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"See, thing is, son, you're not at war anymore. Maybe real life is more complicated. But it's not a fight. You still gotta get up every day try and live your life like a regular person."
―Clay Wilson to Lewis Wilson[src]

Clay Wilson is the father of the unstable veteran Lewis Wilson.


Helping his Son

Near Death Incident

Wilson attempting to comfort Lewis Wilson

Wilson returned home; walking through the house, he called out to his son to check on. Reaching the steps to the basement bedroom, Wilson was almost killed, a round hitting the wall inches from his person. Quickly, Wilson embraced Lewis and tried to comfort him, repeatedly reassuring him that everything was okay. He was, however, pushed away, Lewis rejecting that the situation was fine and viewing himself a hazard to his father.[1]

Skeptical Return

Wilson attempting to give Lewis Wilson a hug

"You're smart. You're a good boy. You can do anything you set your mind to. Accomplish anything."
"I've done things, Dad. Things that you don't know about."
"You didn't do anything you weren't told to do. You fought their war, you took your licks. Now, you gotta fight for yourself."
―Clay Wilson and Lewis Wilson[src]

Wilson noticed Lewis Wilson return home one morning, commented on the lack of a shirt. Concerned, he offered his son coffee to warm himself and spoke of his own condition from moments ago; Wilson eventually left Lewis to return to the basement. Later that night, the two watched an old video of a boxing match between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali where Clay talked about it.[2]


"You're a damn hero as far as I'm concerned."
―Clay Wilson to Lewis Wilson[src]

Clay Wilson was a caring and loving father, whom often worried about the deteriorating conditions of his veteran son Lewis Wilson.







  • In the comics, Clay Wilson was super-villain turned superhero Force. Wilson was hired by Justin Hammer as a professional criminal and primarily fought Iron Man. Wilson legally changes his name to Carl Walker and starts working for the Pentagon.



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