"I have a weapon in place on this plane that's designed to kill you. So if you shoot me, I can't tell you what that is. But you won't see it coming."
Leo Fitz to Giyera[src]

The Cloaked Gun is a weapon designed by Leo Fitz specifically to kill the Inhuman Giyera.


"I did tell you. A few times."
Leo Fitz to Giyera after shooting him[src]
Fitz Cloaked Gun

Leo Fitz shoots Giyera with the Cloaked Gun

Leo Fitz was attempting to free Daisy Johnson from a Containment Module on the Zephyr One, when he was interrupted by Giyera, who threatened to kill him with a rifle. Fitz kept Giyera from killing him by telling the Inhuman he had a weapon on the plane that was specifically designed to kill him, which he would not see coming. Giyera did not believe him, as he had already checked the plane and found nothing. He demanded that Fitz show him the weapon. Fitz, telling Giyera that Inhumans swayed by Hive are not evil, with him being the exception, used the cloaked gun to kill him with multiple gunshots.[1]


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