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"A museum that doubles as his base of operations. A mining colony in a severed head of an ancient Celestial being."

The Collector's Museum was an intergalactic vault and holding area located at the Knowhere mining colony under the control of Taneleer Tivan, used to store the various objects and specimens in Tivan's collection.


Tivan Group

Obtaining the Aether

"I can assure you it will be absolutely safe here in my collection."
"See that it is."
Collector and Sif[src]

Volstagg and Sif handing over the Aether

Asgardians Sif and Volstagg arrived at the museum to deliver the Aether to the infamous Taneleer Tivan. They were introduced to Tivan by Carina, and willingly gave the Aether to him, not realizing that he was apparently seeking the other Infinity Stones.[1]

Offering of the Orb

Collector greeting Gamora and Star-Lord

"We have the galaxy's largest collection of fauna, relics, and species of all manner."
Carina to the Guardians of the Galaxy[src]

The Guardians of the Galaxy arrived to give the Orb to Taneleer Tivan. Tivan explained to the Guardians that it was an Infinity Stone. Upon discovering this, Carina attempted to use the power to escape from slavery by grabbing the Stone, which only disintegrated her and caused a huge explosion. The Guardians got out unscathed and Tivan suffered a minor head injury, but all of the creatures escaped.[2]

Cosmo licking the Collector's face

Tivan later sat sipping a drink while Cosmo licked his face, much to Howard the Duck's disapproval.[3]

Thanos' Rampage

Several years later, Thanos went to the Collector's Museum to seek the Reality Stone so he could contain it into the Infinity Gauntlet. The Guardians of the Galaxy went to the museum to stop Thanos from retrieving the stone, they were a bit too late and got foiled by an illusion that Thanos created with the Reality Stone, not realizing that he had already attacked Knowhere and accomplished his objective.

Thanos would then took hold of Gamora and temporarily subdued Mantis and Drax the Destroyer with the Reality Stone, Gamora was willing to sacrifice herself by having Star-Lord kill her with his Quad Blaster. With the Reality Stone, Thanos was able to turn Star-Lord's shots into bubbles and escape with Gamora, leaving the Guardians in Knowhere.[4]

Alternate Universes

Infiltrated by Star-Lord

To be added

Collected Items

Main Universe

Alternate Universes


  • In the comics, the Collector's collection was so vast that he had museums on a number of different planets to house it. This was alluded to in a statement by James Gunn where he mentioned that the Collector might have other museums elsewhere.


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