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"I've seen a man, a blind man who can see... because his other senses are so amplified. And this other man who survived a shotgun blast to his head and recovered from a brain hemorrhage in a few hours! And they both needed my help. I think that's what I want to do. Is to help people with abilities."
―Claire Temple to Soledad Temple[src]

Claire Temple is a former night shift nurse who worked at Metro-General Hospital and took care of Matt Murdock whenever he was injured during his missions as Daredevil. Meeting Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Temple assisted them medically as they dealt with Kilgrave. However, in the aftermath of a battle against the Hand, Temple was forced to reevaluate her place in the city, choosing to leave Metro-General and return to Harlem, where she came back into contact with Cage. Developing friendship with Cage, Temple became a valuable ally when he went against two crime lords, Cottonmouth and Diamondback, helping him survive a near fatal wound while also reconnecting with his past before Cage was sent back to jail, with Temple promising to wait for him to get back out.

While learning martial arts taught by Colleen Wing, Temple was introduced to Danny Rand. She assisted Rand and Wing in their conflict with the Hand and Harold Meachum. All of Temple's own experiences with the Hand led to Temple bringing together all her powered allies to form the Defenders to bring down the ancient organization with Temple's assistance. While the Hand was finally defeated by the Defenders' actions, Temple was forced to watch as Daredevil was seemingly killed in their final battle.

In the aftermath of the Destruction of Midland Circle, Temple and Cage moved in together, although their relationship became strained due to his duties as Harlem's vigilante. While attempting to have Cage reconcile with his father, James Lucas, a heated argument broke out between them over his anger. When Cage punched a wall in her apartment building during the argument, Temple kicked him out of her apartment and moved back to her mother.


Early Life

Night-Shift Nurse

"I'm a nurse. Work the ER at Metro-General. A few weeks ago, cops bring in three men. Said they were robbing tourists, beating them up pretty bad. Apparently, a man in a black mask took issue with their activities and decided to step in. I counted nine broken bones between them. A few days after that, EMTs bring in a 19-year-old waitress, said some guy she knew waited for her after work in the parking lot, attacked her... tried to drag her in the alley. She said she screamed and screamed, and a man in a black mask heard her and he saved her life. So, yeah, word's getting around."
―Claire Temple[src]

Claire Temple worked as a night-shift nurse in Metro-General Hospital. She was present when three men entered Metro-General Hospital with nine broken bones between them; police later informed her that the men had been attacking and stealing money from tourists until a masked man had stopped them. She later treated a nineteen year old girl who had been attacked and almost raped by a man, only for a man in a black mask to save her.[6]

Meeting Daredevil

Saving a Hero

Temple discovers the wounded Masked Man

"Who are you?"
"I'm the lucky girl who pulled you out of the garbage."
Masked Man and Claire Temple[src]

Temple, on her night off work, was told by Santino that there was a man with a black mask in the dumpster outside their apartment building. Temple and Santino ran out to investigate and when Temple looked at the man, she recognized him as the man she had been hearing about who had been attacking criminals and protecting innocent people. Temple made a snap decision to bring the man into her home for treatment without calling an ambulance.

Temple learns the masked man is blind

They brought the man inside her apartment where, after she told Santino to go home and not tell anyone, she worked on his wounds, discovering multiple fractured ribs and possible stab wounds in his side. The most alarming thing that Temple discovered was that the man's eyes did not react to light, meaning that he had been blinded. When Temple attempted to call the authorities, the man stopped her, saying that those who beat him would destroy a hospital to kill him. Temple believed him and yielded, although she remained confused as to why the man was not reacting to not being able to see, when the man attempted to leave her apartment he collapsed.[6]

Treating the Masked Man

Temple speaking with the Masked Man

"I really wouldn't try to move too much, you've got two or three broken ribs, probable concussion, some kind of puncture wound and that's just the stuff that I know about, and your eyes, they're unresponsive to light which isn't freaking you the hell out so either you're blind or in way worse shape than I thought."
―Claire Temple to the Masked Man[src]

While the Masked Man slept, Temple continued to treat his wounds until he awoke on her sofa, confused and disorientated over what had happened and where he was. Temple explained what had happened and the man realized that she had seen his face, much to his horror, Temple told him that his outfit sucked and questioned him over his blindness, which he refused to answer. She said that she did not wish to have anyone die on her sofa that night and the man questioned why she helped him, which she refused to answer. The man asked her name, which she gave, although the man did not tell her his so she called him Mike, after he ex-boyfriend who also happenned to be very good at keeping secrets too. Just before he fell asleep, Mike thanked her for her help.

Temple saves the Masked Man's life

Later that evening, Mike awoke with a start as he could no longer breathe, Temple had to save the man from dying from his collapsing lung caused by trapped air, Temple was able to use a syringe to relieve the pressure from his lungs. Fearing jail time if the man died, Temple demanded that the man convince her that she needed to help him by revealing what happened; he told her that he was trying to save a boy who was kidnapped by the Ranskahov brothers and used as bait to get him killed and he barely escaped without saving the boy. When Temple questioned how a blind man could cause so much trouble for the mob, he assured her there were other ways to see.[6]

Torturing the Russian

Temple speaks to Semyon

"Try stabbing him in his trigeminal nerve."
"Where is it?"
"Go in through here, right above the eye, that's the super orbital foramen, you want to go in right under there."
―Claire Temple and Masked Man[src]

As they were speaking the man smelled an incoming Russian thug and grabbed a knife in order to defend himself and Temple; however, she convinced him to let her speak to him first. Temple answered the door when the Russian knocked while the man hid behind a wall, the thug pretended to be a police officer searching for a robbery suspect who had been wearing all black. Temple told him that she did not know anything, but the thug did not believe her; she witnessed the masked man drop a fire extinguisher on his head as he attempted to escape and call for reinforcements.

