Chris Adler was a computer programmed character inside the Framework. He was a student of Phil Coulson at the Alexander Pierce High School who was arrested by HYDRA during one of his classes and was taken to an Enlightenment Center.

He was saved by the Patriot, the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., who sacrificed his life to get Adler and all of the other children to safety.


Captured by HYDRA

Pulled out of Class

"We're just gonna run a few tests."
―The HYDRA agent to Chris Adler[src]

Chris Adler was a student at Alexander Pierce High School. During one of Phil Coulson's lessons, a HYDRA agent entered the class and asked Chris to follow him for a few tests. Before he left, Chris was told by Coulson to take his bag with him and left the class under the intrigued gaze of his classmates.[1]

Saved by the Patriot

"We don't have time for this. We got to save that kid."
Phil Coulson[src]

Chris was taken to the HYDRA Enlightenment Cultivation Center. Along with other kids, he was forcefully indoctrinated with HYDRA's propaganda through the Faustus method. Fortunately, he was spotted by his former teacher Phil Coulson during a S.H.I.E.L.D. operation. Coulson resolved to save him and the other children. When Melinda May ordered the building to be destroyed, Chris was trapped under falling debris, but was eventually saved by the Patriot, who cleared the rubble and enabled Chris to get away.[2]


Like everything else in the Framework, Chris was eventually deleted when Aida decided to completely shut down the program.[3]




Behind the Scenes


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