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"Lieutenant. Lieutenant. Christine Everheart."
"I think we're done here."
―Christine Everhart and Obadiah Stane[src]

Christine Everhart is a reporter for Vanity Fair.


Stark's Press Conference

During a press conference held by Tony Stark, he announced that he would be promoting Erik Stevens as Head of Security for Stark Industries. Everhart questioned what Stark was doing in Kunar as well as Stevens' involvement, stating that Stevens' unit was stationed far from Stark's location, implying that Stevens knew something about the attack. Stevens responded that he had worked undercover in the Ten Rings, exposing the plot to assassinate Stark that was created by Obadiah Stane. Everhart was surprised by this revelation as Happy Hogan knocked out Stane.[1]


Everhart's intriguing behavior to question and investigate into certain topics and people, which caused her to investigate Stark Industries' involvement in Kunar. This led to Stane's exposing, which had surprised Everhart.





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