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The Circuit de Monaco or Grand Prix de Monaco is a famous race track in Monte Carlo, Monaco.


Tony Stark, slowly dying from Palladium poisoning due to the Arc Reactor in his chest, tried to enjoy what he believed would be his last days, and he replaced the driver in the car sponsored by Stark Industries racing at the Grand Prix de Monaco to compete in the Formula One race.

Stark began the race, interrupted when Ivan Vanko, disguised as a mechanic, entered the Circuit with the intention of killing Stark. Vanko, armed with his own Arc Reactor powered harness, easily tore one of the cars in half, and waited for Stark's car, cutting it too.

Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan rushed to the Circuit to deliver Stark a portable Iron Man Armor, in order to battle Vanko, as he managed to evade Vanko's attacks until their arrival. Hogan then repeatedly hit Vanko with the car, but was unable to prevent him from continuing his attack, even cutting the car while trapped between it and a fence.

Stark put on his armor, and now, as Iron Man, was able to withstand Whiplash's attacks. Vanko himself deflected Stark's repulsor attacks, and managed to trap him with one of his whips. Stark approached Vanko enough to remove the Arc Reactor from Vanko's armor, disabling it to allow the police forces to arrest Vanko, who was then transported to a French prison while laughing and claiming that Stark had lost.

Justin Hammer, having witnessed the whole event on television, smiled watching someone capable of helping him destroy Tony Stark.[1]



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