"All because a General got too fat for his jacket."
Antoine Triplett[src]

General Cole is a member of the United States Air Force in command of Kaena Point Air Force Base.


"Once per quarter, General Cole inspects Kaena Point."
Phil Coulson[src]

Cole is known to give quarterly inspections to the Kaena Point Air Force Base in Oahu, Hawaii. Phil Coulson gave Antoine Triplett a small coin-shaped object and had him go to the dry cleaners. The small object was a part of a Trojan program that caused an EMP when coupled with its counterpart. Triplett's assignment was to place this object in the suit jacket of Cole at the dry cleaners.

As predicted, Cole went to the Air Force base for his quarterly inspection and met with Darren, the new relay commander and holder of the second part of the Trojan program. When the two shook hands, the two pieces of the Trojan program activated, causing a blackout in the base.[1]




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