Temple demands to know more about the man

Temple and Mike took the thug up to the roof of the building, although they were spotted by Santino who hid in his apartment after seeing the violence. Once on the roof, the man tied up the thug and spoke to Temple; she asked if the man could hear them but the man insisted that he was unconscious, although he did not check his pulse but seemingly listened to hear if he was awake. This proved to be Temple's breaking point and she demanded to learn how the man could do the things he could do and why she should put her trust in him, but Mike turned the question to her and asked why she helped him. Temple told Mike about the stories she had heard while working at the hospital about him and that she wanted to believe in what he was doing, he told her they would not let the villains win.

Temple helps torture Semyon

When the thug woke, Temple, with her face covered by a mask, watched as "Mike" interrogated the thug for the whereabouts of the missing boy. When the thug became sadistic and refused to answer, telling them that the boy would be sold, Temple offered advice on how to stab the thug in the most painful place to get him to talk, which caused him to scream in agony. The Russian eventually talked and revealed the location of the boy when "Mike" threatened to throw him from the roof; "Mike" ultimately did, but he landed in the dumpster. Temple was told to leave her apartment and relocate; she told "Mike" she would be staying at her coworker's apartment and gave him the address in case he needed her to mend more wounds after his next fight.[6]

Late Night Treatment

Temple treats Murdock's new wounds

"You really need to get some kind of body armor or something."
"It would slow me down too much."
"So will a bullet."
―Claire Temple and Mike[src]

Days later, while staying at her friend's apartment, Temple was stitching Mike's wounds again after he had had a fight with the Russian mob. She told him that the Russian thug he had thrown off the roof was now in a coma; he did not react. She recommended that Mike get himself some body armor to protect himself, but he insisted that it would slow him down too much and that she should not worry about him. Temple was cat-sitting for her friend despite being allergic to cats. Mike asked Temple to put her phone number into a burner cellphone so he could call her whenever he needed treatment. They went on to discuss Wilson Fisk, who could be running the entire criminal organization.[2]


Temple is kidnapped by the Russian mob

"This gives me no pleasure, it really doesn't. But I have been given a job to do so please, answer the questions that I was told to ask. Or I will begin breaking you, a piece at a time."
"You want to know his name? Ask him yourself."
Sergei and Claire Temple[src]

Temple continued to look after her friend's cat, although she remained suspicious of any sound she overheard in the night. What she was unaware of was that at her former apartment, two Russian thugs had beaten Santino and threatened his mother until he revealed Temple's current location. When they arrived to abduct Temple, she had enough time to call "Mike" but was taken before she could talk. Temple was dragged outside, thrown into a taxi, and driven away to the Russian's base at Veles Taxi.

Temple is tortured by Sergei

In the Veles Taxi repair shop, the leader of the thugs, Sergei, constantly threatened Temple with an aluminum bat, demanding that she reveal the masked man's name; she repeatedly told them that she did not know it; when the man attempted to kill her, one of the guards reminding him of Vladimir Ranskahov's orders for her to remain alive until she gave up the information. Suddenly the lights of the garage went out; Temple laughed loudly, knowing that the masked man had arrived. Hiding as the Russians shot their guns seeking the masked man, Temple freed herself; however, before she could escape, Sergei held her captive. Once the masked man knocked out the guards and freed her from Sergei's grasp; Temple then hit Sergei in the head with his bat, then broke down due to the horror of what she went through with the masked man comforting her.

Temple is rescued by Matt Murdock

The masked man then took Temple back to his apartment and helped with her wounds, explaining that he helped his boxer father with his wounds. Mike apologized for putting her life in jeopardy as he never intended to put anyone else at risk. She assured him that it was her choice to pull him out of the dumpster and that he was making a difference in Hell's Kitchen, although he made it clear he did not have an end goal but was simply trying to make his city a better place. Temple allowed Mike to feel her heart, the beat of which told him she was scared but she believed he could do something to help them. The masked man then told her that his real name was Matthew.[2]

Advising Murdock

Matt Murdock treats Temple's wounds

"I just don't think I can let myself fall in love with someone who's so damn close to becoming what he hates."
―Claire Temple[src]

Temple stayed the night at Matt Murdock's Apartment and had a shower the next morning, examining her bruises in the mirror. While she spoke to Murdock they joked about whether he was a billionaire superhero like Tony Stark, but he told her he was a lawyer. As Murdock restitched an open wound on her back, he explained to her how he viewed the world, describing the sensation as having more than five senses giving him an imprecision of the world which he compared to a world on fire. He told her to stay at his apartment for her own safety before kissing her, which she returned. They later discussed how Murdock planned to stop the mob and he told her he would aim for Wilson Fisk, Temple told him Vladimir Ranskahov's name, noting the Russians were clearly scared of him.

