"Wow, you're a seriously loyal piece of outerwear, aren't you?"
Iron Man[src]

The Cloak of Levitation is a magical relic that is able to move and fly on its own power, enabling its user to levitate and hover in the air. It is one of the many mystical relics that was in the possession of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. While all relics "choose" their masters, the cloak possesses a will of its own and moves by its own accord. It was kept on display in the New York Sanctum alongside other magical relics. Since the Cloak of Levitation was naturally worn on the back, combined with its sentience, it becomes difficult, if not impossible to blindside its wearer as the cloak will block attacks, leaving the opponent wide open while alerting the wearer.


Attack on the Sanctums

Battle at the New York Sanctum

"The Cloak of Levitation... it came to you."
"No minor feat, it's a fickle thing."
Karl Mordo and the Ancient One to Doctor Strange[src]
Cloak of Levitation Featurette 1

Doctor Strange finds the Cloak of Levitation

Accidentally entering the Greenwich Sanctum, Stephen Strange briefly explored its room of relics where he first encountered the Cloak, which was encased in a glass display box.

DS Promo Clip - Cloak Of Levitation 2

Cloak of Levitation protects Doctor Strange

Strange's battle with Kaecilius soon brought him back to the room, where he was thrown into the cloak’s case. As the Zealot leader prepared to stab Strange, the Cloak intervened, blocking every attempt on the Doctor's life. When Kaecilius knocked Strange over the railing of a staircase, the Cloak flew to his rescue, stopping his fall by wrapping itself around his shoulders enabling Strange to levitate back up to the fight.

DS Promo Clip - Cloak Of Levitation 3

Cloak of Levitation redirects Doctor Strange

The battle continued, during which Strange saw an axe on the wall and attempted to acquire it. The Cloak, however, redirected him to the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, and Strange used and bound Kaecilius, winning the battle.[1]

DS Featurette - Magical Objects 5

Cloak of Levitation attacking Lucian Aster

After Lucian Aster stabbed Strange in the chest and the doctor tried to crawl away to safety, the Cloak saved Stephen again by wrapped itself around Lucian, fighting him so that Strange could use a Sling Ring to escape to Metro-General Hospital to heal his wound. When Strange returned, the Cloak unwrapped itself from Lucian's corpse and rested itself on Strange's shoulders.[1]

Battle of the Mirror Dimension

DS Spot 18 - 9

Cloak of Levitation slows Doctor Strange's fall

Kaecilius and his disciples later reappeared in the New York Sanctum, attempting to destroy it once more. Before their spell could take hold, Strange brought everyone into the Mirror Dimension. Unfortunately, the empowered Zealots are more powerful in this realm and severely altered its reality until it appeared as if New York itself had been put through a kaleidoscope. The Cloak helped Strange land safely whenever he and Mordo were falling great heights throughout the battle.

Christine Palmer DS7

Cloak of Levitation waits for Doctor Strange

During the Ancient One's surgery by Nicodemus West and Christine Palmer, the cloak hovered still where it patiently waited for its new master to return. When Strange accepted his mentor's death, he put the Cloak back on where it proceeded to try to wipe his tears away with its collar until Strange asked it to stop.[1]

Battle at the Hong Kong Sanctum

Dormammu 1

Cloak of Levitation in the Dark Dimension

The Cloak was used by Doctor Strange in this battle and protected him when a piece of fence was flying his way and it maneuvered him out of the way as well as blocking a blindsided punch from Kaecilius. He later used the Cloak to fly into the portal to the Dark Dimension to bargain with Dormammu. When Strange trapped himself and Dormammu in a time loop with the Eye of Agamotto, the Cloak was also constantly destroyed with Strange until Dormammu relented. The Cloak then flew Strange through the portal and safely onto the ground.[1]

Meeting with Thor


Cloak of Levitation levitates Doctor Strange

When Thor was brought to the New York Sanctum, after Loki was detected on Earth, Doctor Strange welcomed him while using the Cloak to levitate, as he flew towards him. He then proceeded to wear it during his encounter with the Asgardian.[2]

Infinity War

Attack on Greenwich Village

Cloak hits Stark

Cloak of Levitation hits Tony Stark

Right after Bruce Banner crashlanded into the New York Sanctum, the Cloak of Levitation immediately rushes to Doctor Strange’s side as the latter and Wong investigate the unexpected visitor. Exhausted and weakened from the landing, Banner simply warned the sorcerers that Thanos is coming. Doctor Strange continued to wear the Cloak when he reunited Banner with Tony Stark and as the two Avengers converse about the Mad Titan. When Stark was leaning on the Cauldron of the Cosmos, the Cloak swiftly swatted him off of the relic.

