might now where Castle and Amy Bendix are. Pilgrim admires Hoyle's dedication to protect his friends, but insists that it would be better for him if he tells him where they are. Bendix returns to the hideout only to find Pilgrim there, so Hoyle confronts him, giving Bendix a chance to escape. Bendix shoots Pilgrim in the leg and escapes, while Pilgrim brutally beats Hoyle before leaving.


Russo meets with José and surviving members of his crew who were still in the city. José and the others express their intention to avenge their deceased friends and kill Castle but Russo tells them that the hunt for Castle would end up with their deaths, not his. He gives them the fake IDs and tells them to take the remaining money they had and leave the city for good, the same that he intends to with Dumont.


Castle returns to the hideout where he finds Hoyle who informs him that Pilgrim had found Bendix and he does not know where she is now. Furious, Castle interrogates Schultz about Pilgrim but he insists that he has no clue about any of that. Castle shows him all compromising material on Schultz that was the reason behind the killings and tells Schultz that if something happens with Bendix, Castle will kill him.

Pilgrim returns to the hotel to tend to his wounds, unaware that Bendix was hiding in the trunk of the car and followed him. Bendix takes the shotgun and prepares to attack Pilgrim but changes her mind in the last moment. Meanwhile, Schultz tries to convince Castle that he was innocent, and Castle makes him realize that his parents were the ones behind the killings. Schultz is horrified by what his parents have done and Castle eventually believes him and tells Schultz to call his parents.


Madani visits Dumont at her apartment, saying that she sounded strange on the phone, so Madani came by to check on her, but Dumont shrugs it off as a panic attack. Still suspicious, Madani recalls similar quotes, said by both Russo and Dumont, as well as her interest in Russo and the previous experience with her father. Madani reveals to Dumont that she had brought Castle to take down Russo, betraying all she used to stand for, but also that she had ran a background check on her.

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While Dumont goes to the bathroom to collect herself, Madani finds Russo's journal at her apartment, filled with the drawing of the skulls. Now aware that Dumont was aiding Russo all along, Madani prepares to confront her but Dumont ambushes her. Dumont tries to kill Madani, but in the subsequent fight, she ends up being thrown out of the window by Madani, making the fear instilled by her father to come true. Russo discovers wounded Dumont on the ground to his horror and seeing Madani in the window, goes after her.


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