"All right, I take the money up front. Three hundred for my time and the studio, another two hundred for developing. You own the prints and the negatives. No Internet, no trace, no cops. Free to use any of this. I don't judge, so whatever you wanna do."
―Clive to Frank Castle[src]

Clive is the owner of the illegal photo studio in New York City, specialized in sexual photographs of underage girls for profit until an encounter with Amy Bendix and the Punisher led to his studio being burned down.


Encountering the Punisher

"Please, please, he's gonna kill me. Please! Don't kill, I didn't do anything, did I?"
―Clive to Amy Bendix[src]
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"This is not okay!"
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Working with criminal, known as Uncle Teddy, Clive established his own photo studio where he was making sexual photographs of underage girls with a subsequent sale. Due to his illegal business, Clive concerned about his own safety and cut down all communications with the outside world and put a heavy metal door at his studio.


Clive shows his studio to Frank Castle and Amy Bendix

Clive's studio was visited by Frank Castle and Amy Bendix, however, Clive quickly refused to let them in seeing Castle. Castle knocked again and before Clive could refuse again, said that they were sent by Uncle Timmy. Clive then took a careful look at Bendix, admitting her clothes and movement of her heels and then asked Castle to show him the money. Castle did what he asked and Clive decided to let them in.

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Clive is disarmed by the Punisher

Inside the studio, Clive informed his clients that he takes the money up front for service of his studio and developing the pictures. However, he was suddenly punched by Castle who then said Bendix to use Clive's equipment to develop the picture they needed. Bendix then left while Castle stayed to look after Clive. Sitting near the couch, Clive attempted to reach his shotgun and use it, only to be disarmed and brutally beaten by Castle.

Ignoring Clive's cries for mercy, Castle was ready to execute Clive for his pedophilia inclinations. Bendix noted that he did not anything to them and convinced Castle that killing Clive is a bit borderline, even for him. Castle reluctantly agreed to spare Clive's life. But instead, Castle burned down his studio and left while Clive ran outside, gasping of smoke.[1]



  • Shotgun: Clive attempted to use his shotgun to fight against the Punisher. However, Castle easily overpowered him, taking his shotgun and beat Clive with his own weapon.


"That's a heavy door you got there, mister. It'd take a whole army to kick that thing down."
Amy Bendix to Clive[src]





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