Temple tries to stop Murdock from leaving

Temple later read to Murdock text messages that were in a cell phone he got from a police detective who worked for Wilson Fisk; the text were different addresses of the warehouses that the Russians used. Murdock told Temple that he was going after Vladimir Ranskahov and he would do whatever it took to stop him; Temple questioned his plans and endgame and they debated if he was doing what needed to be done for the city but losing his own humanity at the same time. Temple told him that she was uneasy loving someone so close to becoming what he hates and so willing to put his own life in jeopardy. Murdock put on his mask and left nonetheless, much to Temple's distress.[7]

Hell's Kitchen Burns

Temple works at the hospital

"What are you doing here? I heard you were in a car accident and since when do you drive?"
"I made a very bad decision."
Shirley Benson and Claire Temple[src]

Temple left Matt Murdock's Apartment and shortly afterwards came back to work to help victims of a series of explosions across Hell's Kitchen. Temple ran to the aid of Foggy Nelson and Karen Page who came into the hospital with Elena Cardenas, who had received a bad head injury in the explosion. While Temple and a team of nurses treated Cardenas, Shirley Benson came over and questioned why Temple was at work as she believed she had been in a car accident.[8]

Assisting by Phone

Temple speaks to Daredevil on the phone

"You're going to cauterise the wound."
"Shouldn't I take the bullet out first?"
"Remember what I said about this not being the movies? You cut him open and start digging around you'll kill him, this way at least he has a chance of not bleeding out before you get what you need out of him and it'll hurt like a son of a bitch, so bonus."
―Claire Temple and Masked Man[src]

Temple received a phone call from Matt Murdock who assured her he was not responsible for the explosions but he did not believe she had to worry about the Russians anymore. He told her he needed her help to treat Vladimir Ranskahov, who'd been shot by corrupt police officers; although she was initially disgusted by the idea of helping the man who had had her beaten up, he convinced her the information he had was too important. She told him how to cauterize the wound using a flare, taking pleasure in the pain it caused Ranskahov; once Ranskahov was stable, Murdock hung up the phone.

Temple watches the news

When a news report came in claiming that the Man in the Mask had seemingly shot several police officers after causing the explosions and fighting police officers, Temple watched confused and phoned Murdock to learn what was happening. Murdock assured her that it was all caused by Wilson Fisk, before telling her that she was right about what she had told him earlier that night although he insisted that he only wanted to keep her safe. Before hanging up the phone, Murdock simply told her that there was a chance they would not speak again and told her to take care of herself, leaving Temple confused and unaware of his fate. Murdock survived the night, escaping the police, however, Vladimir Ranskahov was shot and killed, leaving Temple safe once again from the Russian mob.[8]

Still Helping

Called by Foggy Nelson

"She was hot, by the way."
Foggy Nelson to Matt Murdock[src]

Foggy Nelson called Temple to come and treat Matt Murdock after Nelson unmasked the very injured and bloodied Murdock following his Duel at Pier 81; Murdock would not allow Nelson to take him to a hospital and insisted he call Temple for help. Once Murdock was stable and his wound had been repaired, Temple revealed to Nelson that she knew Murdock was the masked vigilante, to Nelson's surprise and anger. When Murdock found that he had stitches, Nelson told him that Temple had come as he did not remember.[5]

Fixing the Stitches

Temple restitches Murdock's wounds

"I'll always be there when you really need me to patch you up."
―Claire Temple to Matt Murdock[src]

Temple returned to Matt Murdock's Apartment to repair one of his cuts when he had ripped one of his stitched wounds while testing his range of movement. She asked if he was alright; Murdock knew the double meaning of her question, since they had previously discussed his arguments with Foggy Nelson. Temple advised him not to move at all so he could heal but Murdock told her he meditated as it helped with pain and allowed him to heal faster; she once again advised him to either slow down or get some kind of body armor. He told her that he had discovered Wilson Fisk wore some kind of light and thin body armor that had protected him from knife attacks.

Temple speaks to Matt Murdock

As she prepared to leave, Temple revealed that she was planning on leaving the city for a short while; when Murdock asked how long she would be gone, she teased him by asking if he would miss her. Temple spoke to him about the night that Hell's Kitchen exploded, telling him that she did not expect to see him alive again and they discussed how they could never have a relationship as Murdock would never stop fighting crime. She told him she believed he was created by this city and he apologized for dragging her back into his life. As Temple left his apartment she promised to always be there to patch him up before comparing him to a martyr, noting that martyrs always ended up bloody and alone.[9]

Treating Turk Barrett

Temple speaks to Jessica Jones

"What the hell happened here?"
"He just started pulling at his arm, he said he has to leave."
"Dude, not cool!"
―Claire Temple and Jessica Jones[src]

Temple was tasked with caring for Turk Barrett after he was badly injured during a fight with Daredevil. Temple went into his room and found Jessica Jones speaking to him as Barrett seemed to be trying to leave his bed and with his I.V. drip pulled from his arm. When Temple asked what was happening Jones claimed that Barrett had pulled out his I.V. and tried to leave, causing Temple to berate him for it.[10]

Saving Luke Cage

Temple attempts to treat Luke Cage

"Help me or get out of my way."
"You don't scare me, and you're not my first."
Jessica Jones and Claire Temple[src]

Temple was evicted from her apartment by her landlord when she discovered that she had been using it to help bandage up Daredevil, however, she quickly found a new place. Sometime later Temple was working at Metro-General Hospital when she noticed doctors were having trouble operating on a man named Luke Cage who had been brought in with massive head trauma. As she tried herself to give Cage an injection she found it impossible as the needle was unable to penetrate his skin and concluded that he was enhanced.

Temple and Jessica Jones move Cage away

The woman who accompanied Cage, Jessica Jones, told Temple to help him but she told her she could not. Jones then attempted to get Cage out of the hospital when she noticed the police searching for him, with Jones promising her that Cage was a good man. She then observed her lift Cage with incredible ease she then asked Temple to help her or get out of her way. Temple, against her better judgment, assisted Jones and helped her and Cage escape from the hospital and avoid the police. While in the elevator they discussed where to take Cage with Jones telling her that her apartment was closer.

Jessica Jones gives Temple her address

When she noticed Jones appeared guilty, she told her to stop as it would not help Cage's situation. Jones said she did not and that it was not her fault, Temple then said that it was too bad claiming that she personally wanted everything to be her fault as it made her feel that she had some type of control of the situation and could help people using their situation as an example. Jones responded to this by sarcastically saying the situation was Temple's fault. When a nurse named Ellie Chung told Jones a call was waiting for her she told Temple to take Cage back to her apartment.

