"He was shanked by another inmate hours ago."
"Good. He's a cop killer."
Ray Nadeem and Chris DiMolina[src]

Chris DiMolina is the Commissioner of the New York City Police Department.


"Look, none of us like it. It makes me want to throw up to admit it. But New York is safer tonight because of Wilson Fisk."
"Now I need a shower."
Ray Nadeem and Chris DiMolina[src]

DiMolina at the meeting with the FBI

Chris DiMolina, as well as Blake Tower, was contacted by the FBI to attend the meeting to discuss Wilson Fisk and his imprisonment. Tammy Hattley and Ray Nadeem informed DiMolina and Tower about their deal with Fisk who agreed to provide the information about the criminal underworld of New York City to the FBI. With Fisk's intel, the FBI managed to strike the Albanian Syndicate what was an almost impossible task for the New York City Police Department and DA's office.

DiMolina and Blake Tower considering Ray Nadeem's statement

However, Fisk was attacked by Jasper Evans at the Ryker's Island, so Hattley requested DiMolina and Tower to relocate Fisk to a Presidential Hotel under the FBI's supervision. DiMolina ultimately dismissed Hattley's request, as Fisk's actions resulted in the deaths of multiple NYPD officers. Nadeem then reminded DiMolina and Tower about multiple failed NYPD operations against the Albanian Syndicate and only Fisk's intel allowed the FBI to take them down.

DiMolina was not impressed by Nadeem's statements and was still struggling to accept the FBI's request. Nadeem and Hattley then told DiMolina and Tower that Fisk's intel actually saved lives, so the FBI needed them to keep talking. While DiMolina stood his ground, Tower suddenly decided to accept Hattley's offer and allowed the FBI to relocate Fisk.[1]





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