"Hey hold on, you sure I can't get you anything else? You know I got it all man, bondage, back door, grannies. Or maybe you're in the market for something younger? She's barely twelve, guaranteed. Haha, you like that huh? For a hundred bucks she's all yours."
―Clint to Frank Castle[src]

Clint was the owner of a black market pawn shop in New York City. Clint's shop dealt various illegal materials, including child pornography and police radios. When Clint offered the wrong man the wrong deal, he was murdered by the Punisher.


Fatal Offer

Encountering the Punisher

"What the hell are you doing? Hey man, just take it easy. I'm just trying to make a buck!"
―Clint to Frank Castle [src]

While working in his own pawn shop, Clint bought a clearly stolen woman's handbag from a meth-addict. His next customer to walk into the shop was Frank Castle, who requested police radios. Although Clint was initially suspicious that Castle was a cop, he relented and offered the radios to him, admitting that they were stolen from the New York City Police Department. Castle then demanded the shells to Clint's shotgun which Clint agreed to before Castle took the items and began leaving.

Seeking to make a better deal, Clint offered Castle some child pornography, at which point a disgusted Castle locked the door of the shop. Believing he was going to make a sale Clint laughed, but his smile soon faded as Castle silently finished his coffee and grabbed a baseball bat. Despite Clint trying to reason with Castle, the Punisher would not listen and instead used the bat to beat Clint to death, crushing his skull.[1]


"What do I look like? Radio Shack? Anyway dealing in this shit is illegal!"
―Clint to Frank Castle[src]
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