"What is this place?"
"Let's hope."
Thor, Tony Stark and Clint Barton[src]

Clint Barton's Homestead is a farmhouse owned by Clint Barton in Missouri. The residence is implied to be very isolated from civilization and located off-the-grid. Combined with Barton's family being kept off the records, this enables him and his wife, Laura Barton, to peacefully live and raise their children here while keeping out of the public eye.


Off the Records

"Fury helped me set this up when I joined. He kept it off S.H.I.E.L.D.’s files."
Clint Barton[src]

When Clint Barton was recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury made sure his family's existence would be kept secret, setting up the farmhouse as a secure, isolated place where they could live in safety, located in Missouri. Its inhabitants include Barton, his wife Laura, and his two children, Cooper and Lila. The only other person to know of this arrangement was Barton's partner and best friend, Natasha Romanoff.[1]

Mighty Visitors

Avengers (Barton's Home)

The Avengers arrive at the "safehouse"

"Honey? I'm home. Hi. Company. Sorry, didn't call ahead."
Clint Barton to Laura Barton[src]

After the Avengers' loss to Ultron, nightmares from Scarlet Witch, and an outbreak of the Hulk, Clint Barton decided to take the team to his home, where they could lay low and collect themselves. Clint landed the Quinjet outside the house, which the team thought was a safe house, as they made their way towards it.

Hi! We're The Avengers

The Avengers discover Clint Barton is married

When they entered, they discovered Clint being greeted by Laura, who was revealed as his wife that they were not aware of. Following this surprise, Cooper and Lila appeared, and Clint hugged his family, while everyone but Natasha Romanoff stood there, shocked. As Clint and Romanoff reunited with the family, Thor exited the house and went off to go find answers for the visions he saw earlier. The Avengers then got changed and each went and did their own thing.


Clint Barton reunites with Laura Barton

Clint talked with his wife, informing her of what had been happening with the team and Ultron, having been the only one not to be affected by Scarlet Witch. They also discussed Romanoff and Bruce Banner's relationship, as well as Clint's place on the Avengers. Clint then went to do some woodworking with his children outside.


Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff talk

As Banner got out of the shower, he found Romanoff waiting in the other room. The two revealed to each other their darkness within them, both seeing themselves as monsters. They then discussed being together and leaving everything behind. However, Banner explained to Romanoff that he could not have a normal life, not like Clint, as he gestured to the home environment.

Steve Rogers & Tony Stark

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark argue

Meanwhile, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers went to chop wood outside as they recovered, where they discussed the future of the team after Scarlet Witch showed them something about their past, future, or dark side. When they started arguing, they were interrupted by Laura who asked if Stark could fix their tractor, so he left Rogers to help her.


Nick Fury talks to Tony Stark in the barn

Stark entered the barn, but was greeted by Fury, who had been called by Maria Hill. Fury and Stark discussed the latter's actions in creating artificial intelligence. Stark revealed how he was shown the death of the Avengers and how he would be responsible for it.


Nick Fury motivates the Avengers

That night, Fury talked with the Avengers, discussing the ongoing events, and how the Avengers needed to act to achieve victory. They were able to realize Ultron's plan, and the team headed out to stop him. Clint promised Laura that this would be his final mission, and the flew away in the Quinjet.


Clint Barton returns home to his family

After Ultron's defeat, Barton retired from the Avengers and went to be with his family, now with a new member being born shortly after.[1] When Clint went to assist Captain America in 2016 and was imprisoned and eventually freed from the Raft[2], Clint decided to make a deal with the government to be put under house arrest, so he could be with his family, rather than a prison.[3]

The Snap


Clint Barton training Lila Barton in archery

In 2018, the Bartons were having a picnic outside their home, as Clint Barton was still under house arrest. As Laura prepared their lunch, Cooper and Nathaniel played catch while Clint trained Lila in archery. When Lila hit a bullseye, they were called for lunch, but when Clint called for his daughter, she had mysteriously disappeared. When he then turned to his family, he saw that they were gone too. Clint desperately tried to call out to them, to no success. This disappearance was due to the Snap that had been carried out by Thanos after obtaining all the Infinity Stones.[4]

Testing Time Travel


Clint Barton at his homestead in the past

Five years later, when the Avengers figured out a way to bring everyone back through traveling through the Quantum Realm, Clint Barton volunteered to test this first. When he was transported through the Quantum Realm, he arrived in the barn at his homestead, before the Snap. Clint made his way to the house, where he got emotional at being back there. He then overheard Lila arguing with Cooper, prompting him to try and see his daughter again. However, Barton was brought back to the present seconds before he could.[4]

Family Reunited

Clint Laura Kiss

Clint and Laura Barton kiss as they reunite

The Avengers reversed the affects of the Snap causing the Bartons who died to reappear where they disappeared. Confused on what had happened or where Clint Barton was, Laura called him. After assisting in the Battle of Earth, Clint returned home in a Quinjet where he was happily greeted by his children who hugged him on arrival. Laura then followed, and the two embraced each other, finally back together again. With his family alive and safe, Clint went back into retirement.[4]


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