Temple injects Luke Cage in the eye

At Jessica Jones' apartment, Temple tended to Luke Cage's injuries. Suddenly, Cage began to have a seizure. Jones arrived home at this moment and Temple told her to hold his head still as she inserted a needle into his eye to drain the cerebral spinal fluid from his brain, successfully stabilizing him. Temple told Jones to keep eye around Cage's head to prevent swelling and he should be fine.

Temple tends to Jessica Jones wound

She was about to leave when she noticed a cut on Jones leg that she had received while escaping from Kilgrave. As Temple tended to Jones' cut, Jones told her about how it was her duty to kill Kilgrave; Temple proceeded to tell her about Daredevil and the similarities between the two in terms of doing the right thing and proposed reaching out to him to help her, only for Jones to refuse, not wanting to risk anyone else to get hurt by Kilgrave. Later, Jones found Kilgrave's location and went to confront him. Before leaving, she asked Temple to watch over Cage, to which she reluctantly agreed.

Temple meets Malcolm Ducasse

While watching over Cage, Temple encountered Jones' neighbor Malcolm Ducasse. The two discussed their mutual need to run into "special" situations and their need to help people. Ducasse then offered to watch over Cage while she got some rest to which she agreed; however, before going to lay down she asked Ducasse if he was Kilgrave only for Ducasse to insult him, assuring her.

Temple speaks to Luke Cage

Eventually Cage woke up and Temple told him about how Jones managed to kill Kilgrave but was now under the process of being arrested. As Cage got up determined to save her, Temple advised him against it and told him that he and Jones make a good couple and he should be glad that he has someone to care about him. Cage agreed and asked for a glass of water; however, when Temple returned with the glass, she discovered that Cage had already left. Unsurprised, Temple sipped the water.[11] Because her helping of Cage, Temple got an especially long shift.[12]

Nurse at War

A Mutual Friend

Temple is encountered by Nelson

"I believe in what he's doing; I believe the city needs him. But the truth is, I can't help anymore. I've got this shift from hell 'cause I helped another friend trying to do good. Big guy. Stronger than our friend. And yet I'm the one who got the shaft. I'm just trying to keep my head down, do my job, stay sane."
―Claire Temple to Foggy Nelson[src]

Temple continued working at Metro-General Hospital at the time many criminals were injured by Daredevil and by gunshots. Temple was working for days to help the injured. One day, Foggy Nelson visited her at work and asked if she had seen Matt Murdock who had disappeared following his fight with Frank Castle. She told him she had not seen him in a long time and she preferred not to take care of him anymore.

Temple and Nelson help a wounded patient

She asked Nelson to help her treat a wounded patient. She explained that although she believed Murdock was doing the right thing, after the meeting with Luke Cage, she preferred not to help him anymore and focus on her job. Nelson said he was worried about him, but Temple tried to relax him by saying Murdock could take care of himself. Nelson said that many of the criminals were injured by the same person Murdock was up against. Suddenly, two criminals started a fight. Temple tried to calm them down, but they did not listen. Only after Nelson talked them down, they stopped.

Temple checks the medical records of Matt Murdock for Foggy Nelson

Temple decided to help Nelson and checked if Murdock was treated in hospitals in the city, but the records showed he was not. Nelson was upset, but Temple ensured him he would be fine. She flattered Nelson about the way he handled the criminals. She told him that the relationship with Murdock would be different. Nelson said to her that Murdock had made a mistake when he let her go, but Temple asked him what made him think he did. She waved and returned to work.[12]

Encountering the Hand

Temple treats all of Brett Mahoney patients

Brett Mahoney brought Daniel Gibson and those found with him at the Farm to Metro-General Hospital. Following Daredevil's advice, he spoke to Temple, asking her to take in the patients without formally checking them in. Temple brought the victims to a wing of the hospital that was under renovation. She and a team of nurses, including her friend Louisa Delgado, attending to the patients, who were still unconscious. While trying to bring down their fevers, Temple noticed that their fingerprints had been burned off.

Temple encounters Murdock

As she left the room, she was surprised by Matt Murdock. He explained that Nobu Yoshioka, whom he thought was dead, had abducted the patients and was draining them of their blood. He warned Temple that Yoshioka's men might return to try to take the patients back, but assured her that he was going to be protecting the hospital. Murdock left suddenly, telling her that the Punisher had just escaped.

Temple shows Stan Gibson that his son, Daniel, has woken up

Temple was attending to Daniel Gibson when he awoke. She let his father, Stan Gibson, have a moment with his son. She went to a vending machine and got two cups of coffee, and went looking for Murdock.

Temple finds Murdock suiting up on the roof

She found him on the roof, wearing his body armor, ready to protect the hospital. She told him that Daniel Gibson was awake, and that all the patients had unidentifiable organic substances in their blood, leading them to think that Yoshioka was incubating something in their bloodstream and then draining it at will.

Temple warns Murdock about abandoning his friends

She tried to convince him to visit Foggy Nelson, who was in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound, but Murdock told her that he had to separate himself from his friends or risk endangering them further. She warned him that he was isolating himself from the very thing he was trying to protect before leaving him on the roof.

Temple looks in horror at the awoken children

As she made her way back to her patients, alarm klaxons began to blare. She found the patients standing over the dead body of Stan Gibson. In shock, she ran off to get help.[13]

Temple witnesses the Hand kill Delgado

She returned with hospital police, telling them that one of the patients killed his father with a scalpel. Once they reached the patients, they were attacked by ninjas. Delgado was killed in the attack.

