"I've been fighting since I was eight years old. Had to. You know, that's Harlem all day. Survival of the fittest. You know, like... You know, like Prodigy said."
―Cockroach Hamilton[src]

Dontrell Hamilton, also known as Cockroach, was a criminal previously arrested by Misty Knight and Rafael Scarfe. As Scarfe's unethical methods had tainted his conviction, Hamilton's sentence was voided and was released, immediately returned to crime with confidence that nobody would dare arrest him. In the midst of making a name for himself through an unlicensed casino and almost getting even more money from Luke Cage through legal action, Hamilton was murdered by Bushmaster, who displayed his severed head on a pike at the Shirley Chisholm Complex entrance to send a message to Mariah Dillard.


Fabricated Arrest

Framed by Rafael Scarfe

"Story of my life. Running from the police. Slapped up by the police. Beat up by the police. Framed by the dirty police. Thrown in jail by Rafael Scarfe for some shit I didn't even do."
―Cockroach Hamilton[src]

Hamilton being arrested in his apartment

While he was at his Apartment from working hours at a job, Cockroach Hamilton was arrested for an accused firearm possession. Having been handcuffed by the New York City Police Department, Hamilton told the cops that he didn't do anything and claimed that knows his rights. While Rafael Scarfe searched for the place, Hamilton told him and Misty Knight that there was no gun in his home but was told to be quiet. Hamilton then expressed that he preferred to be called Cockroach rather than Dontrell, which both Knight and Scarfe agreed to his request.

Hamilton telling the police that he was framed

As Scarfe went into one of the rooms of his apartment, Hamilton spend his time handcuffed to talked to Knight and expressed how good-looking she was and wanted her hips to come closer to him. Being told to be quiet, Hamilton told Knight that she doesn't have anything against him only for Scarfe to frame him for an weapon that he was carrying and claimed he found on a headboard. Hamilton told the police that it was not his gun but was taken into custody by the cops, much to anger for set up.[2]


"They tossed my conviction, thanks to your man Scarfe."
"I know, right? I was ecstatic. I would take the nig*a out for a drink, like back in the day, but... Ah, yeah."
―Cockroach Hamilton and Misty Knight[src]

Having been imprisoned in Seagate Penitentiary for months, Hamilton was then released once Rafael Scarfe was exposed for working with Cottonmouth. Letting his conviction being tossed away, Hamilton went back to Harlem to settle his business.[1]

Gun Deal

Meeting Mariah Dillard

Hamilton being invited at Harlem's Paradise

"See, me, I don't even want your whole business. Just controlling interest. So we can get money together. Forever. Keep Harlem black... the way it should be. Southern black. I ain't talkin' about no cigar-smokin' black, ganja-smokin' black. Black black. I think you know what I'm talkin' about."
―Cockroach Hamilton to Mariah Dillard[src]

During the evening, Hamilton and Comanche were watching a performance by Joi, before Mariah Dillard would asked for the deal for their weapons trading. While another song plays, Hamilton commented on how Joi was good-looking, describing her as svelte. Being questioned by Comanche, Hamilton explained that Joi was thick and thin at the same time before asking what was he reading when imprisoned at Seagate Penitentiary. Having knowledge of how Tupac Shakur had written a book, both Hamilton and Comanche shared a laugh before taking drinks.

Hamilton talking to Comanche about prison

Once he had a drink, Hamilton explained that Shades quickly came to Harlem while he and Comanche were imprisoned, noting that it was obvious that the streets might be complicated but not rocket science. Hamilton told Comanche to never underestimate a man's stature quickly while their in a relationship with someone older can reach a higher recognition. Having another drink, Shades called Hamilton up for a meeting with Dillard, leaving the public eye. As Dillard and Shades stood by in the meeting, Arturo Rey III and Nigel Garrison discussed a partnership to get ahold of Dillard's guns, putting protection around New York City.

Hamilton proposes his offering of the deal

While the group expressed their values of the deal, Cockroach laughed at Garrison for his mannerism and confidently expressed his desire to take up a controlling interest in Dillard's business and how much they could continue making money together. Bringing another suggestion, Cockroach expressed that through a potential partnership with Dillard, they both could focus on keeping Harlem black instead of cigar-smokin' black or ganja-smokin' black. The meeting was then interrupted by the arrival of Luke Cage, as the others came out, Hamilton drew his guns until Dillard threatened the life of Claire Temple.[1]

Surprise Visit

Hamilton inappropriately talking to Misty Knight

"Got to love the loopholes. Make America great again if you ask me."
―Cockroach to Misty Knight[src]

