"In other news, a suspect has been identified in the Cincinnati Hospital alien terrorist attack that left three dead, many more injured."
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Cincinnati Memorial Hospital is a hospital located in Cincinnati, Ohio where Lincoln Campbell used to work before being forced to flee while being chased by Lash.


Medical School

"I'm from Cincinnati, trying to finish Med School."
Lincoln Campbell[src]

Lincoln Campbell attended medical school in Cincinnati Memorial Hospital, hoping to become a doctor. However, his Terrigenesis deeply affected Campbell and forced him to temporarily drop his studies.[1]

Attempt to a Normal Life

"Look, I get that you're trying to build a life here."
"Yes, a normal life, so stay out of it, please."
Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell[src]
Lincoln Laws of Nature

Lincoln Campbell working at the hospital

In an attempt to live a peaceful life away from S.H.I.E.L.D. and the other Inhumans, Lincoln Campbell returned to Cincinnati Memorial Hospital to help other people as he did in the now dismantled settlement of Afterlife. S.H.I.E.L.D. kept a record of his activities in case they are needed their help in the future with the increasing number of Inhumans.[2]

Lash's Attack


Lincoln Campbell fights Lash

Lash was an Inhuman who went on a rampage to eliminate all other Inhumans who were not deserving according to his judgment. He made his way to the Cincinnati Memorial Hospital where he found Lincoln Campbell. Campbell, assisted by Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie who had come to the hospital to convince him to join them, tried to fight back, but Lash was far too resilient to their assaults and decided to escape the hospital.

His powers having been witnessed by some of his colleagues, Campbell was forced to abandon the hospital once again. When the ATCU arrived to investigate the attack, Tina Adams showed a picture of Campbell to Rosalind Price and Luther Banks.[2]


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