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"One day, you're gonna have to open up and understand that some people really do want to help you and that they can be trusted."
―Raynor to Bucky Barnes[src]

Doctor Christina Raynor is a former United States Army officer and a therapist who worked with Bucky Barnes.


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Military Service

"I was an excellent soldier, so I saw a lot of dead bodies, and I know how that can shut you down. And if you are alone, that is the quietest, most personal hell."
―Raynor to Bucky Barnes[src]

Raynor enlisted in the military and served in the United States Army, where she excelled, going on many missions. During her time in the military, she would see a lot of dead bodies of her comrades and enemies, which would traumatize her.[1] She also met John Walker, who became a teammate during their shared military time.[2] Eventually she would be discharged from the military, but spending a lot of time alone would cause her to often think about the many horrors of war. Despite this, she would eventually overcome these traumas and go back into the world.[1]

Aiding Bucky Barnes

"Look, you've gotta nurture friendships. I am the only person you have called all week. That is so sad. You're alone. You're a hundred years old. You have no history, no family..."
"Are you lashing out at me, Doc? Because that's really unprofessional, you know."
―Raynor and Bucky Barnes[src]

In 2024, Raynor worked as the therapist of Bucky Barnes, who had been pardoned after decades working as a HYDRA assassin under brainwashing. Barnes would struggle with the same things she did during her time in and after being a soldier, including having nightmares where he remembered his killings. Raynor would suggest that he try to ease his conscience by assisting the military in arresting various people he helped during his time as the Winter Soldier, on the conditions he didn't break the law or hurt anyone and that he inform the convict that he was done being the Winter Soldier. To that end, Barnes would make a list of names, including L. Atwood.

Despite helping in the arrests of Atwood and several others, Barnes would continue to have nightmares, although he would deny it when he next met with Raynor. Raynor could tell he was lying, but Barnes was adamant he did not have a nightmare. When Raynor began to write in her notebook (an act Barnes believed was passive-aggressive), Barnes told Raynor about the arrest of Atwood, yet still denying the nightmares when Raynor noted that his efforts to make amends were not helping with them. Raynor would tell Barnes that he had to realize there were people in the world who wanted to help him, and that he could trust. Barnes said he did trust people, to which Raynor asked for his phone, which Barnes begrudgingly gave her. Raynor noted that he had barely any contacts and that he had been ignoring texts from Sam Wilson, telling him he had to nurture friendships.

Barnes would tell Raynor to give him a break, explaining that he had had barely any time to wind down for the past ninety years. Raynor asked Barnes what he wanted, but did not believe him when he said he wanted peace. Barnes would note that she was a terrible shrink due to her temper, but Raynor would recount her time in the military and how you can be haunted by what you see when serving. Raynor tried to make him feel better by reminding him of his pardoning and his freedom, but Barnes simply responded that while he was free, he had nothing to do in the world now.[1]

After Bucky Barnes had missed his court-mandated therapy session with Raynor, she travelled to Baltimore, Maryland and met with him at the Baltimore Police Station. There she was introduced to Sam Wilson, who had been waiting in the lobby for Barnes. She then saw John Walker, her former teammate from their time in the United States Army, walk inside the station. Walker walked up to them and told them he had released Barnes, claiming that he had authorisation to do so since he was the new Captain America. Walker then told Raynor that Barnes wouldn't be able to attend therapy sessions due to being needed on missions, much to Raynor’s surprise. However, Raynor got a room used for interrogations in the station to conduct an on the spot therapy session and told Barnes to go with her for their session. She then told Wilson to come too, but Wilson said he’d wait outside with Walker, but she said it wasn’t a request. Raynor then had Barnes and Wilson sit close together, saying that she was going to use a technique she uses for couple’s therapy, and asked them to talk to each other. At first they had a staring contest, to Raynor’s frustration. Barnes then asked Wilson why he gave up the shield and said that he worried that if Steve Rogers was wrong about Wilson, Rogers may have been wrong about him. Wilson said his reasons were that he thought it was right and that he and Rogers wouldn’t understand. He told Raynor that his coming wasn’t helpful, and that he would meet Barnes outside, before leaving. Barnes followed behind, before asking Raynor what the second step was that they had discussed and told Raynor goodbye before leaving the room.[2]

Days later, Raynor walked into her office and found a bag sitting on the patient’s couch. Inside the bag, she found Barnes' completed list and a note from Bucky Barnes thanking her for being his therapist.[3]


"So, now that you've stopped fighting, what do you want?"
"That is utter bullshit."
―Raynor and Bucky Barnes[src]

Despite her job being to act as therapist to Bucky Barnes, Raynor is quite a cynical person, a sentiment shared by her patient. Though Raynor does intend to help Barnes get back into the world, she often approaches this goal through harsh means, calling it "bullshit" when he said he wanted peace. Due to her time serving in the military, Raynor could relate to the traumas that Barnes was experiencing, having experienced the same things when she was serving.




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