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"Face your fears, Doctor Strange."
―Christine Palmer to Doctor Strange[src]

Doctor Christine Palmer is a scientist working for Baxter Foundation who specializes in Multiverse research and analysis. She also assisted the Illuminati with her research.


Early Life

Relationship with Doctor Strange

Palmer met a man named Stephen Strange and began to fall in love with him. Strange and Palmer eventually broke up because Strange always had to be the one to "hold the knife" and be the one to fix everything. After, Strange became a very skilled sorcerer and even helped create a group of individuals called the Illuminati. However, he started to get corrupted by the Darkhold during the Infinity Crusade.[1]

Death of Doctor Strange

The Darkhold caused Doctor Strange to become very dangerous, leading him to kill countless people, through causing an accidental incursion with another universe, resulting in the complete destruction of it. The Illuminati, as well as Strange himself, decided to have him executed by Black Bolt. Palmer and the Illuminati decided to cover the event and make it seem like Strange died in a battle with Thanos.[1]

Working with the Illuminati

Following Doctor Strange's death, Palmer worked for the Baxter Foundation in Multiversal research, aiding the Illuminati, the team Strange founded in order to honor his legacy. Palmer used her expertise in the Multiverse in order to help the Illuminati against Multiversal threats. During her time in research, she spent a lot of time naming Multiversal realities, naming dimensions as she discovered them, naming the Earth she was on, as Earth-838.[1]

Chase of America Chavez

Capturing Multiversal Trespassers

One day, Karl Mordo arrived with Doctor Strange and America Chavez, saying they were from a different universe, identifying them from being from Earth-616, capturing them in magic-proof cells that Palmer made with the Sands of Nisanti.

During this time, Palmer scanned Strange and Chavez for any potential threats they might bring them, finding none, while they were unconscious. After Strange and Chavez woke up to be found in their jail, they were confronted by Palmer who told them who she was, saying their powers were not going to be off any use as they were blocked by the Sands of Nisanti given to her by her variant of Strange.

Palmer and the 616-Strange had a conversation about Palmer's agenda in capturing him. When Strange asked Palmer why she worked for the the organization despite her superior intellect which she could use to make a bigger impact in her world, Palmer responded that she joined the Illuminati after the funeral of her universe's Strange. Palmer also discovered that the hand injury on the Strange from Earth-616 was similiar to the injuries her Strange recieved yet they were still different, much to her fascination. Later on, The Illuminati tasked Palmer with guarding Chavez' cell while the group voted on what to do with another Strange. [1]

Infiltration into the Illuminati Headquarters

Palmer is alerted of the arrival of Scarlet Witch

Soon, Scarlet Witch attacked the Illuminati Headquarters while possessing her counterpart, Palmer was warned by an alarm within the security system after the threat had destroyed nearly all of their defense systems including Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Captain Carter, Mister Fantastic, and the Ultron Sentries. Alarmed and concerned for America Chavez's life, Palmer tried to break her out of the holding cell using a fire extinguisher, but was unable to. Luckily, Chavez was able to muster the strength to break through her cage with her powers, allowing Palmer to focus on the threat of Maximoff, who came to face them.

Luckily, before the Scarlet Witch attacked them they were saved by Professor X, who invaded the Scarlet Witch's mind to save the counterpart from her Maximoff's possession. This allowed Palmer and Chavez to make their escape. Palmer soon met Doctor Strange, from what Illuminati designated as "Earth-616". Strange asked Palmer where the Book of Vishanti was located. Palmer initially declined to share the location, in fear of activating dangers across the Multiverse. However, upon realizing that this counterpart was a different person from the Strange she knew, she decided to take them to the book.

Palmer, Strange, and Chavez arrive to the Gap Junction

Palmer and the two escaped into the sewers, whilst Scarlet Witch continued to follow them. Strange temporarily stopped her by trapping her under rubble. The trio then reached the door leading to the book. They noticed it was locked and Palmer informed Strange that the key was probably something only he would know. Palmer then realized that the password was the watch that she gave to Strange while they were dating, she told Strange to use his version of the watch to open the door. After the gate was opened, they saw the Book of Vishanti at the Gap Junction, the space in the Multiverse, where individual universes were separated from each other.[1]

Trapped in Another Universe

Palmer arrives at the Gap Junction

Soon after they arrived into the Gap Junction to get the Book of VIshanti, the Scarlet Witch arrived and grabbed America Chavez by the hair. She then sent a blast to Doctor Strange which set the Book of Vishanti on fire, destroying it. The Scarlet Witch controlled Chavez's mind and set off a multiversal portal with her powers that she pushed Strange and Palmer into using her magic, transporting them to another universe.

