"Oh, no, I just ran in 'cause your clothes smell so good. See, I got this real sensitive nose. I thought-"
"Yeah, we use a totally organic process, latest stuff."
Matt Murdock and Dry Cleaner[src]

Chris French Cleaners is a dry cleaners in New York City used by criminals as a hideout.


Searching for criminals which attacked Rostam and Neda Kazemi, Matt Murdock managed to find Chris French Cleaners, navigating by grassy smell. Inside, an employee of cleaner approached Murdock who said that he ran in because clothes smell good. The employee noted that they use a totally organic process what imparts that smell to clothes and gave Murdock a flyer. Murdock then recognized the employee as a criminal who attacked Rostam Kazemi.

Ambush at the Chris French Cleaners

Daredevil at the basement of cleaner

Wearing his vigilante suit, Murdock infiltrated into the cleaner's basement where he found a bunch of weapons. Murdock then shut down the power at the cleaner, luring criminals to the basement. They went downstairs where Murdock ambushed and defeated them. With all enemies neutralized, Murdock called New York City Police Department and informed them about criminals. NYPD arrived to the cleaner and took all of them to the 15th Precinct Police Station.[1]


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