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The Chronicom Rifle is the standard weapon used by the Chronicom Hunters.


The Chronicom Rifle was the traditional weapon of the Chronicom Hunters. One of these Hunters, Malachi, who had been tasked with tracking down Leo Fitz and Enoch, meticulously prepared his rifle before embarking on his search. Having infiltrated the Zephyr One used by Fitz's friends who were looking for him on Naro-Atzia, Malachi used his rifle to incapacitate both Quake and Piper. Although he was captured by James Davis, Malachi was later able to escape with his rifle.

Having located Enoch in the House of Games on the planet of Kitson, a group of Chronicom Hunters armed with Chronicom Rifles assaulted the place, shooting down the woman welcoming them. They were, however, defeated by Quake without being able to shoot her.[1]

Following the capture of Fitz by the Chronicoms, Malachi held him at gunpoint with his rifle, threatening to execute him on Atarah's command and striking him when Fitz grew unnerved due to seeing Jemma Simmons. As the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents attempted to escape, they were quickly intercepted by a group of hunters armed with Chronicom Rifles, forcing them to surrender.[2] Malachi later kept his Chronicom Rifle with him to threaten Enoch as he opposed Atarah using the Cerebral Fusion Machine on Fitz and Simmons. The weapon was later briefy seized by Enoch when he incapacitated all the Chronicoms, including Malachi.[3]

Atarah later fell under the force of the Chronicom Rifle when she was murdered by Malachi who took the leadership of the Chronicoms.[4] Chronicom Rifles were later used with proficiency during the Chronicom invasion of the Lighthouse by Malachi and his men, including Baal-Gad, who had many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents executed. Enoch, disguised as Isaiah, also used a Chronicom Rifle to take down two hunters threatening to kill Fitz and Simmons.[5]

When the Hunters time traveled to 1931, they approached William Dole and two other New York City Police Department officers, threatening them with the Chronicom Riles. When Dole ordered the officers to kill the Chronicom, Cain and Abel shot both officers. Luke then assumed Dole's identity, and Jimmy Bottles saw Cain and Abel preparing to do the same, so they shot him with the rifle as well.[6]

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The Chronicom Rifle is a heavy piece of weaponry which can fire two types of blasts—either blue energy projectiles which instantly paralyzed and incapacitated its target for a short amount of time, like Malachi did to Quake and Piper; or lethal concussive blasts of red energy which were able to instantly kill someone, such as what was used on Atarah and Luke.


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Behind the Scenes

  • The props for the Chronicom Rifles are built by heavily modifying the Kriss Vector sub-machine gun model.


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