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The subject of this article comes from an alternate universe which resulted from a divergence in history with the main timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cloak of Levitation Goes Out is a series of 13 4-panel manga released on the Doctor Strange Twitter account to promote the film of the same name. All of the chapters were collected in Doctor Strange.



At Shibuya Crossing, the Cloak of Levitation is frightened by all of the foot traffic. Doctor Strange tells the cloak to calm down, as this is normal in Japan.


In Osaka, a group of three women spot the Cloak of Levitation wandering around. While they find the cloak's ability to float very interesting, they complain about how plain it looks. As such, they give the cloak a tiger-themed makeover, much to the chagrin of Doctor Strange.


In Kiyosu Park, the Cloak of Levitation compares Doctor Strange to a statue of Oda Nobunaga. To further the comparison, the cloak takes the shape of Nobunaga and places itself on Strange's head, much to his annoyance.


In Sapporo, snow begins to fall, with the sheer amount of it surprising Doctor Strange. The Cloak of Levitation begins to play in the mountains of snow, with Strange warning it that it shouldn't get too excited or it would be cold and wet later. The cloak doesn't heed this warning, leading Strange to hang it up on a clothesline once they get back indoors.

Shizuoka I[]

At Shizuoka Station, the Cloak of Levitation becomes enamored with a statue of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Realizing that the statue has nothing to protect it from rain or snow, the cloak decides to wrap itself around the statue's head. When Doctor Strange orders the cloak to come down, it refuses, prompting Strange to leave, as he believes that the cloak won't come down for a while.


In Ōita, Doctor Strange spots an odd statue of an old man. By wrapping itself around Strange's hands, the Cloak of Levitation makes him strike an identical pose to the statue, much to the confusion of passersby.


Doctor Strange opens up a portal to Oga, Japan. When the Cloak of Levitation peaks inside, it is scared by a statue of a Namahage. The fact that the statue scares the cloak surprises Strange, as a floating cloak like the Cloak of Levitation would likely be considered quite scary.


While staying in Okinawa, the Cloak of Levitation spots a Chinese Guardian Lion with Doctor Strange informing him that they're supposed to ward off evil spirits. Upon returning to the New York Sanctum, the cloak takes the pose of a guardian lion outside of the Sanctum for a week straight.


In Kyoto, Doctor Strange and the Cloak of Levitation meet two Maiko. The maiko and the cloak almost instantly become enamored with each other. When the Cloak of Levitation refuses to return home with him, Strange leaves anyways, but becomes lonely as a result. This leads him to visit Kamar-Taj's library more frequently than usual, which is noted by Wong.


In Akihabara, Doctor Strange and the Cloak of Levitation pass a store that features a display of Avengers action figures. The cloak begs Strange to buy them, but he refuses, leaving the cloak deeply disappointed.

Shizuoka II[]

In Shizuoka Prefecture, Doctor Strange teaches the Cloak of Levitation how to make Japanese tea. While the cloak is excited to take a sip of its drink, Strange takes the tea from it, since he knows the cloak can't actually drink it.


In Kagawa Prefecture, the Cloak of Levitation helps prepare udon noodles for Doctor Strange. While the cloak struggles at first, it eventually gets the hang of it. By the time Strange gets served his noodles, the cloak disappeared, clearly annoying Strange.


In Hiroshima, Doctor Strange and the Cloak of Levitation are shopping for art supplies. The store clerk asks if they would like to try calligraphy. While Strange refuses, the cloak takes the store clerk up on her offer. While it ends up drawing a stick figure, it makes the store clerk very happy.









  • Despite the third chapter being called Nagoya it actually takes place in Kiyosu, which is a town located in the same prefecture as Nagoya.