While heading out of his apartment, Hamilton was approached on the sidewalk by Misty Knight, telling him he wasn't eligible on parole. Hamilton informed Knight that his imprisonment was tossed away by conviction and told to be released after the case was overturned once her partner Rafael Scarfe was found to be corrupted. As she was static, Hamilton told Knight that he would like to take Scarfe out for a drink before he died. Once he commented on arresting him illegally, Hamilton noticed Knight had a missing arm and started teasing her for her good-looks before she walked away.[1]


Confronted by Luke Cage

Hamilton being founded by Luke Cage

"Think that's gonna help you?"
"Actually, yeah."
Luke Cage and Cockroach Hamilton[src]

During his usual business with illegal gambling inside of a warehouse, Hamilton organized a party with numerous guests were arrived to have company. While Luke Cage searched for information about Hamilton, he was informed by Callahan on where to find him, resulting into his arrival. Once he noticed Cage had entered inside the place, Hamilton ordered one of his bodyguards to attack him with a taser but Cage became unaffected from the shock. As the bodyguard had tazed him from the neck, Cage threw the guard away across the room and landed on a table.

Hamilton aiming his shotgun at Luke Cage

Once the crowd had a sudden attention on Cage and were told to stay if they want, Hamilton saw the crowd running out of the warehouse which prompted him to sneak out but was caught by Cage, being told to stop buying guns from Mariah Dillard. With nowhere else to go, Hamilton took steps backwards and pulled out a six-barrel firearm from one of the speakers. Being told by Cage if the shotgun was going to help him, Hamilton reload the gun and told him that it will did. As he fired at Cage at his shoulder, Hamilton witnessed him crashing toward a window behind him and took the opportunity to escape to the warehouse.[5]

Beaten' Up

Hamilton aggressively choking his girlfriend

"Bet you a man now, boy, huh? Want some of this?"
"I want some."
―Cockroach Hamilton and Luke Cage[src]

Once he realized that Luke Cage had followed him from the warehouse, Hamilton decided to go to his Apartment and proceeded to beat his girlfriend, Drea Powell. As he grabbed her from the shoulder, Hamilton expressed that he knows that Cage found out where he was by having Powell snitching on him. While choking Powell, Hamilton was interrupted by C.J. Powell which resulted in him beating his son to the ground.

Hamilton verbally threatens his now afraid son

Once he was furious at his son, Hamilton was ready to beatdown his son for confronting him and asked him if he was a man enough to take it. Unbeknownst to himself, Cage received a call from Callahan and was informed that Hamilton was hurting his family, which prompted him immediately to broke into his apartment. Once Cage heard Hamilton afar, he threatened Hamilton's life, much to his anger. Once he was starting to attack Cage, Hamilton was thrown back towards a book shelf, as his family crawled into a corner.

Hamilton being choked out by Luke Cage

As he recovered from being thrown across the room, Hamilton tried to kick him in his groin but was unexpectedly hurt from his feet. Being continuously beaten down and thrown across the furniture, Hamilton tried to defend himself by using a stool but Cage ripped it to pieces and grabbed his throat, throwing him down to the ground. As Cage began to become more furious, Hamilton was choking from his grasp, causing him to pass out from his concussions. Knowing the situation was now worse, Cage called Claire Temple for assistance, resulting in an ambulance taking Hamilton into a hospital.[5]

Visited By Misty Knight

Hamilton being visited by Misty Knight

"I don't know why Luke targeted me. I'm the victim in all of this."
"Oh. Not yet. But you will be."
―Cockroach Hamilton and Misty Knight[src]

Once he was given medical aid and taken into a hospital, Hamilton was resting on his bed with massive bruises on his face. As Misty Knight went inside the room, Hamilton was greeted by her after his sleep, being told she used to get domestic violence calls while she was on parole. Knight further told Hamilton that she used to hear that same woman getting the same calls and telling the cops to not hurt their abusers. Knowing that it was the same address as his, Knight would get the same victim being chalked and photographed.

Hamilton mockingly teases Misty Knight

Knight asked Hamilton why Luke Cage was attacked and why he attacked his girlfriend and son. Hamilton then asked for a lawyer but Knight asked about the exotic shotgun outside his warehouse that was sold by Mariah Dillard, in which he denied. Mockingly asking Knight, Hamilton told that he had no idea why Cage attacked him, saying that he was the victim. Being told that he will be guilty, Hamilton started to mock her with a mention of Rafael Scarfe and began to tease her before calling her a bitch. Having Knight be completely furious, Hamilton chuckled at the detective's actions.[6]

Suing Luke Cage

Hamilton talking about his sudden attack

"Cockroach is suing you?"
"Yeah. "Dontrell". If I don't come up with 100 grand, I have to go to court."
"Are you really gonna pay that? I mean, can you pay that?"
"I don't have a choice."
Misty Knight and Luke Cage[src]

Having his injuries being treated for moments noticed, Hamilton had filed a sue for being assaulted in his own home by Luke Cage. While Cage was attempting to assist Drea Powell, Hamilton hired a lawyer named Benjamin Donovan. Sitting down across from Cage and his defense lawyer, Foggy Nelson from Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz, Donovan had requested that the lights be dimmed as he claimed Hamilton's injuries had made him sensitive, which Cage said was an exaggeration.

