Choo Choo Broussard is a member of the Wild Red Hawks.


Wild Red Hawk

Choo Choo Broussard was a member of the New Orleans Mardi Gras group known as the Wild Red Hawks. One time, upon encountering police officers while he was with Otis Johnson, he got scared and ran away.

During one of the Wild Red Hawks meeting, while playing music, Broussard saw Otis, who had not attended for a while, arriving among the group with his son Tyrone. Broussard remained silent as Otis was confronted by the Wild Red Hawks leader Roland Duplantier, but then cheered and warmly greeted Otis once Duplantier welcomed him back into the Wild Red Hawks. Broussard then joined the others into the manufacturing of their new Mardi Gras suits.[1]

Broussard later went with the other Wild Red Hawks to the Johnson Residence, where Otis had invited them over to keep working on their costumes. While visiting the house, Broussard gently made fun of the luxuous furnitures Otis had acquired.[2]

On the day of Mardi Gras, Broussard was present at the Wild Red Hawks' place when the NOPD arrived while looking for Tyrone, although they did not find him there. Broussard could then take part in the parade in New Orleans.[3]





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