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"You caused an incursion, and we're gonna fix it. Unless you're afraid."
―Clea to Doctor Strange[src]

Clea is a sorceress and goddess from the Dark Dimension and the niece of Dormammu,[1] who came to Earth to enlist Doctor Strange's help.


Saving her Dimension

Enlisting Doctor Strange's Help

"Doctor Strange?"
"Can I help you?"
―Clea and Stephen Strange[src]

Clea asks Doctor Strange for help

After learning of an incursion happening, that had been caused by Doctor Strange, Clea travelled to Earth and arrived in New York City. She found Strange walking on a sidewalk and stopped him, informing him that his recent actions with the Multiverse had caused an incursion, and now they both had to fix it.

Clea and Doctor Strange travel to the Dark Dimension

Clea then used her magic device to slice open a portal to the Dark Dimension, causing nearby people to run away in fear. As she prepared to re-enter her dimension, Clea asked Strange if he was afraid to come with her. Strange then donned his signature suit and Cloak of Levitation, as well as opening his third eye, and walked to her. Clea then jumped through the portal with Strange at her side to save her dimension.[2]


  • Magic: Clea is a powerful sorceress, capable of incredible feats of magic.
    • Portal Creation:

      Clea opening a portal to the Dark Dimension

      Clea can create portals to other dimensions in the Multiverse, including the Dark Dimension.
      • Dimensional Travel: Clea can travel through dimensions using the portals she creates.





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