Doctor Chung is a surgeon at Waverly Memorial Hospital who successfully saved Ana Jarvis' life.


On Duty

Doctor Chung was on duty when Ana Jarvis was brought to him by her husband, Edwin, and Peggy Carter; Carter, because Edwin was too stunned to talk, told him that a robbery went bad and Ana received a gunshot to the abdomen at close range. Chung told the nurse what room to prepare for surgery. Chung performed surgery on her gunshot wound in the abdomen.[1]


Chung was called into Ana Jarvis' room when she awakened from her coma and, after checking on her, was asked by Edwin Jarvis when they could leave the hospital. Chung told Edwin that there were complications during the surgery, which Ana barely survived. One of the complications was that Ana would not be able to have children. Chung suggested to Edwin that there were nurses available who could inform Ana, but Edwin insisted that it was his place.[2]




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