Temple helps Daredevil fight the Hand

Daredevil arrived and saved Temple, while she was forced to knock one of the ninja's out of a window to his death in self defense, but was unable to prevent the ninjas from escaping with all the patients. Afterwards, Murdock explained to her that they had been attacked by the Hand, and gave her his condolences on the loss of her friend. Temple warned him that he appeared unable to handle the situation alone. He received a phone call and left abruptly.[14]

Quitting Metro-General

Temple studies an autopsy of a Hand ninja

Shirley Benson defended Temple to a hospital administrator, who was furious that five patients had been brought into Metro-General Hospital without being formally checked in. A medical examiner began the autopsy of a dead Hand ninja. Temple was stunned to notice a Y-incision on his torso, which made it seem as if he had already undergone an autopsy. Temple thought they should report this to the coroner, but the administrator ordered the autopsy stopped and warned all present not to speak about it.

Temple quits Metro-General Hospital

Later, Benson left a meeting with the administrators to tell Temple that she still had her job, but that this was her last chance. But when Benson told her that the hospital was going to report that Louisa Delgado had been killed by a junkie, Temple was furious. She burst into the meeting, telling the administrators that she couldn't be a part of the cover-up, and quit.

Temple talks to Nelson about Murdock

Leaving the hospital, she was met by Foggy Nelson, who had just been discharged. They got into the same elevator. She told him that she had quit, and that their mutual friend would have to seek medical attention elsewhere the next time he was hurt. She explained that the hospital was trying to keep the incident the previous night quiet, as if it never happened. As the elevator doors closed, Nelson asked what had happened.[14]

Back to Harlem

Catching up with Mother

Temple returns to Harlem

In the wake of the events at Metro-General Hospital, Temple went back to her hometown of Harlem. While she was admiring the sights of her old home, her purse got snatched by a robber. Rather than let it slide, she chased after him and caught him under a bridge. She fought him until he fell to the ground, writhing in pain, and took her purse back. Afterwards, she continued to her destination.

Claire meets up with her mother

Temple entered the diner, where her mother, Soledad Temple, worked at, taking note that her daughter was late. Temple stated that she was robbed and had to fight back. Her mother began to worry, but Temple noted that she grew up in Harlem and you had to fight back. Her mother stated that things have changed in Harlem, but Temple stated it was happening everywhere. Her mother asked if that was why she came back, but she stated that it was until things started to make sense.

Temple tells her mom about the Hand taking over Metro-General Hospital

Temple sat at one of the tables, where she was teasing her mom for being superstitious by playing with the salt shaker. Temple, then, admitted that she is starting to believe in more of a middle ground, as she described the events at the Hospital when the Hand took over and she almost did an autopsy for one of the ninjas who had a huge Y-shaped scar on his chest. She, then, described how her friend got killed by one of the ninjas and that the hospital wanted to cover it up, revealing that she quit. Her mom stated that she was glad that she came home and Temple revealed that she had to, describing how Metro made sure she wouldn't work anywhere else in New York.

Claire tells her mom she wants to help powered people

Her mom asked what would make her happy, Temple told her about saving Daredevil and Luke Cage and their unique abilities, stating that she wants to help powered people. Her mom reminded her that the world was no longer what it used to be after the Battle of New York, but that Temple has, somehow, got involved. She asked her what that means to her, when Temple called it bad luck, her mom stated that it was fate.

Temple shows her mother Luke Cage

Later, Temple was looking in a medical book, when she looked up at the television. The news was on, doing a segment of Luke Cage and his survival and rescue at Genghis Connie's. She stopped her mom to show her one of the people that she was talking about; her mom stated that he looks like trouble, noting that he reminded her of Temple's father. A man approached, looking at the news, and pointed out how Cage lives at Pop's Barber Shop and that he was a hero.[15]

Reunion at the Diner

Temple greeting Luke Cage and Bobby Fish

Claire was summoned by her mother, who was irked that she didn't text her. When she asked what she wanted, she pointed out to Cage, who was eating lunch with Fish. Surprised, she approached him and asked him if he remembered when Jones brought him to Metro-General Hospital. It took a while, but he then remembered who she was, greeting her. Fish, then, greeted her, complimenting her beauty, and leaving the two of them alone.

Temple discussing all of Luke Cage's powers

Temple accepted a seat from Cage and they both paused in awkward silence. Cage started the conversation, claiming that Temple didn't have to do what she did for him; however, Temple claimed that all she wanted to know was whether he was ok, reminding him of the shotgun blast. Cage thought that meant that he was a freak, but she stated that it meant that he was amazing.

Temple watches Luke Cage while he leaves

Cage, however, claimed that he wanted to be normal, just like everyone else, but Temple asked why he should hide it, if he was not going to use his gifts. Cage, filled with uncertainty, paid his tab and left. Temple looked on, with her mother wondering what happened, then she got up and followed him.[16]

Assassination of Rafael Scarfe

Temple and Luke Cage find Rafael Scarfe

As she continued to follow Luke Cage down the streets, he claimed he lived in New York to hide. However, she noted that surviving a falling building and thousands of bullets would cause a lot of attention. He finally entered his apartment, but becomes surprised that the door was unlocked. They began to follow a trail of blood and, eventually, found Rafael Scarfe bleeding on the floor in the back room.

Temple operates on Rafael Scarfe

He demanded no cops, not even his partner, Misty Knight, claiming that he wanted Cage's help because he was the only one who didn't trust him. Temple, then, suggested a hospital, but Scarfe refused that as well, claiming he would be killed, stating just like how they found Chico. Temple requested that Cage put him on one of the barber chairs so she can operate on him. As she looked at his wounds, she noted some very deep bullet holes.

