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The Second Season of Cloak & Dagger premiered on April 4, 2019 on Freeform.


Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger is the story of Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson — two teenagers from very different backgrounds who find themselves burdened with and awakened to newly acquired superpowers, which are mysteriously linked to one another. Season two turns the heat up on our young heroes as Tyrone and Tandy try to find their place as more active heroes in this world. As they learn and grow emotionally, so will their skills.

In season one, we saw Tandy and Ty dip their toes into the world of hopes and fears; this season, they will dive deeper into this metaphysical pool. With enhanced powers and a decision to be the type of heroes they want to be, they make the choice to run into the danger, head first. They tackle a heartless vigilante and uncover an evil that's been preying on the young women of the city, as the show takes on more serious topics like gang violence and human trafficking.


Eight months after Roxxon Gulf's defeat, Tandy and Tyrone's lives have changed. The former has returned to taking ballet and has an improved relationship with her mother. They attend a domestic abuse support group where Tandy secretly threatens a fellow attendee's abusive spouse, to no avail. Tyrone lives in the abandoned church where he steals money and drugs from drug dealers to help O'Reilly, who is still recuperating from her traumatizing near death experience. She reprimands him, as he is only making things worse for New Orleans; with the gangs now becoming protective and may potentially go to war with one another. Tyrone keeps tabs on his parents and Evita, and meets with Tandy every week to watch movies. When Tandy discovers that Tyrone is conducting vigilante work, she is upset with him for not asking her for help. He later apologizes and the two head to the Rougarou Club to record a meeting with the gang leaders as evidence. However, someone attacks them, and Tandy and Tyrone enter the meeting to discover that everyone has been slaughtered.

O'Reilly arrives at the Rougarou Club, where she demands that Tandy and Tyrone leave. Before doing so, Tyrone spots a symbol left by one of the murdered victims, and learns through Chantelle that it is a veve; a symbol of the voodoo spirituals. Tyrone reveals his powers to Evita, who is upset at his absence, but later forgives him. Tandy gets mad at Mikayla, a woman at the support group, for being attached to her abusive spouse and leaves. Tandy discovers that she is missing and finds comfort in the friendly support leader, Andre Deschaine. Tyrone and Tandy both learn that Mikayla was kidnapped by someone who forced heroin into her body; causing her to be hospitalized. O'Reilly seemingly develops a split personality with a more confidant and violent outlook. She teams up with Tandy to look for the ambulance driver and Tandy uses a new ability to stop him while O'Reilly secretly kills him. Evita teaches Tyrone how to teleport other people with him and finds O'Reilly at home tied up. They both find Tandy and learn that there are two O'Reillys now.

The second O'Reilly, dubbed Mayhem, was split off from the original after being hit with the dark energy combined with the blackout. Angry and confused, Mayhem spends the following months hunting for Connors and coerces Father Delgado to help her after he quit his job and became a homeless drunk. When Connors' trail goes cold, Mayhem decides to look for the string of missing girls in her own violent way. In the present, Tandy, Tyrone, and O'Reilly go to Mina to learn about the recent anomaly. They discover Mayhem's plan to hunt down and kill all of her leads. After a brief encounter in a strip club, Tandy begins to falter as Mayhem is doing more to rescue victims and defeat the criminals. However, after using her hope touch on a rescued girl, she learns that they have no hope. Tyrone gets information on where the girls were to be taken to and he and Tandy find and rescue more kidnapped victims. Mayhem arrives and attempts to kill a young gang member, but Tyrone absorbs her into his cloak. She finds herself in a void, where she re-confronts Fuchs' death.

Tandy convinces Tyrone to have her enter his dark dimension by bringing out one of his fears. While inside, she encounters "That Which Stands at the Crossroads", which takes the form of a young Tyrone and sends her on a spiritual journey. Tandy temporarily gives up her powers, resulting in Tyrone losing his, as she enters a reconstruction of a mall where she encounters Mayhem. Tandy is forced to relive repressed memories of her father's abuse towards her mother while Mayhem finds and attempts to kill a disheveled Connors. The Uptown Block Kings recognize Tyrone and find Adina's address. O'Reilly warns Tyrone as he and his mother flee from the gangs. They take refuge at an abandoned convent, but are found by gang member Solomon, who Tyrone and Adina ultimately talk down as Tyrone had saved him from Mayhem. Tyrone has O'Reilly bring the cops, but they arrive with lethal force for Tyrone. As Adina is taken away, Tandy uses her abilities and has herself and Connors freed. Back at the church, Connors flees as Tandy and Tyrone recover.

