"Hey, asshole! What the hell are you doing?"
"What's it look like, man?"
José and Christopher[src]

Christopher is the United States Army veteran and a friend of Curtis Hoyle.


"So you want us to fight your fight?"
"No, no. I just want you to find them."
―Christopher and Curtis Hoyle[src]

Upon leaving the United States Army, Christopher started to attend the therapy sessions for veterans and befriended Curtis Hoyle. Christopher and other veterans were gathered together at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church by Hoyle who informed them that Jake Nelson betrayed them and joined Jigsaw's Crew at Jigsaw's crime spree. Christopher then asked Hoyle is he wanted them to fight against Jigsaw's Crew but Hoyle replied that he just wanted them to find Russo and his men. Christopher assured Hoyle that they will do it for Hoyle, what he appreciated.

Eventually, Christopher found out that Jigsaw's Crew acquired the warehouse in Queens as their hideout. Christopher then pretended to be a homeless man and stayed near the warehouse to relieve himself, before he was spotted by José. José came closer to kick Christopher out of their hideout, but Christopher had enough information to inform Hoyle about the crew's whereabouts.[1]





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