Temple pulls out a bullet from Scarfe's thigh

They continued to heal Scarfe, as he laid bleeding on the barber chair. She revealed that she could remove the bullet from his thigh, however, the side could be worst, due to internal bleeding. As Temple removed the bullet from Scarfe's thigh, he requested to hide in Pop's Barber Shop, but Cage denied; he then, under a lot of pain, revealed that he worked for Cottonmouth and was shot by him.

Temple convinces Cage to not kill Scarfe

Cage, still unconvinced that he was trustworthy, asked what happened to Chico, noting that he mentioned his name while he was passed out. After hesitating a bit, he finally revealed that he killed him. Enraged, Cage began to choke him, however, Temple insisted that he was not a killer. Heeding her words, Cage took his hands off of Scarfe's neck and suggested leaving Scarfe to die at the Barber Shop, with Temple tagging along as they left.

Temple and Cage hears about the notes

However, Scarfe begged for his protection, noting that he was, indeed corrupt. But he revealed that cottonmouth was worst and he has evidence that could put him to jail. This caused them to stop. He revealed that in his apartment, he kept notes about every crime that was covered up, all the bodies that were disposed of at Spurlock's and the names of every cop on Cottonmouth's payroll. With that, Temple stayed behind to look after Scarfe, while Cage left to retrieve the notes.[16]

Protecting Scarfe

Temple receives a call from her mother

Later, Temple began texting her mother and kept waking up Scarfe, stating they were about to move pretty soon. Cage, finally, returned with the notes and stated that the cops know that they were at the apartment and will be on their way. Cage was about to carry Scarfe for a cab, but Temple finally got a call from her mother and insisted that they used her van.

Temple and Cage greet her mother with the van

Temple, then, went to the back, where the van was waiting. Cage, carrying Scarfe, followed. She was greeted by her mother and the van, who demanded that her daughter be safe. As she thanked her mother, they place Scarfe in the back and she entered to watch over him. Cage, then, began to drive.

Temple checks Scarfe's vitals

Temple began checking Scarfe's wounds and suggested taking him to surgery, noting his violent bleeding. However, Cage revealed that he was taking him to the nearest police precinct to testify against Cottonmouth with his evidence; he, then, stated that the D.A. can take over from there. When Scarfe protested, due to his dying state, Cage suggested that due to cops on Cottonmouth's payroll, putting him in a hospital would make him an easy target; he, then, asked Temple to call an E.M.T. that she trusts, which she begins to do.

The traffic was found to be unusually congested; which Cage assumed that Cottonmouth closed off the streets to find Scarfe. Temple, looking at her phone, suggested a sharp right on the next street, as a short cut; Cage did that. However, they were unaware that they were being followed. Cage took note of this and decided to see if the car would pass them. Instead, the car went beside them and guns fired at the van, which resulted into a car chase.

As soon as they were far away from them, they drove into an alleyway where they turned off the lights. They got out of the car and went inside one of the abandoned buildings, leaving the van as a decoy. Temple, Cage and Scarfe walked down a long hallway, trying to find police headquarters. However, gunfire sprayed Cage's back and he shielded Temple and Scarfe from harm, leaving Temple and Scarfe to continue moving forward.

Temple and Scarfe are almost killed by a SUV

Temple continued down the long hallway holding Scarfe by the arm. As they finally got out, Scarfe stated that he was tired and he wanted to "see his son." As Temple continued to walk to the police headquarters, a van began to head towards them. Temple closed her eyes, embracing the inevitable impact, but Cage stopped the van with his body. They were met by Detective Knight, who rushed to see her injured partner. Scarfe began to convulse violently and Temple laid him down on the ground to die in peace. Knight and Scarfe had a moment, as he apologized to her, and died while Knight mourned her lost partner.

Cage asked Temple for coffee

Temple and Cage spent the rest of the night walking down the streets of Harlem, where she joked about Cage's clothes being full of bullet holes. She added that she was still in disbelief that he didn't think that he was special, even after all the amazing things he did. Cage stated that with Cottonmouth in jail, he is moving on. Temple stated that she was willing to help him use his powers for good, Cage then asked if she would like to go out for a cup of coffee, but Temple rejected Cage's flirting. [16]

Convincing Luke

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Diamondback's Attack

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Temple conversed with Cage about his life before being sent to prison, especially about his father, whom did not want to raise a criminal; thanking Cage for sharing, she recommended a lawyer to represent him in discretion. Without warning, she witnessed as Cage clutched his abdomen in great pain and drop to the ground. Temple tried to clot the blood, Cage going into shock and becoming unconscious. She called Manny, whom arrived and was able to cart the duo.[17]

Saving Luke's Life

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At the Train Diner, Temple decided to do some deep research on Luke Cage's abilities.[3]

Journey to Georgia

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After leaving Noah Burstein's House, Temple and Cage traveled to the outskirts of Seagate Prison, where Cage explained that he managed to swim the distance to the shore.

Traveling to Savannah, Georgia, the duo arrived to Mount Calvary Baptist Church.[18]

Hostage Taking at Harlem's Paradise

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Returning to Harlem, Temple and Cage snuck into Harlem's Paradise and witnessed as Mariah Dillard rallied the civilians against enhanced individuals. Temple stayed downstairs amongst the crowd, while Cage silently informed her that he planned to trail Misty Knight upstairs to Diamondback.[18]

Power Man vs Diamondback

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Watching a live report of the situation in Harlem, Temple grabbed her coat; when Candace Miller tried to join her, Temple informed her that she would be best staying there in their safety until Misty Knight came back for her testimony.

Arriving outside with the crowd, she joined Knight and watched as Luke Cage and Diamondback fought one another in the street.[19]


Following the defeat of Diamondback in front of a cheering crowd and TV cameras, Misty Knight arrested Mariah Dillard and requested Luke Cage accompany her to the precinct to clear his name. While initially hesitant he agreed as long as Claire stayed by his side and they depart of their own free will.