As Tyrone searches for Connors, Tandy still continues to focus on the sex trafficking ring. Connors says his time in the other place has made him realize the wrongs of his actions and he deserves jail, but they must take down his influential uncle and his organization to clear Tyrone's name. Taking Connors to Otis, they come up with a plan to retrieve a hidden file of criminal actions hidden by his uncle Senator Asa Henderson. Tyron gains O'Reilly's help who is slowly regaining her self-confidence. Thinking Lia was also a victim, Tandy stages a break up with Tyrone, who unknowingly poses as her abusive boyfriend; offending him into leaving Tandy. Lia opens up about her ex-boyfriend forcing her to become aprostitute, and he now runs a drug ring. Tyrone follows Connors' instructions, but the file isn't there. Teleporting Connors to the church, Tyrone almost kills him until he sees his genuine fear and regret of killing Billy; so he brings him to Adina instead for judgement. Tandy beats up drug dealers and is confronted by Lia. Lia uses a taser on Tandy as an ambulance pulls up, revealing herself as a trafficker.

Lia is revealed to be working for Andre, who has powers that keep sending Tandy's mind into different scenarios; she experiences one where Nathan and Billy never died as everyone attends a celebration when Tyrone becomes a police officer and she's a professional ballerina; one where she works for Roxxon and meets Billy and Tyrone at the rig with their supervisor Mina unimpressed with Nathan Bowen's daughter; and one where she's an addict that cons Liam and his girlfriend Mikayla, and meets Tyrone as a car thief. In each, Tandy and Tyrone activate their powers to support each other. Andre reveals that he tried to kill himself on the night of the Roxxon explosion, when he gained his abilities. Since then, he drains the hopes of the helpless for relief and places their despair in a metaphysical record store. Tandy seemingly escapes as she gets back with Tyrone and O'Reilly to capture Andre and Lia, but Andre shoots and kills Tyrone; revealing it to be an illusion to keep Tandy under. Andre and Lia eventually arrive at the Viking Motel, where they unload Tandy.

Tandy is trapped at the Viking motel and unable to use her powers due to a lack of hope. She is further drugged by her roommate Del, a girl who believes she has been abandoned, when she tries to escape and is grabbed by Lia's minion Bo. Tyrone meets Andre while looking for Tandy, who convinces him that Tandy abandoned him via the record store; which also inspires Andre to go to Chantelle for information on his veve. Mayhem is able to see Andre there, and puts on different records to motivate Tyrone to look for Tandy. Adina is torn between killing Connors for Billy or leaving him alive for Tyrone. She spares him when he tells her where Billy's body is. Chantelle tells Andre he could ascend to a Loa if he unlocked the secret of his veve. Andre then uses the memories of Evita's birth to instill sadness in Chantelle, killing her. Mayhem destroys the records so that Tyrone can rescue Tandy and Del realizes that Lia lied to her; infusing hope within her and giving Tandy her powers back. Tyrone and Tandy fight their way through the hotel and meet, but the former suddenly collapses.

Tyrone begins emitting dark clouds, so Tandy takes him back to the church. O'Reilly and Evita arrive, and the latter opens the door to the Loa dimension for the former and Tandy to go through. Tandy finds herself at an arcade run by Baron Samedi, who has Tyrone trapped playing Duel in D'Spayre, an arcade game. Tandy attempts to help Tyrone beat the game, but she cannot bring herself to finish it and tries to get Tyrone to stop. O'Reilly runs into Mayhem and the two agree to be one again, with the latter taking control every now and then. Evita learns of Chantelle's passing and realizes that she must marry a Loa in order to save her friends. Andre and Lia skip town, but Andre has to drain Lia's energy and abandons her when he figures out his veve. Adina visits Delgado and convinces him to become a priest again so that they can help Tyrone. She confesses that as soon as she got proof of Tyrone's innocence, she killed Connors. Tandy, Tyrone, and a reformed O'Reilly/Mayhem return. Later, Tyrone comforts Tandy after she learned that Melissa has relapsed.

Eight years ago, Andre's jazz career is derailed due to his migraines. When he tries to commit suicide, the Roxxon rig explodes as he slips into the ocean. He awakens in the hospital, where he is tended to by Lia, a nurse, and discovers his powers; which he uses to manipulate her into creating a community support group to heal himself. In the present, Tyrone contacts Solomon to set up a meeting with the rival gangs in New Orleans to look for Andre while Tandy and Mayhem find Lia's unconscious, and humming, body. Tandy and Tyrone go into her mind and pull out some music to "help a friend". Andre catches onto them and announces his plan to become a god by hitting the "blue note". Tandy and Mayhem get into a fight about what to do with Lia, ending with the latter leaving, while Tyrone meets with the gang leaders to get information as well as threaten them against selling in certain areas. Tandy and Tyrone find Andre activating his veve with several people, including Melissa and Mikayla, in attendance. They all disappear as jazz music is heard.