Cloak tries to rescue Strange

Cloak of Levitation follows Doctor Strange

When Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian both arrived in New York to take the Eye of Agamotto, the Cloak helped Doctor Strange escape after he had been choked out of his consciousness. However, the Cloak flew Strange right under the Q-Ship, which then beamed Strange straight into it, with the cloak attempting to catch him.[3]

Rescue of Doctor Strange

Iron Man & Cloak of Levitation

Cloak of Levitation greets Iron Man

"Hey, we haven't officially met."
Spider-Man to the Cloak of Levitation[src]

Since Doctor Strange was being detained and tortured by Ebony Maw, the Cloak of Levitation silently approached Iron Man, who was observing the scene from above. It tapped on his shoulder to get his attention, prompting Iron Man to aim his repulsors at the Cloak before recognizing it. As Iron Man commented on the Cloak's loyalty, they discovered that Spider-Man had also stowed away on the Q-Ship. Much like Iron Man, the Cloak of Levitation expressed annoyance as Spider-Man explained the reasons of his presence.

AIW Iron Spider Meeting Cloak of Levitation

Cloak of Levitation meets Spider-Man

Spider-Man eventually came up with a plan to rescue Strange, which involved blowing a hole in the ship's hull. This successfully sucked out Ebony Maw into outer space and the Cloak rushed at Strange to prevent him from being aspired as well. However, the Cloak failed to hold him long enough, prompting Spider-Man to intervene. Once Iron Man sealed the hole, the Cloak returned to Strange. On its way, Spider-Man raised his hand to formally introduce himself to the Cloak, but the Cloak simply looked at the hand before going to Strange.[3]

Meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy

Cloak fights Drax

Cloak of Levitation fights Drax the Destroyer

"Die, blanket of death!"
Drax the Destroyer[src]

As Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Spider-Man arrived on Titan, they were attacked by the Guardians of the Galaxy, who believed them to be servants of Thanos. The Cloak of Levitation countered by wrapping itself around Drax the Destroyer's head, keeping from attacking further and incapacitating him long enough for Iron Man to go and threaten to kill Drax. The Cloak then returned to Strange.[3]

Battle of Titan

Spider-Man vs. Thanos

Cloak of Levitation disarms Thanos

"Don't let him close his fist."
Doctor Strange to the Cloak of Levitation[src]

The Cloak of Levitation strongly assisted Doctor Strange during the battle against Thanos on Titan, keeping Strange on balance when he was being pushed back by Thanos' powerful attacks. Strange then ordered the Cloak to wrap itself around the Infinity Gauntlet to keep Thanos from closing his fist and activating the Infinity Stones.

Doctor Strange Duplic. Spell 2

Cloak of Levitation is duplicated

This worked for a while, but Thanos was ultimately able to rip the Cloak off the Gauntlet, and the Cloak returned to Strange once again. Strange then used the levitation's abilities when duplicating himself to trick Thanos. The Cloak of Levitation was destroyed along with Doctor Strange when Thanos snapped away half of all life, turning the Cloak and its owner into dust.[3]

Battle of Earth

Doctor Starnge Endgame Battle 1

Cloak of Levitation helps in the Battle of Earth

When Bruce Banner reversed the effects of the Snap, the Cloak of Levitation was restored when Strange was revived. When Doctor Strange opened a portal back to Earth, the Cloak levitated him through it as they joined the battle. When the assembled heroes charged against Thanos' army, the Cloak assisted Strange in battle by levitating him in the air, allowing him to fight from above.[4]


The Ancient One described the cloak as fickle and, along with Karl Mordo, was surprised when it chose Doctor Strange as its master, suggesting it hasn't chosen a master in a long time or never at all. In addition, it is hinted it only chooses the most capable of wizards as the Ancient One said the Cloak choosing Strange was no minor feat and Mordo told Strange the relics choose their wielder when the wielder is ready.

Despite its negative reputation, it appears to be very affectionate towards Doctor Strange, as seen when it is wiping Stephen's tears away after a sad moment and is also very protective of him, since it saved him from Kaecilius and also assisted him in other battles such as the Battle of Titan. Even when away from Strange, the Cloak displayed humane emotions: it notably shared Iron Man's annoyance when Spider-Man revealed his presence in Ebony Maw's Q-Ship as well as surprise when Spider-Man suggested that he was here because of Iron Man's work with the Iron Spider Armor.


  • In the comics, the Cloak of Levitation was a magical artifact given as a gift by the Ancient One to Doctor Strange after he first defeated Dormammu. He previously used a less powerful blue cloak.

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