After making an impassioned speech about doing what's right no matter who you are, several police officers were moved by his words and appeared to be convinced he was innocent. He and Claire began to flirt about getting coffee, until Mariah was cut loose following the murder of the only witness. With the shock of this still sinking in, Federal Marshalls arrive to arrest Luke now that his true identity has been confirmed. Claire promises to get him in touch with her lawyer friend and kisses Luke before he is taken away. As she sadly walks home alone she stops to look at a tear-away ad for self defense classes and takes a tab with the dojo's address.[19]

A New Opportunity

Meeting Danny Rand

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Temple met Danny Rand as she practiced with Colleen Wing in her dojo. Temple recognized Rand after hearing about him in the news while Wing put their practice on hold to talk to Rand who had come seeking Wing. He also ordered dinner much to Wing's surprise. Having introduced herself, Temple was invited to join them for dinner at Wing's insistence.

As they ate, Temple learned a little about Rand and his past in K'un-Lun, as well as why he had waited so long to return to New York City. She sympathized with what Rand had been through. Knowing that Rand needed to talk to Wing in private, Temple thanked them for the free meal and left the dojo.[20]

Aiding Radovan

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Kidnapping of Radovan Bernivig

"Sweet Christmas."
―Claire Temple[src]

With an unconscious Radovan Bernivig, Temple and Wing decided to admit him into Metro-General Hospital. Briefly encountering her former employer, she requested that he be admitted under "John Doe." After a while, Temple and Wing checked on his process only to find that a John Doe was never registered. The two ran down the halls and witnessed two Hand henchmen disguised as nurses carted Bernivig away, Temple taking the stairs to the parking lot.[21]

Targeted by The Hand

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Temple prepared to shower at her mother's apartment. Afterwards, she sought for her phone, which was removed from a table. Unexpectedly, she was attacked from her rear by a Hand member but was able take the man down and escape to Danny Rand and Colleen Wing at Chikara Dojo.[22]

Travel to China

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Guarding Madame Gao

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Helping Danny and Davos

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After being abandoned, Temple returned home; after two days, she received a knock on the door, granting entrance to an injured Danny Rand and a mystery man by the name of Davos. Carrying him to the tabletop, she searched through her medical baggage and provided aide, asking Rand to explain his and Wing's disappearance from Chikara Dojo nights prior.[4]

Stopping Harold Meachum

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Luke Cage's Return

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Temple waited near a bus stop for the arrival of Luke Cage. She asked him about the coffee they meant to have prior. The two rushed back to Soledad Temple's Apartment, in which they heavily kissed, stripped, and engaged in sex. Afterwards, she commented that she gambled waiting for him to come back. The two conversed about the time spent apart, her letters, and briefly about the state of Harlem since his arrest and return to Seagate. A knock at the door, Temple answered and met eyes with Misty Knight, whom wished to have a walk with Cage.[23]

War for New York

Aiding Cage

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Temple provides first-aid to a bloody civilian

After the Earthquake, Temple and Cage assisted the residences of Harlem, providing medical aid to the bruised and removing fallen debris from structures respectively. Later, the two ventured down a street and spoke more about the state of Harlem, especially about Miller. Deciding to help him further for a lead on White Hat, Temple informed Cage that Elmore's Bar was closed down and that the new criminal hangout was a shady bar named Trouble in a Pair-of-Dice.[24]

A Friendlier Introduction

Temple witnessed as Cage returned home, in which he grabbed a cloth and ice cubes. She asked him about his minor injury, to which he answered that a kid with a glowing fist managed to punch him. Prompted, Temple called Colleen Wing and arranged to have Cage and Rand meet at Chikara Dojo.

Initially, both men detested one another for the prior incident, but Temple pushed that they were on the same side. Alongside Wing, she left the two to converse alone.[25]

Under Police Protection

Luke Cage arrived at Soledad Temple's Apartment to collect Temple. As he tried to explain the situation, she assisted, saying that after dealing with the Hand, she may have become a potential target due to her affiliation with Defenders. Grabbing a scarf, she headed out with Cage. The two grouped with Danny Rand and located Colleen Wing in the alley, slashed by a living Bakuto in the abdomen. With him gone, they brought Wing to 29th Precinct Police Station, where Temple provided aid to her friend.

Claire and others listen to an annoucement from Misty Knight

After being patched, Wing thought over what Bakuto had said to her. As she wept, Temple comforted her, telling her that she was the foundation to their friends and an essential ally.

Gathering with the other friends to the Defenders, Temple and Wing listened to an announcement by Misty Knight, in which she proclaimed that they were under her protection due to the possibility of being targets. Taking Wing aside, Knight spoke with Wing about her katana. When she commented that the police would protect her from the threat, Temple backed Wing, telling Knight that it did not matter.[26]

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Later, the police bring in the bodies to unconscious Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, and Luke Cage. Temple tended to Murdock then sat with Wing aside Cage in the break room of the station, awaiting him to regain conscience. While waiting, the two spoke about performing small heroics alongside them, Wing suggesting they do more than sit. Soon, they witness as Cage wakes and questioned if Danny Rand was okay.[28]

Destruction of Midland Circle

"If we don't do this, it's gonna get worse. Take down the building or the Hand takes down New York."
―Claire Temple[src]

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Supporting Cage in Harlem

"I'm your backup, not just your woman. You don't leave me behind, especially when you're gonna do something stupid."
―Claire Temple to Luke Cage[src]

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Breaking up with Cage

"See, um, that hole you just put in my wall - that was my childhood. That was my mother and my father, and, um... I said I would never put myself through that again. I would never live with anger again. So, um..."
"Look, you know... you know I would never hurt you. You know that, right?"
"You need to go. Right now."
―Claire Temple and Luke Cage[src]

