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"These alien bastards are tough. You gotta use the stuff they use."
Adrian Toomes to Herman Schultz[src]

The Chitauri Staff is a common weapon used by Chitauri soldiers. It was there when the Massacre of the Zehoberei happened. A large number of Chitauri Staves were left on Earth following the Battle of New York.


Battle of New York

The Chitauri staff is mainly used by Chitauri ground troops as a powerful mid-ranged weapon, instead of the long-ranged Chitauri gun used by aerial troops.

Black Widow using a Chitauri staff

During the Battle of New York, Natasha Romanoff acquired one of these weapons and briefly used it as a melee weapon against the Chitauri.[1]

Post-Battle Cleanup

Adrian Toomes using a Chitauri staff

During the post-battle cleanup, Adrian Toomes used a Chitauri staff to slice off Chitauri Energy Cores off a Chitauri Chariot.[2] A number of Chitauri Staves were also collected as part of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s cleanup after the Battle of New York, along with any other piece of Chitauri technology and artifacts. Like the Chitauri gun, the Chitauri staves were being researched as part of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s initiative to reverse engineer Chitauri weapons.[3]


The Chitauri staff is an energy weapon created by the Chitauri that resembles a hybrid between a long barreled rifle and a spear-like staff. The staff is approximately one meter in length, with a structure similar to the stock and trigger structure of traditional firearms at one end, while the firing end resembles a rough club-like structure with a single, pronounced, bayonet-like blade.

The staff is collapsible as it is composed of three separate segments that are separated at two joints, reminiscent of breach loading weapons. Chitauri soldiers often carry the staff in its collapsed form in holsters on their back. When drawn during combat the staff will automatically re-assemble and lock into its staff configuration, allowing the soldier to draw and fire the weapon in a single, quick motion.


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