"We observe and guide events, occasionally with violence. We do not engage in conflict."

The Chronicoms are an extremely advanced and ancient kind of synthetic, semi-robotic beings that operate in the galaxy as observers. There are different types of Chronicoms, designed for different jobs or purposes.


Star Gazing

"I was sent here 30,000 years ago to observe and record the evolution of your species. What you would call an anthropologist. My Earth name is Enoch, I'm a sentient Chronicom from a planet which revolves around a star in the constellation you know as Cygnus."

The Chronicoms originated from Chronyca-2. After the development of interstellar transportation, they started exploring the galaxy, obtaining knowledge about other sentient races. A Chronicom scientists were sent to primitive planet Earth, where the Humans were developing, and monitored their evolution for millennia, assuming the identities of Enoch and Noah.[1]

Extinction-Level Event

"Our protocol allows for one exception; the prevention of an extinction-level event."
Enoch to Leo Fitz[src]

The Chronicoms had a strict code of not interfering with the natural course of life on the planet they were observing, and would never interfere unless there was an extinction level event.[1]

Losing their Home

Chronicoms' homeworld, Chronyca-2, was invaded by Izel when she was searching for the Di'Allas and proceeded to infect the planet. While the Chronicoms, under Atarah's leadership, tried to stop the Shrike, they failed and the planet was destroyed. Atarah and the surviving Chronicom Hunters seized Confederate Warships and decided to find S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist Leo Fitz to make them a time machine to save Chronyca-2.[2]

Establishing Chronyca-3 on Earth

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Characteristic Traits

"How are you not eaten by those things?"
"They have no interest in me, as I have no tender insides for them to extract."
"Thought Fitz was done building robots."
"I am not a robot."
Melinda May and Enoch[src]

Chronicoms do not have gender or inner organs, and are mostly made of plastic alloy. Although they are sentient beings, the Chronicoms are powered by batteries and possess other cybernetic components. They also do not naturally die.

Chronicoms ostensibly resemble humans in regards to biology, when in reality they are designed to appear human in aesthetic and are recognized as such by scanners.

There are different types of Chronicoms, including: Anthropologists, focused on learning about life or sentient species on a given location; Hunters, which are skilled in battle, weaponry and hunting, and enforcing the natural order of the universe; and Predictors, which predict how changes in the timeline will affect history. Any type of Chronicom can be reassigned/reprogrammed by their superiors at any moment's notice.

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  • The Chronicoms are similar to the Watchers in the comics, sharing the habit of overseeing and studying less advanced races without interfering in the natural course of their history. They also recall the Recorders as artificial beings studying the progress of sentient species across the universe.
  • Chronicoms are named after biblical figures, with Sibyl being the only exception.


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