While Cage resumed his duties as Harlem's vigilante, his demeanor had changed for the worse, straining the pair's relationship. Seeing that Cage had an unresolved animosity with his father, James Lucas, Temple attempted to reach out to James discreetly. After seeing James as someone who is not the monster Cage perceived him to be, Temple attempted to have Cage reconcile with his father. However, her attempt had failed when in a heated argument with Cage over his anger. After being triggered by a childhood memory after seeing Cage punch a wall in her apartment building, Temple kicks him out of her apartment.[30]

Caring about Luke

While Cage resumed his vigilante activities, Temple asked Danny Rand to help him with his war against Bushmaster and Cage's anger.[31]

Some time after Mariah Dillard's death, Cage inherited the Harlem's Paradise night club. Temple attempted to speak to Cage, but is turned away, being told to return home.[32]


"If you don't fight back, they make you into a doormat."
―Claire Temple to Soledad Temple[src]

Claire Temple is a highly compassionate and friendly woman. Upon seeing an injured masked man in her garbage, she did not hesitate to take him in and care for him. She went to similar lengths to help Luke Cage when he was seriously injured and on the run despite both of the men being complete strangers to her. Temple is often practical, down-to-earth and sarcastic.

Whilst her lack of powers or special abilities could make her a liability, Temple makes up for this with her medical background and humanity. When meeting with Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand, she has helped them through their most turbulent times and acted as their moral compass. Effectively, Temple is the human nature of the Defenders and, in an indirect way, is responsible for the formation of the group. Eventually instead of fighting it, she accepted that assisting people with powers was her calling in life. Due to her unbending sense of right and wrong, Temple has been there when Murdock, Cage and Rand came close to breaking their own code as she knows the line between a hero and vigilante is a thin one. Therefore, she advised Murdock to not kill Fisk if he got the chance to, stopped Cage from suffocating an injured Rafael Scarfe and warned Rand about the repercussions of taking a life. The one time she was not successful was when Jessica broke the neck of Kilgrave. However, Temple is not without a dark side. She expressed satisfaction that Vladimir Ranskahov would feel excruciating pain when Murdock cauterized his gunshot wound after he ordered her kidnapping, assisted Daredevil in torturing Semyon and told Noah Burstein that if he did what he did to Cage, she would cause him serious injury.

Perhaps due to her lack of powers, Temple has chosen to learn martial arts from Colleen Wing. She eventually became skilled enough to fight with members of the Hand in China and Wing claims that she is one of her most advanced students.


"Claire, for what it's worth, I know Luke and the other guys have abilities, but so do you."
"You have saved just as many lives, helped just as many people."
Colleen Wing and Claire Temple[src]
  • Master Physician:

    Temple treating Matt Murdock's wounds

    Temple is considered to be Metro-General Hospital's best nurse, and possesses more advanced skills and experience in Emergency Medicine training than most nurses. She was able to quickly save Matt Murdock's life in her own apartment without any advanced procedures and get him well enough to fight a group of thugs within a few hours after being stabbed and suffering a collapsed lung. When interrogating a thug, she demonstrates her in-depth knowledge of human anatomy by coaching Murdock on where in the head to stab their captive to cause the greatest amount of pain without killing him. Temple is also imaginative enough to find unorthodox ways to help enhanced individuals, as when she went through the soft tissue behind Luke Cage's eye socket to apply a needle, instead of through his nigh-impenetrable skin and popped his shoulder back into place.
  • Martial Artist: Under the instruction of Colleen Wing, Claire began to train in martial arts, enough to go against members of the Hand. She also was able to use a pair of claw like weapons in China with good proficiency.
  • Bilingualism: Temple is fluent in her native English, as well as Spanish, talking to Elena Cardenas in her own language in order to calm her down when she was injured during the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen.









Appearances for Claire Temple

In chronological order:


  • In the comics, Claire Temple is a doctor who became romantically involved with Luke Cage after encountering him injured in the streets. She later broke up with Cage due to his constant exposure to danger. She is also the ex-wife of Bill Foster.
  • Temple has appeared in all the Netflix Original series, except for The Punisher, and has been a main cast member in all of them with the exception of Jessica Jones.

Behind the Scenes

  • Even though Claire Temple is an already existing comic book character, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she also serves as a version of the Night Nurse[33], a moniker that has been used by several women in the comics but most prominently by Linda Carter. During the New York Comic Con 2014, head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb described Temple as “a nurse who works at night”[34], making a reference to her role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Steven S. DeKnight noted that the character was originally "going to be the actual Night Nurse from the comics...we had her name in a script and it came back that it was possible [the feature side] were going to use her" and "had plans for her down the road," necessitating the team to use the more obscure comics character Claire Temple as her name.[35]
  • Rosario Dawson explained that "[her] character is a normal person and she becomes more heroic in a way that she maybe didn't expect",[36] and went on to state that "She’s not a love interest – she’s this skeptical eye looking at this strange situation. She’s the one who can be like, “You’re not really good at this.” That makes it feel more real."
    • On her character's relationship to Murdock, Dawson said that "The show explores how necessary it is for two people to finally have their masks off with each other. For Matt Murdock, this is the first person he has that’s going to be able to see that transition for him. For her, she’s someone who also throws herself into the fray and had made it her life mission to help, even if that means risking her own life. But she gets confronted with the question: "How far will you go?" What does it mean if you’re helping someone who is maybe going to hurt other people?"[37]
  • Aja Frary, Nitasha Bhambree and Stefanie Flores were stunt doubles for Rosario Dawson in the role of Claire Temple.


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