"I told you that I will get you the money."
"Such a small sum is of little interest to my employer. Your position, however, that's something we can work with."
―Clyde Farnum and James Wesley[src]

Officer Clyde Farnum was a police officer ordered by James Wesley and Wilson Fisk to assassinate Karen Page.


Family Life and Career

Clyde Farnum had a daughter named Tracy who was in college. The two had a very close relationship and would attend movies together whenever Trace visited home from school. Though he was an officer of the New York City Police Department, Farnum got into debt with Don Rigoletto for over twenty-eight thousand dollars.[1]

Park Lunch

"What do you want me to do?"
―Clyde Farnum to James Wesley[src]

Farnum is threatened by James Wesley

Farnum was eating lunch in a park when James Wesley approached him and sat beside him; Farnum was annoyed because he wanted to eat alone. Wesley showed Farnum a live video feed of his daughter, Tracy, in a park, unaware she was being watched by Rance. Farnum believed that Wesley was extorting him for Don Rigoletto until he was told that Rigoletto had retired and transferred the debt to a new lender. Wesley said that the debt would be forgiven and Tracy spared if Farnum cooperated with him.[1]

An Extorted Cleaner


Clyde Farnum strangling Karen Page

"I'm sorry."
―Clyde Farnum to Karen Page[src]

James Wesley instructed Farnum to assassinate Karen Page, who had discovered a money-laundering scheme orchestrated by Union Allied Construction. As she was incarcerated at the 15th Precinct Police Station for the alleged murder of Daniel Fisher, Farnum snuck inside her cell and attempted to strangle Page and make it look like a suicide.

Farnum apologized to Page as he wrapped a bedsheet around her throat but was unable to kill her as she scratched at his eye and called out for help. In the aftermath of the attempted hit, Farnum was arrested and Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson were brought in to discuss the event with officers. As Farnum failed to complete Wesley's task, Wesley arranged for his bail and ordered a hitman to kill Farnum and make it look like it was suicide. The next morning, Farnum was found at home by his daughter with a bullet in his head and discharged gun in his hand.[1]





  • In the comics, Frank Farnum is the tenant of the building that houses the Nelson and Murdock Law Office, and secretly also a successful crime leader known as the Masked Marauder.

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