Coffee A Go-Go is a network of coffee shops in New York City.


Mary Walker attended to Coffee A Go-Go where she was drawing in her sketchbook before she was spotted by Danny Rand. Rand joined her and she showed him her sketches. Rand appreciated her skills before Mary told him about her problems with work.


Mary Walker reuniting with Danny Rand

Walker then asked Rand about the park where she could draw people practicing Tai chi. Rand said that she need Columbus Park but noted that is not the best time to go through Chinatown, in the wake of Triad War. Instead, Rand advised Mary to visit the flower market on 28th St. where she could practice in drawing flowers. He decided to walk her to the station and they left the coffee shop.[1]

Going to another coffee shop, Julie Barnes ordered some coffee for her and Benjamin Poindexter from Richie. Poindexter explained his interest in her and his problems relating his suspension from work in FBI, breathing heavily on sight. Unable to breathe normally, Barnes managed to calm down Poindexter and questioned what happened at the FBI.


Benjamin Poindexter meets with Julie Barnes

Poindexter told her that the Bureau needed a scapegoat, letting out goat sounds afterward. As they share a laugh, Barnes told Poindexter that he needs a new therapist, however, he expressed that he already had one until she died. Feeling guilty, Barnes agreed to help Poindexter. During their talk, Poindexter was informed by Ray Nadeem to return back to the FBI headquarters.[2]


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