People begin disappearing all over the city and appearing in a trance in a metaphysical club to listen to Andre play his trumpet. As O'Reilly gets a scan about her condition, Mina also disappears. Tyrone and Tandy contact Evita who sets up a portal to the Loa dimension and both go through while Evita guards the candle connecting their entry. O'Reilly arrives to defend Evita from shadow soldiers with one of them looking like Fuchs to throw her off. Tyrone and Tandy make their way to Andre and are thrown into hallucinations where Tyrone battles his "perfect" self and Tandy battles her father. Despite Andre's efforts, Tandy and Tyrone come out victorious and use their powers to defeat Andre, killing him for good and setting everyone free. In the aftermath, Tyrone is cleared of his crimes as Otis and Adina rest easy, Senator Henderson is arrested when his cover-up was exposed, Evita holds a Loa funeral for Andre, Lia is seen picking up garbage with her fellow inmates following her arrest, O'Reilly drops Connors' body off at the police station with a sign that says "guilty" on him, Delgado takes over the abandoned church, and Melissa sees Tandy off as she decides to leave town. Tyrone joins her as the two, using info from O'Reilly, decide to travel together so that they can be heroes.


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Image Title Number Airdate Writers Directors
Restless Energy 2.01 April 4, 2019 Joe Pokaski Jennifer Phang
Now living very different lives, Tyrone and Tandy try to stay under the wire while still honing their powers. After coming to terms with their destiny, the two now find it difficult to just stand by and do nothing while bad things continue to happen throughout the city. Meanwhile, Brigid is struggling from her recovery.
White Lines 2.02 April 4, 2019 Peter Calloway & Niceole R. Levy Jeff Woolnough
Desperate to help, but only finding they cause more problems than solving them, Tyrone and Tandy continue to struggle with their situation. What is the point of having superpowers if you only seem to make things worse?
Shadow Selves 2.03 April 11, 2019 Kate Rorick & Marcus J. Guillory Matt Hastings
After learning about a group of young girls who have gone missing, Tandy and Tyrone look to see if they can find out what has happened to them. As they get further into their investigation, they realize someone else is trying to rescue the girls too, but in her own vigilante justice type of way. Meanwhile, Mina may have discovered a side effect to the big Roxxon leak.
Rabbit Hold 2.04 April 18, 2019 Joy Kecken & J. Holtham Amanda Row
Still on her quest to find out more about the sex trafficking ring, Tandy takes a dangerous trip to find Mayhem, who may have the answers she is looking for. Meanwhile, Tyrone's past actions catch up to him and put Adina in harm's way.
Alignment Chart 2.05 April 25, 2019 Niceole R. Levy & Peter Calloway Rachel Goldberg
Tyrone is faced with a hard decision when presented with an opportunity to clear his name from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Tandy is letting her anger get the best of her as she becomes frustrated with a possible dead end to her investigation into the sex trafficking ring.
B Sides 2.06 May 2, 2019 Kate Rorick & Pornsak Pichetshote Lauren Wolkstein
In her quest to bring down the sex trafficking ring, Tandy finds herself in a difficult and strange situation. Not sure what is going to happen, she always has Tyrone to lean on, no matter what the circumstance.
Vikingtown Sound 2.07 May 9, 2019 Joe Pokaski Joe Pokaski
Adina is pushed to a dangerous edge as she looks to get answers and closure for her two boys. Meanwhile, Tyrone comes in contact with a mysterious figure on his search for Tandy.
Two Player 2.08 May 16, 2019 Kate Rorick & Joy Kecken Jessika Borsiczky
Tandy and Evita must go to great lengths when Tyrone is put in a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Adina looks to someone surprising for help.
Blue Note 2.09 May 23, 2019 Alexandra Kenyon & Peter Calloway Ami Canaan Mann
Tyrone and Tandy turn to questionable allies in their attempt to find and stop the villain behind the trafficking ring. Meanwhile, Tandy learns more about Lia's past.
Level Up 2.10 May 30, 2019 Joe Pokaski Philip John
In the action-packed season finale, Tyrone and Tandy head to the Loa dimension to stop the evil force threatening New Orleans. To finally put an end to it, they must come face to face with their own personal issues that have been holding them back. Meanwhile, Mayhem and Evita do their best to hold off the dangers in the real dimension.



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