"You could always burn the place down if it makes you feel better."
Amy Bendix to Frank Castle[src]

Clive's Photo Studio is the illegal photo studio in New York City owned by Clive where he makes and sells pictures of underage girls. After Clive's confrontation with the Punisher and Amy Bendix, the studio was burned down.


"All right, I take the money up front. Three hundred for my time and the studio, another two hundred for developing. You own the prints and the negatives."
―Clive to Frank Castle[src]

Frank Castle and Amy Bendix visited Clive in his studio where they wanted to develop the pictures of David Schultz. Seeing Castle, Clive immediately refused to let them in shot the door. However, Castle assured him that they were sent by Uncle Teddy and showed him money. Still unsure, Clive still let them in.

The Punisher S2 Trailer 34

Clive being disarmed by the Punisher

Inside, Clive allowed them to use the services of his studio and develop the pictures. However, Castle suddenly punched Clive and said Bendix to use the studio's equipment. She left Castle who stayed to look after Clive while she went to develop the picture. Clive attempted to fight with his shotgun, only to be disarmed and brutally beaten by Castle. He was ready to kill Clive before Bendix convinced him that killing Clive is a borderline, even for him. Castle reluctantly agreed to spare Clive's life and instead, Castle burned down his studio and left.[1]


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