"Peg, you work at the phone company; it ain't life and death."
"Darling, you have no idea."
―Colleen O'Brien and Peggy Carter[src]

Colleen Deirdre O'Brien was a factory worker and Peggy Carter's roommate.



"You know, there's a difference between being an independent woman and a spinster."
"Is it the shoes?"
―Colleen O'Brien and Peggy Carter[src]

Colleen O'Brien was born in New Rochelle, eventually moving to New York City and working at a factory. O'Brien became Peggy Carter's roommate; as she worked in a factory at night, Carter used her bed, and when O'Brien returned in the morning, the bed became hers.


O'Brien speaks to Peggy Carter

One morning, as O'Brien returned from the factory, she described to Carter how ten women were released to be replaced by returning World War II veterans, even though the veterans were not experienced with the factory's work. Carter listened as she prepared to go to the New York Bell Company, the front that the Strategic Scientific Reserve used. Since O'Brien looked sickly and was sneezing, Carter told her to rest for the remainder of the day.[1]



O'Brien greets Peggy Carter

"Wow, Peg, you look like a million bucks. Wait, were you out out?"
"Well, in a manner of speaking."
―Colleen O'Brien and Peggy Carter[src]

That night Carter came into the apartment to see O'Brien still in the bed; O'Brien said that she was too sick to go to work. O'Brien noticed Carter in a new dress and wondered if she had a date. Carter, too busy to talk to her because she had an active bomb filled with Nitramene, allowed her friend to believe that as she gathered items she needed to defuse the bomb.


O'Brien is killed by Sasha Demidov

A man in a Green Suit came into the room and killed O'Brien as he searched for the bomb. When Carter exited the bathroom, she found O'Brien's body and fought the man. After he fled, Carter cried over her friend. The next morning, Carter confided with Edwin Jarvis about the incident; he told her to continue her mission so that her friend's death would not be in vain.[1] Later, while searching for a new place to stay, Carter saw the obituary of Colleen O'Brien in the local newspaper. [2]






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