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"I am a sentient Chronicom from a planet which revolves around a star in the constellation you know as Cygnus."
Enoch to Leo Fitz and Lance Hunter[src]

Chronyca-2 was the homeworld of the Chronicoms. It revolved around a star in Cygnus until it was destroyed by the Shrike.


"Nothing lives there now. The planet was set ablaze, heated to the melting point, the magma now turned to stone."
Atarah to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

Chronyca-2 was a planet revolving around a star in the Cygnus constellation. It was the home of the Chronicoms, a race of extraterrestrials whose main purpose was to observe and document the evolution of other intelligent species, such as humans. To that end, Chronicom anthropologists frequently left Chronyca-2 to get closer from their observation subjects, such as Enoch[1], Noah[2], and Isaiah.[3]

Chronyca-2 is being destroyed by the Shrike

Chronyca-2 eventually fell under an invasion of Shrike, parasitic extraterrestrials created by Izel in her search for the Di'Allas. By the time the Chronicoms were able to figure out the best way to deal with this plague, which origin they did not know, the planet was irreparably lost and ended up consumed by the Shrike's hunger for energy.[4] As a result, the planet's material was turned into an incredibly hot magma which eventually cooled down, preventing any life from thriving again on the surface of the planet.[5] The destruction of the planet was witnessed by Sarge's Squad, who had traveled to Chronyca-2 in an attempt to stop Izel.[6] However, they failed to apprehend her despite killing many members of her crew.[3]

In the aftermath of the planet's destruction, the Confederacy sent a fleet of warships in order to salvage whatever they could find valuable in the remnants of the Chronyca-2. However, the Chronicoms who had survived the destruction of their home planet, led by Atarah, were still able to fight back and successfully commandeered the Confederacy's spaceships, thus beginning a crusade to go back in time and restore Chronyca-2 to its former state.[4]

Eventually, the idea of rebuilding Chronyca-2 by going into the past was abandoned by Malachi, who instead decided to establish Chronyca-2's successor, dubbed Chronyca-3, on Earth.[7]

In an alternate timeline between 1976-1983, the planet was contacted by Sibyl, who was from the future and stranded in the past, and the Chronicoms made modifications to the Chronicom Vessels.[8]


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