Hamilton argues with Luke Cage's objections

As the group settled, Hamilton was told to speak his truth with the support of Donovan. Hamilton expressed that he had been fighting all his life while growing up in Harlem before comparing that Cage's attack against him to being mauled by a bear, claiming that he had been helpless against Cage. When Cage tried to argue that Hamilton was beating his girlfriend, Hamilton yelled at him by saying that it was hearsay before Nelson broke them up. As Hamilton noted how he and Powell often argued, he insisted that Cage had no right to burst inside his home and assault him for his claims of domestic abuse.

Hamilton agrees on a compensation request

Furthering his story, Hamilton then claimed that Cage's assault was the story of his life, noting how he had been beaten up by the New York City Police Department multiple times before being sent into prison by Rafael Scarfe for crimes that he did not actually commit. As Hamilton's claims annoyed Cage to the point that he then broke the table with his enhanced strength, leading to Donovan then making his final offer to Nelson for a payment of one hundred thousand dollars to put the case to rest, which forced Cage to work for Piranha Jones in order to try and make payment.[2]

Faking His Injuries

Hamilton tells Drea Powell to open the door

"You know, you could answer the door your damn self if you weren't faking your injuries."
"Ain't nobody faking shit. Now that cheap-ass Tin-Man-from-The-Wiz-looking bullshit you got where your arm used to be."
"You need to drop that lawsuit against Luke."
"Or what? You gonna find you another super to do your dirty work now that Scarfe ain't here to help you?"
Misty Knight and Cockroach Hamilton[src]

Relaxing in his Apartment with his reading essentials, Hamilton heard a knock that caused him to noticed who was being invited. Taking a sip of his beer, Hamilton told Drea Powell to open the door with a verbal look on his face that threatened her. Once Powell opened the door, Misty Knight came to visit Hamilton and spotted him faking his injuries. As Knight exposed of his alleged injuries, Hamilton put on his cast and stood up with his cane, noting that he was faking anything and insulted her Prosthetic Arm after seeing being absent from her.

Hamilton rejects Misty Knight's objections

As Knight told him to drop the lawsuit against Luke Cage, Hamilton rejected her request and wonders if another enhanced individual could sort out her work just like how Rafael Scarfe did. Hamilton then told her that he was going to visit Scarfe in his grave with Powell and might urinate on it. Hamilton was then threatened by Knight with her arm which prompted him to insult again. Knight called Hamilton a piece of shit, which he responded that Powell should get the camera to record a fight between them. Knight left the apartment before Hamilton mockingly apologized to her and swore to bring dead flowers for Scarfe's grave, insulting Powell for opening the door for a cop.[2]

Killed by Bushmaster

Hamilton being decapitated from Bushmaster

"They cut off Ray Ray's head and placed it in front of Chisholm Complex."
"Bushmaster. He killed Cockroach, too."
Comanche and Shades[src]

While he was sitting on his couch of his Apartment, Hamilton was founded by the Stylers and killed by Bushmaster, having his head being chopped off and put on a spike. Once the Stylers had Hamilton's head, they put it in front of the Shirley Chisholm Complex before Mariah Dillard could make a grand opening for the memorial.[2]


"You got the fire in your eyes, girl. But you like to be handled when no one else is watching. Most bitches do."
―Cockroach Hamilton to Misty Knight[src]

Cockroach Hamilton can best be defined as smug and abusive; the latter applying to both his girlfriend and son from not being afraid to attack him. Cockroach isn't above taunting at every chance that comes to him whether mocking Rafael Scarfe after his death or likewise for Misty Knight's amputated arm.


  • Marksman: Cockroach used a six-barrel firearm with enough proficiency to hit and push Luke Cage out of a window.



  • Revolvers: Hamilton drew his twin revolvers in self-defense when Luke Cage entered the private area of Harlem's Paradise while he attended a meeting with Mariah Dillard. However, knowing the guns would have no effect on Cage and he would not physically harm them, Dillard told him to put the gun down while they spoke.
  • Josh: Upon his first confrontation with Luke Cage, Cockroach held and fired a six-barrel firearm that pushed Cage out of a window and dislocated his shoulder.







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