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"Even using cadaver material, reconstruction is hopeless."
"I disagree. The Cogmium steel reinforcing framework is-"
"Can't replace pulverized vertebrae, Dr. Oyama."
―Surgeon and Kenji Oyama[src]

The Cogmium Steel is a rare and valuable metal alloy common at the black market.


Keys from Black Market

What If... Coulson
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"We'd been in the van for donkeys, me and this joker. Fifty keys of black market Cogmium steel in the back."
Lance Hunter to Melinda May[src]

During one of their missions, Lance Hunter and Spud stole fifty keys made by Cogmium steel from the black market. They were exposed what forced Hunter and Spud to escape with keys in the van for donkeys.[1]

Experimental Surgery

Cogmium steel was used by Kenji Oyama to create a reinforcement framework for his experimental surgery. As he was tasked to treat paralyzed Benjamin Poindexter, Oyama replaced his pulverized vertebrae with the framework made by Cogmium, allowing for the spine to be repaired properly.[2]


  • In the comics, Cogmium is a unique metal alloy invented by Oracle Inc. A.I.M. attempted to steal a supply of Cogmium, only for their mission to be intervened by Iron Fist.


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