Palmer stands against Strange's spell to protect his body against the Souls of the Damned.

They landed in another universe that was gray, snowy, and worn down. They followed the wreckage to the New York Sanctum. Palmer waited outside while Strange talked to that universes version of him. While waiting, she saw the other Strange's body fly out the window and land on a fence pole, killing him. She met with Strange inside, who planned on using the Darkhold to Dreamwalk into another, dead version of his own body and stop Maximoff using the corpse.

Palmer says goodbye to Doctor Strange

Worried about dangers the process would pose to his body, Palmer had told Strange to protect his body from the attack of the Souls of the Damned. Due to the dreamwalk, the Souls of the Damned attacked him. Palmer fought them off using the Brazier of Bom'Galiath while Strange remained in the spell. After realising Strange was trapped by the Souls of the Damned, Palmer saved him and told him harness the Souls of the Damned by controlling them with his skills as the Master of the Mystic Arts. After a short while, Strange eventually stopped Maximoff and saved Chavez. Palmer gave one last talk to Strange before he asked her to stay with him, telling him to stay strong. She declined saying it could mess up the Multiverse, maybe even causing an Incursion. She then told him to face his fears before Chavez came to pick them up to transport them to their respective universes.[1]


Much like her alternate self, Christine Palmer is a determined, calm, confident, hard-working woman who puts others before herself. This was shown best as shown when she ensured else in the Illuminati Base Headquarters to escape except herself and the trapped America Chavez to save them from the attack of Scarlet Witch who entered into their universe through possessing her alternate self.

Palmer was also deeply in love with her universe's Doctor Strange, deeply caring for him before and even after his death, attempting to preserve his legacy. Palmer is a perceptive person, who knew what Strange cared about the most, as shown when she was able to instantly realize that the thing her Strange set the password for the Gateway of the Book of Vishanti was the very watch she bought him, knowing how deeply her love cared for him.

Palmer is also deeply supportive of everyone she cares about, shown best when she supported a variant of Strange to successfully turn the forbidden and painful ritual of dreamwalking through a dead body, into his own strength, telling him to believe himself and turn his enemies into his power. Due to her caring nature, Palmer tends to do everything she can within her capacity to help those in need

After the death of her love, she turned bitter and unoptimistic as she struggled to come terms with the fact the man she loved became corrupted due to power. Moreover, she continued to struggle with lack of closure due to the complicated relationship between her and Strange. However, she eventually came to terms with it until another counterpart of Strange showed up, and the duo bonded together over their inability to move on from their past, which resulted in Palmer gaining the power to finally move on from her past as the two separated their ways.


"You guys sure must know a lot about the Multiverse if you got someone going around naming realities."
"Yes. Me. I'm a senior fellow with the Baxter Foundation, and I specialize in Multiversal research."
Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Palmer is an extremely accomplished person, who has a high level of intellect, specialising in Multiversal research. She has a high capacity for learning about new subjects and applying the knowledge she has gained from her life. This was seen best when she used her knowledge to tell Strange how to get out of the trap set by the Souls of the Damned by telling him he could control the souls as a form of additional power instead of fighting against them.
  • Master Scientist: Palmer is an extremely accomplished scientist who has completely functioning knowledge of the multiverse, as shown how she successfully identified the Book of the Vishanti was located within the Gap Junction of the Multiverse.
"I assume I have you to thank for these then?"
"Yes. I developed those using the Sands of Nisanti. One of 838 Stephen's magical relics."
Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer[src]
  • Master Engineer: Palmer was able to make a magic-proof jail through using the Sands of Nisanti.
  • Expert Tactician: Palmer is an accomplished tactician who can create strategies to tackle dangers on the spot, as she guided Doctor Strange to harness the Demons attacking him as a form of power.
  • Combatant: Palmer has a basic training in hand-to-hand combat. During her fight with a demon, Palmer efficiently attacked her opponent.





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